MaxFacts: Bee's to the Hive! PPPP In Airport Selection! (The “Margin of Error!)

MaxSez: Flew my Trusty XCub In Chile this Date on EXP. Mountains hills and valleys along this Western Southern Cone. It’s a Long narrow coastal nation on the blue Pacific. This was a first.

Here, Flying Mountain Cross Compartments on Approach can be a Challenge, if your low and slow, but fun, particularly in this country.

In planning for this Sortie I failed to review the platform “Airfield Status Chart” to Select a slot that gave me ez access to the Active. Also to insure it was not a “Hive” Airport that drew the IF Bee’s who flit about in uncontrolled Airspace without adhering to separation and E/W Rules. Plus those long Conga Lines on Approach and snarled long Taxiway Lines, Holds and Discourtesy that delay and cost lost flight hours and frustration!

On this Sortie I just wanted to Fly and used the Chart alone to plan. SCEL (Benitez) looked like a winner so I entered the ICAO and low and behold it was a “Hive”. 83 warm-bodies in contact with a Tower/ADIS only. So I selected a co-located “C” and plotted a cross country. A 2hr (No System Crash) Great flight!

(5+ Active Controlled Airports in Chile this day, by my count, Most with less than 10 aircraft in contract, Don’t know what the “Hive” offered to be so attractive! Except long delays.)

(I concluded that most of the folk at Benitez where like me on this occasion and just KISS’ed the Pre-Flight Planning process. They must be lazy, Short eye’d, like crowds, congestion and delays. Some call that failure to pre-Flight Plan the “Margin of Error” Syndrome + PPPP.)

Here’s a suggestion. In pre-Planning open the “Airfield Status Board” on the platforms Home Page. Review what’s active, you can select a HUB in Regions that are active there, then Look at the load factor! Select your choice with a slot close to the active (Check Wx for Wind ) expected delays or a drome that offers a Gateway.

Don’t accept a Personal “Margin of Error”,Fly Smart, use the Airport Status Chart first! DON’T BE A PPPP’er!


(Note; PPPP= (Pejorative Deleted), Poor, Proper, Planning)


Bumped for my Mates under the Southern Cross…,


Did you get to take your TBM into the low visibility airports? I was controlling SCTE today with vis down to 300, made for an interesting challenge for me, it must have been fun to fly through!

@Jack5101 MaxSez, Driving a Cub. Looked for a Red Dot symbol at all active fields in Chile. Either missed it or the symbology wasn’t recognizable.
Good seein ya Mate, G’night, Max

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