MaxFacts: Another Boeing First (IIABIAG)

SMaxSez: “If It ain’t Boeing it ain’t Going”. (IIABIAG)


Great Find Max!!! :)


Well, new capabilities bring higher risks for Boeing, great find

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The folded wing tips looks like the wing tips of the A350 doesn’t it

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I still a little cautious about these. All other systems of aircraft have been tested for decades and improved when you introduce a new system like this there needs to be a hell of a lot of testing.

Many crashes have been caused by the smallest of things.

@Matthew. MaxSez: Nothing new about folded wings Matthew. They have been tested and proven for “Decades”… Just a “Boeing” innovations of a tryed and true space saver. Remember “IIABIAG”! Regards

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I belive Boeing is superior to any other manufacturer

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