MaxFacts: Azur Air; Shocking Flight with the Dead!

Shocked passengers sit alongside a DEAD BODY after diabetic passenger dies during flight home from holiday in Turkey
Female passenger fell ill on Azur Air flight from Antalya,Turkey to Moscow
She suffered a diabetic seizure and forgot to take insulin in carry-on bag
Cabin crew were unable to help her and she died mid-air during the flight
They then lay down her body in the aisle among the other passenger.
(Daily Mail)


Daily Mail - One of the worst and untrustworthy sources there is…


Why not take it to the back of the aircraft? A little interesting of their choice of location.


This is terrible. Peace to the soul of the passenger.


Surely this warrants an emergency landing? They weren’t even over ocean.


The A340 from EWR-SIN had lockers for corpses.


That’s so horrible! :(


Letting the death passenger at his seat would be common. I know this might sound strange but FA’s are trained to deal with sick passengers and a death on bord is not often but might happen more than you think.

The aisle of all places(SMH)…was this procedure in their training???

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~Grammar Police

If this report is accurate, I’d question Azur Air vigourously in a press release. (If I could)

I’m not going to say anything yet because there is a serious lack of info. Was there an emergency landing? Did the passengers say anything?

I believe that they put a blanket and eye mask over a dead body in BA, too make it appear as if it is sleeping… 😬

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yes i know aisle…and not ISLAND…type error…and not reading back…

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Can you provide us with a link please?

I used to be an EMT. With an insulin dependent diabetic there’s little that they emergency landing would have done. If the story is accurate this was most likely very quick.


This raises a bigger question, would it better to carry one thing of insulin on the first aid kits on all commercial aircraft?

doubt they would lie about that though


This is so scary… I wish the whole scenario was flipped upside down.

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Hmmm…depends on what she had…hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia…with the first a simple glucose shot would resolve that condition ( what in my opinion would qualify for an emergency landing)… in second case she wouldn’t had died, cause as in an acidotic coma (coma diabeticum), it takes a while to be fatal…I’ve seen patients with an parameter over 700 + mg/dl, them were still responsive…

This also depends on how long the flight is going…if the body remains seated, you could get a problem (hint: rigor mortis)… than its hard to get them out of the seat…or even worse in the box…

Jack out

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