MaxFacts: Aerobatics is the name of the Game! GA all the way! The Pitts Special (Video)

MaxSez: GA is not all low and slow. It’s can be a challenge and fun. Flying at 40 grand at M0.8 on auto pilot is boring!


Love this one. FlightChops gets to do so much cool stuff

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Real fun in an aircraft.

Just dreaming of doing that in IF. Unfortunately the way the community is leaning, it will not be happening anytime soon :(


This is an awesome video! Thanks for sharing it. I would love to see more GAs in IF too! “Fingers crossed”


That’s a great video. The Pitts is so unassuming and often overlooked. Most of us forget just how much of an amazing aircraft it truly is. Yet another feather in the cap of GA and stellar find from our very own @Maxmustang. Keep the hits coming my friend.


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