MaxFact: US & Canada.. Daylight Savings Time..Sunday, November 6 (Fall Back)

US/Canada: Daylight Savings Time…Sunday, November 6.


Thank you for reminder.


Canada too!


Why do Americans have to be different 😂😂 the rest of the world went last Sunday.


Because they are slower than the rest of us XD just kidding chill guys chill.

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Why not, the world would be boring if everyone changed their clocks on the same day…

It definitely would be.

DST in the US was last modified in 2007. It used to be the first Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October. Now it’s the second Sunday in March and the first Sunday in November. Part of the reason for the move to November was to have more daylight in the evening for children trick-or-treating for Halloween on October 31.


Way ahead of you guys. We already did ours. 🤗

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Thanks Fixed it!

Because we are exceptional !

Always lagging behind. Even a space between the “l” and the exclamation mark.

"exceptional !"

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Not IF related so should be posted in #lounge

Not the entire world, different is always better😁🇺🇸

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MaxSez: See my PM.

I’ve been trying to keep my daylight in a jar, but it keeps escaping. How do you save your daylight? So far, I’ve tried boxes, bottles and jars. No luck so far. Do I need a glass box to hold it?


@Bryan_Gainey. GOOD STUFF!

In PHL the sun is going to set at 4:54p.m/16:54/20:54UTC

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MaxSez: Useful information if you live in Filthy Delphia ., my home town. I’ve ask some SPhilly family & Friend to validate your credibility & look you up! Thanks for the input!


I got it from 6abc

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