MaxFacts: 2019 WSJ 10 Best/Worst Airports in the World


At lease Kuwait is better … We are working on the Airport now also adding 3rd runway … have passions.


Well yes, Lisbon I agree, because when I did an international flight from Newark to Lisbon last summer, there was a passport check, and it took around an hour to wait. But from what I’ve heard from family members, Porto is 123


Let’s go OTHH! I’ve googled why Changi is not in the top 5 and it’s because their customer service is getting worse…


I cannot believe this. I flew into YTZ 1.5 years ago. Took me no 15 minutes after my flight arrived and I had my luggage and left the airport. The ferry over to the city is amazing. I was flabbergasted.

That’s why I’m no fan of those ratings. They always seem very subjective.


Well…if it wasn’t bias that put them at the top last year, perhaps that’s only because it matched your own?

And, again, the WSJ didn’t rank the airports.


Gatwick is amazing. I fly there all the time…

@Cameron can confirm it is awesome


I just don’t understand how a top airport suddenly goes to the bottom

The airport received awards and now it’s on the bottom? Just doesn’t make Sense in my head.

Whoever ranked it didn’t really thought much about OPO


Yeah confirmed, use to hate going there but it has really turned around in the last few years.

Wonder if the drone incident and its impact had an effect on the (rather subjective) rankings…


I’m surprised that LGA isn’t the worst airport