MaxFacts: 2019 WSJ 10 Best/Worst Airports in the World

Here’s the Wall Street Journals take on the Subject:

The 10 Best Airports of 2019

  1. Hamad International Airport, Qatar (DOH)

  2. Tokyo International Airport, Japan (HND)

  3. Athens International Airport, Greece (ATH)

  4. Afonso Pena International Airport, Brazil (CWB)

  5. Gdansk Lech Wałęsa Airport, Poland (GDN)

  6. Sheremetyevo International Airport, Russia (SVO)

  7. Changi Airport Singapore, Singapore (SIN)

  8. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, India (HYD)

  9. Tenerife North Airport, Spain (TFN)

  10. Viracopos/Campinas International Airport, Brazil (VCP)

The 10 Worst Airports of 2019

  1. London Gatwick Airport, United Kingdom (LGW)

  2. Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Canada (YTZ)

  3. Porto Airport, Portugal (OPO)

  4. Paris Orly Airport, France (ORY)

  5. Manchester Airport, United Kingdom (MAN)

  6. Malta International Airport, Malta (MLA)

  7. Henri Coanda International Airport, Romania (OTP)

  8. Eindhoven Airport, Netherlands (EIN)

  9. Kuwait International Airport, Kuwait (KWI)

  10. Lisbon Portela Airport, Portugal (LIS)


Ugh I hate wall street journal. I hate how they say Porto and Lisbon are two of the worst ones.

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Yes Tokyo!

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I saw this online yesterday. Quite surprised that OKBK is second to last.

Not at all surprised. Airport has a cool variety of aircraft flying there (and Lisbon itself is gorgeous), but the terminal building and the airport layout are shoddy. I had a 20m taxi to the gate on on of my flights in, a 5-10 minute bus journey to the plane on departure, and a runway change (therefore delay) occurring on another occasion. Terminal building was old as well. Only consolation is that when the south runways are in use, if you’re in the city, on the north bank (Belém) of the river you spot all the arrivals from the bank. Cool experience.


Gdańsk! Great to see Polish Airports on the top. ;)


RIP no US airports are among the top :(

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I’m from Lisbon, and i have to say i agree, the walk is terrible, I’m glad they’re planning to build another airport on the opposite part of the river, but it will be another challenge because it is so far away from the heart of Lisbon, most of the times the south runway is in use and you can pretty much spot from anywhere on the city, but if you visit the plaza of spain you can get a pretty nice view on all planes coming to land, but I think everyone that has visited Lisbon can agree it is pretty beautiful city :)


I knew Manchester airport would be up their not the nicest airport inside but I like the range of aircraft that come in there.

And where is Dubai? I love that airport.

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@Lufthansa2… MazSez: The WSJ is the messenger. The list is prepared annually by the Airline Travel Industry. Never shot the messenger just the source. Regards, Max

Surprised Changi isn’t in the top 5 especially with Jewel opening earlier this year.


I just dont undertsand how is this even possible
Last year we were in the top 10 of the best airports under 10M I think, and nothing changed, so why is Porto suddenly on the worst?
This is a bit biased from me, but did this Wall street people even went to OPO? Because they are horribly wrong.

Lisbon on the other hand is overcrowded so it isnt very surprising.

But Porto is. For god’s sake everything is fast and works well. Doesnt make sense

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Where is EDDM? Only 5 star airport in europe, voted best european airport! What criteria do they use to rank the airports?

If they didn’t rank Changi number 1, it obviously isn’t fair 😂

Changi is literally the best airport I’ve ever been to and would undoubtedly go again!


What criteria did Wall Street journal use to determine best and worst airports?

Where the heck is LaGuardia on worst?

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LGA has become such a [retracted]hole that it doesn’t even count as an airport for these guys tbh.

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I love all of these “Max_______” things.

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What do you think …?
It’s my HUB 😒