MaxFact- Russia new 5th Gen "Invisible" Fighter; Su-57

MaxSez- The 5th generation Fighter series has just expanded. Here’s Russia contribution;


1615 MPH - Damn! And that does look like a pretty sleek jet.
But we all know that nothing will surpass our wonderful F-22.
EDIT: Nothing will surpass our amazing F-35!


Actually the F-22 was replaced by the F-35, I watched a video of the two if they ever met in air combat. And it looks like a tie. The F-35 would be able to take out the su way before the su saw it.


1615Mph. Hmmmm the blackbird is still faster xD

@7405896A… MaxSez: Don’t count yr chicken’s yet. The video you watched was pure speculation. The 57 is still a test bed. The 22 & 35 still have kinks.
The 5th gens are over the horizon shooters with similar fire control suites, we’ll never know the truth till the rubber meets the road and there front line deployed.

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@Marsiana7… MaxSez. Your comparing apples and oranges. The Habu “was”
a recon bird with a unique turbine/ram jet engine. The 5th gen’s are turbines and pure Air Defense (F). Judy sayin, Google is yr friend.

Welcome Aboard!

And you do not notice someone who does wanna put a smile on the faces of people 😂.

I do absolutely know the difference.

I only found out a month ago that Russia give the Su, Tu, MiG designations only once the aircraft has been accepted by the government after its preformed all the flight tests.


Interesting to know. Never heard abou that before!

I know, the video I watched explained that they both have problems and that it would be close, but it depends on the pilots Descision.

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@Damian. MaxSez: Find yr comment a revelation. Please site source. Thanks

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Does it have VTOL I mean it wouldn’t crap out our one in a million F35B. VTOL is the future of Combat but the Harrier is nearly to already extinct, right?

Maybe VTOL is the future but definitely not with today’s technology. It does make the jet today way to heavy for a good fighter.

That video you watch was probably not military confirmed. The inly reason the F-22 was stopped in production was devopment costs (ironic conparing it to the F-35). The F-35 would not beat the -22 in an air to air fight, over the horizon or dogfight. As both are top of the line stealth they would only really ever get shots off in a dogfight , which the -22 has the manueverability and the power to do.

I personally know -22 pilots that laugh whenever soneone gushes about the -35. They like to compare it to a bumblebee. It aint suppose to fly but it does but dont expect it to win any awards they would say. They make the comparison between a bird of prey for the -22 and a Canary for the -35. One does better with ground killing while the other is made to kill anything that flies.


Sorry, took me a while to find but it was in this video. I time stamped it for you so just hit play.

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I was talking about the su-35 vs the F-35

The Max Altitude is 20KM or like 65K feet. That is higher than Class A Airspace. The F-22 only goes 60K feet.

The F-22’s unclassified ceiling is >65,000ft. That means the actual service ceiling is classified but FL650 is not the limit.

But i really doubt that it is able to stay at that altitude for very long.


If it was added the TS1 pilots would use it to troll people somehow.
How is invisible good if we can hear those engines tearing towards us, still I want one.