MaxFacts: Civilian Hercules (LM-1000J) Debuts Paris 2017 (Video)

MaxSez: Here it is, the civilian version of the C-130J. Only months away from full FAA Civil Airworthy Certification, 5 Orders 20 Ltrs of intent at Paris, LM assemble line building now, spares ready to ship. . Watch the sky’s, this bird is the future of the sky trucking industry from the 3d world to your home town!

(Note: I get first dibs at submitting this carrier pigeon as a Feature once Certified. Beat me to it and I’ll put a Bad JuJu Curse on You & Yours!)


AaronSez: Is it a whole new plane then? Explain more if you can as it’s the first I have heard of this.

Chatta watch the film, the development progression from military C-130J to the LM-1000J is clearly layed out. Bottom line the 1000j is a brand new aircraft from the bottom up using the original C-130j design. The log book will have almost O hours when delivered. Regards, Max


The thumbnail to the video looks like one from air crash investigation :D … eh, just saying.


Troll topics much @Pradyut_Mandal ?


70% of my posts look at topics from a totally new point of new. Those 70% aren’t serious at all. Still relating to the topic those posts are meant to bring a quick smile to your face and maybe even give you a quick laugh. Check my post history, you’ll very rarely see a serious post.

But also check the likes on some of the posts xD

Okay so you post for likes… nice to know 😑

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Never said that??? I post to lighten the load. When did I say I post for likes?

MaxSez: Who lov’s ya brother man! I enjoy your subtle humor! You give me a smile and a new sense of purpose every time I peruse your witty come backs.
Well done… Warm Regards

(Ignore the " Peanut " gallery friendO, They just want a stroke or two.)


Wombat, It is a C-130J. Without its military gegaw! There must be something in the air downunder. Oh My! Max

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Oh 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I… don’t even know why I wrote that

Thanks Max


This looks interesting


It’s great to still see new versions of an older aircraft.


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