MaxFacts: Just Died!

MaxSez: Another revolting development Solved. Subject Thread has finally been Closed. After 3000+ hits a “Cat Fight” between Bloviators Finely forced the Mod’s to shoot it and hopefully bury it in an unmarked grave! Bout Time!


see: To Kill a Mockingbird

parallel can be easily seen here, when mad dog(rabies) gets shot for the good of the county

I agree, it had to be said @Maxmustang


and I thought that reading Shakespeare was hard… 👀


All because people can’t follow simple instructions🤷🏾


IFC bookclub, every thursday night


You speak a very good point. In my opinion, at this point, they’re the center of toxicity, speculation, and immaturity in this forum, and I wish the mods would refrain from making these development threads from now on.

Just my two cents

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@anon79257371. MaxSez: couldn’t have said it better and it had to be said. Well done Alex…

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Its starting to become more and more evident that we’re heading in that direction. MD11/DC10 topic, CRJ topic, A350 topic and now the 777. Whatever’s next… we’ll have to discuss what to do. But at the same time, you guys being heard is appreciated by the staff/devs. They do enjoy seeing the reaction to new features and whatnot. I think what we all as a community don’t enjoy seeing is the constant speculation, and complaints about how “not enough is being shared”. What it boils down to in my opinion is some need to pick and choose their battles wisely. Unfortunately, the battle is often lost to the closure of a topic as a result of the items I listed above, and off topic chatter. Its unfortunate indeed…


He’s is speaking the language of the gods


I definitely agree with you on the point on the devs hearing the excitement and the gratitude towards their work. But hype is something some people aren’t very capable of handling unfortunately. It all starts with one person speculating one livery, and it all snowballs from there… then you get massive predictions, arguments, flags, and closures. Unfortunately I am not sure there would be a way to filter through all of it to end up with a utopian development thread.

After all, utopia translates to “no place”…


Better you said that than me. I wouldn’t be liked if I said that. Thank you! 😂👍🏼

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Not a matter of being liked, just a matter of saying the obvious. I mean, both threads have been moderated almost 24/7 because people can’t follow the rules

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MaxSez: God is tired, he’s going to bed soon!

G’nite, Max the “Fiery Bush” Sends


I agree, but when the mods have to come back over and over and over again, then what makes you think we deserve the freedom of loose moderation?

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Just so I’m on the same page, you think making it a free for all is the better option?


Not too sure what the point of this topic is. To me, all it does is clog up the forum and cause controversy (which it eventually will). No hate tho.


I think I wrote it poorly, I think the moderators have been fantastic, it’s everyone who isn’t but thinks they are. I don’t know how to fix it, but I feel like most of the problems stem from people (not moderators) trying to fix what are at the end of the day small problems…


I clearly missed my mark trying to explain it. I don’t mean loser rules at the top, I more mean that everyone just needs to let the moderators do there job. One comment that reads between the lines, or a small discussion on the fringes of what’s on topic don’t need jumped on by a dozen community members. I hope that makes sense.

@maxmustang: What, you egg? (He stabs him.)


I think all our problems would be solved if we had an official development thread run by the moderators who posted regular updates. All the text around it is pretty unnecessary.


Not sure what you guys think, but I feel like this thread has created a bit of a ‘storm’ of opinions, because now everyone’s starting to debate about the development thread itself… 😐