MaxFacts: A/C Marker Lights; When to use them! (Graphic)

MaxSez: I sneer at that rookie who taxi’s with his strobes on cause I can’t remember when I was an “FNG”! If ya play the flyin game ya gotta know the rules FNG. Here’s a handy dandy reminder:
(Tap & Hold to Copy). (* Strobes On in the vicinity of the Appron is Bad Juju!)


This is a great reminder Max. I was at EDDF earlier following someone with strobes and landing lights on all the way to the runway.

Hopefully some rookies will notice this and not turn them on until they enter the runway.


Join the club 🙄😂


We don’t have a graphic but we have a table (and other helpful tips) in the Infinite Flight FAQ


Strobes should not be used during taxi

Unless it doesn’t have beacon lights. Like TBM, XCUB etc…

Yea assuming it does have a red anti collision light

Other then some GA aircraft, then strobes are not on while taxi

This should be glued to the iPad in all aircraft.

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The information is available for anyone seeking it. Unfortunately, it is not everyone’s case.

MaxSez: “Strobe Systems” are an available accessories to all new GA purchases and a requirement for commercial airframes.
Why IF GA are not Strobe installed in new inventory production escapes me. It like the use of Coordinated Turns,in cross wind particularly, where the teaching video’s fail to include the use of Ailerons coupled with the Rudder!

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