MaxFacts: Aviation Terms: “Ya Gotta Talk the Talk If ya wanna Walk the Walk!

MaxSez: I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read this Forum daily. It’s evident that a great deal of the jotters here are Aviation Terminology poor!

Pilgrims, Do some research and smarten up your aviation terminology before you jot here. There are multiple sources on the web, even the has an aviation dictionary on there website for free.
Here’s a link.



This is not a reliable source as I see no mention of the term Tarmac


Great resource, Max. Thanks for sharing.

Come on guys, this was clearly a joke mocking the recurrence of the use of Tarmac by journalists…


“Pilgrims.” Max channeling his inner John Wayne.

Great link.

Sending best to you from the DMV.


@Q-ENAN. MaxSez: We use American English here almost Exclusively. You do recall that English is the language for WW English. Only a King’s English speaker or a user of “foreign” terminology would immediate recognize the term “Tarmac”.

For Americans “Tarmac” is a Black Top Road in the rural areas and off the beaten track in the less prosperous areas.

Living in Switzerland where the Kings English is mixed with the local pathos I can understand your dismay in not finding Tarmac in the American FAA Aviation Dictionary.

Tarmac as you should know is recognized & used in pre-dominant in the UK & there Former colonies in fact is an airport apron. We don’t got none here.

G’day, Max


I don’t Know whether to laugh or cry when I read this Forum Daily. Its evident that a great deal of jotters here are poor at spelling. 🤣 Jk. Love your stuff Maxmustang. I love all your tips and stories of the past! :)

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@CJLAviation. MacSez: I jot fast on a Pad, I don’t Edit, Plus the Pad don’t got no stinking grammar or spell checker, SO WHAT! LOL


I know exactly how you feel. It happens to me all the time. I was just busting your chops. 😊

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No Harm Done @CJLAviation… Busted Chops are old friends on mine! I just keep movin on, at least I’ve survived bullets, bombs, ect. Words & sticks and stones are child’s play. I Lov the game.
One upmanship is just another sport of kings.
G’day, Max

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Aight Max, you’re a gangster and a king in the forum, Ya gotta Talk the Talk if ya wanna Walk the Walk of being a gangster.

Let me rephrase your topic in the most gangster kingly way:


Maxxis: I don’t know whether to snicker or whimper when I browse this forum daily. It’s conspicuous that avast count of the jotters here is Aviation Terminology inadequate!

Youngsters, Do some analysis and smarten up your aviation parlance before you iota here. There are numerous derivations on the quagmire, even the has an aviation lexicon on their website for exempt.
Here’s a servitude.

Thank you

Feel free to PM me on how to sound more of a gangster king.

This was in no way meant to offend anyone It’s a joke to honor max

Jokes aside, great link! Very useful for beginners!

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Thanks for this Max! Everyone really needs to learn the definition of Airplane! Ever since Laura threw her cat the whole forum can’t tell the difference between airplanes, pets, and inanimate objects.

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