MaxFacts: BA could face £100m Fine/Loss due to Down Computer System!


Isn’t cheap! Sorry BA

@Maxmustang - Please can you add a bit more clarity to your post rather than just post the topic. Add a bit of context to the article, share a few discussion pointers. It just helps to create positive discussion on the forum! Thanks!


To be honest serves them right, they need to improve their systems to prevent this and all the cost cutting is also likely to be the issue


I do agree! - I think there is clearly more to the story, how can a ‘power loss’ be so devastating, for so long!!


@LouDon16. MaxSez: Lou, Rather difficult to add clarity/context to this and the numerous articles on BA’s I T problems posted here. There have been 3 Topics on the Bank Holiday hassle in UK posted here so far. In this case the article is a good recap and covers most of the bases. If you watch BBC or Sky TV news you know the history of the story. Being from Nottingham your living the story. You know London, EU newspapers, and travel sites are available on line. They cover the antidotal element and impact without being there. This Topical extract is the best you’ll get in blog form. Cheers.


He means add a bit of your own knowledge into the post rather than simply posting a thread and leaving it at that.


Usually, when the OP contains the writers opinion, people start commenting on that opinion rather than creating their own. I think that it’s better this way.


‘I think that this is a terrible thing and BA should pay for it’

Doesn’t everybody?

Seriously, what on earth is one meant to gather from just the same animated opinion people feel ‘makes a good RWA topic’. Everyone knows about BA. People take forum guidelines just a bit too seriously at times.

Last night on the news we had BA CEO saying ‘We are investing lots in IT and communication’. Followed by a union guy talking about how all their IT was outsourced to India last year. No disrespect to India at all, but as the union guy suggested the problem could be fixed much quicker (or possibly not have happened at all) with IT workers based much closer to home. My 2 cents anyway


It’s a crock of pish is what it is. Unbelievable that a power surge could knock out their whole system like that. To have no working business continuity is frankly staggering for a company of this size. As an example my organisation has its HQ in Edinburgh, a fail-over in Glasgow if Edinburgh goes pear-shaped and then an additional one in Inverness, If all three go belly up then we can go to a disaster recovery site in Birmingham. Even then with many systems now being cloud based we could still keep a basic service going.

Utterly, utterly bonkers.


@Infinite.flight… Different strokes for different folk. I don’t live in the U.K. and have no first person account of this rhubarb. What value would one add to this news paper account. Thanks for your “Opinion”. Candidly I note you did not add substance here. Suggest next time you follow your own advise. Care to discuss it meet me on PM.


Actually, I was supporting you and was saying that no comment was necessary…

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@Pradyut_Mandal… Regret misinterpretation. Just got up, brain fart! Corrected. Regards

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You’ve blocked me in a PM buddy I already tried taking it to a PM and no I’m not ashamed to tell the people that. Otherwise I would have :) and I’m not trying to shame you or anything I’m simply restating what was said previously in a understandable way.
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To be honest I couldn’t care less. Can we just keep on topic? It’s been dragged away enough

To add to what I said before, the power supply was at a UK data centre.

What good is workers in India when the issue is at a UK data centre?

Their IT-infrastructure must be total crap for being such a big airline…


In my opinion, I don’t think they really deserve a fine at all… It’s not their fault, it happens to every airline! If they really do need a fine, I think 100 million pounds is a bit harsh perhaps only a couple of million… I feel very sorry for BA.

It definitely does not happen to every airline. For this to happen, you have to have several flaws in the infrastructure. For example, if it were a power spike as the claim. Why didn’t the fuses blow or the rectifiers shut down? And why didn’t the backup kick in? It’s kind of the whole point with having a backup. And what about the batteries they most certainly have.


That’s what my dad told me when he saw it…

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How many major outages like this have you heard of? Delta & SW had similar but not as big issues earlier, but besides from that.

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