MaxFacts: Airplanes Break! A week in the life!

Saturday Sep 3rd 2016
Incident Eva B744 at Taipei on Sep 3rd 2016, tyre “massacre” on landing
Thursday Sep 1st 2016
Incident India Regional CRJ7 and THY A333 near Amritsar on Sep 1st 2016, TCAS resolution, discussion about cleared FL
Incident British Airways B763 near Varna on Sep 1st 2016, unreliable airspeed
Incident Angara A148 near Irkutsk on Sep 1st 2016, cargo door open indication
Incident Yamal CRJ2 at Moscow on Sep 1st 2016, computer failure
Wednesday Aug 31st 2016
Accident American A321 at Boston on Aug 31st 2016, both pilots injured by laser beam
Incident Austrian B763 near Dublin on Aug 31st 2016, hydraulic failure
Incident Fedex B772 over Switzerland on Aug 31st 2016, loss of communication leads to intercept
Accident United B763 over Atlantic on Aug 31st 2016, turbulence injures 16
Tuesday Aug 30th 2016
Incident Jet2 B752 at Heraklion on Aug 30th 2016, rejected takeoff due to park brake
Incident Etihad B773 near Manila on Aug 30th 2016, smoke in cabin
Incident Khabarovsk L410 near Khabarovsk on Aug 30th 2016, engine shut down in flight
Incident Easyjet A319 at Amsterdam on Aug 30th 2016, bird strike
Incident CSA AT72 near Frankfurt on Aug 30th 2016, engine shut down in flight
Incident ANA B788 near Tokyo on Aug 30th 2016, engine vibrations
Monday Aug 29th 2016
Incident Qatar B788 at Durban on Aug 29th 2016, bird strike
Incident VIM B752 near Bratsk on Aug 29th 2016, generator failure
Incident Sunstate DH8D at Gladstone on Aug 29th 2016, near collision with private aircraft on short final
Incident Thomas Cook A320 at Heraklion on Aug 29th 2016, rejected takeoff due to smoke in cabin
Incident KLM Cityhopper E190 near Amsterdam on Aug 29th 2016, bird strike on landing gear
Incident Emirates B773 near Male on Aug 29th 2016, cargo smoke indication
Incident Airblue A321 at Islamabad on Aug 29th 2016, engine problem
Incident Delta B763 at Copenhagen on Aug 29th 2016, bird strike
Incident Flybe DH8D at Amsterdam, Manchester and Birmingham on Aug 29th 2016, burst tyre on departure
Sunday Aug 28th 2016
Incident Jetgo E135 at Tamworth on Aug 28th 2016, takeoff without runway lights
Incident Nordica CRJ9 near Copenhagen on Aug 28th 2016, control problem
Incident Expressjet CRJ7 at Minneapolis on Aug 28th 2016, loss of nose wheel steering
Incident Smartlynx A320 at Brno on Aug 28th 2016, rejected takeoff due to bird strike
Incident Delta A321 near Orlando on Aug 28th 2016, flaps problem
Incident Horizont B734 near Porto Santo on Aug 28th 2016, engine problem
Incident ANA B788 near Naha on Aug 28th 2016, cracked windshield
Saturday Aug 27th 2016
Incident THY B738 at Nice on Aug 27th 2016, went through extended centerline and descended below safe height
Accident Southwest B737 near Pensacola on Aug 27th 2016, uncontained engine failure
Incident Berlin A332 at Dusseldorf on Aug 27th 2016, hydraulic failure
Incident MASWings DHC6 at Marudi on Aug 27th 2016, runway excursion
Friday Aug 26th 2016
Incident North B734 at Vancouver on Aug 26th 2016, smell of smoke in cockpit
Incident LOT DH8D at Vilnius on Aug 26th 2016, flaps problem
Incident Cathay Pacific A333 near Hong Kong on Aug 26th 2016, windshield cracked in turbulence
Thursday Aug 25th 2016
Incident Delta MD90 at Washington on Aug 25th 2016, engine compressor stall
Incident Nok DH8D at Bangkok on Aug 25th 2016, burst tyre on departure
Incident ANA B789 at Tokyo on Aug 25th 2016, engine failure
Incident Expressjet E145 near Rochester on Aug 25th 2016, smoke in cockpit
Incident Expressjet E145 near Newark on Aug 25th 2016, couple of messages, nose wheel steering issue
Incident Emirates A388 at Amsterdam on Aug 25th 2016, nose wheel steering problem
Incident India B773 near Aktobe on Aug 25th 2016, cargo smoke indication
Wednesday Aug 24th 2016
Incident Baltic DH8D near Riga on Aug 24th 2016, engine shut down in flight
Incident THY A320 at Istanbul on Aug 24th 2016, bird strike
Incident Airlin AT42 at Lyon on Aug 24th 2016, rejected takeoff due to takeoff configuration alarm
Incident Mesa CRJ9 near Phoenix on Aug 24th 2016, cabin did not pressurize
Incident LAW B733 at Punta Cana on Aug 24th 2016, burst tyre on takeoff
(The Aviation Herald)


Break? I think is what you ment

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@Rodney_Buckland… Twedul Dee or Twedul Dumb… Ok I pick door 2.
Good catch, Corrected. Thanks Max Sends

Geez… What’s up with all these failures?

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Hahah I thought so. Only reason I noticed was that topic on the speed “break” in the 747 being mis titled. Good topic @Maxmustang

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Also happened on a Delta flight from Atlanta. No pilots injured, however.

Ugh! Shameful that a bunch of dumba–es wth their stupid toys purposely cause harm for what use other than being a ----wad.

Someone needs to give these idiots a very hefty fine at the least.


Fix the damn nose wheels!


This is like the fifth laser incident at Logan just for 2016. It is very shameful this happens so frequent.


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