MaxFact: RetroFit Anti-Collision Lights/ Rotating Beacon on the XCub and TBM

MaxSez: Both The XCub and TBM require Subject equipment retrofitted IAW the FAR, citation cited as follows. Suggest next update.

FAR, § 91.205 Powered civil aircraft with standard category U.S. airworthiness certificates: Instrument and equipment requirements.

(a) … no person may operate a powered civil aircraft with a standard category U.S. airworthiness certificate … *unless that aircraft contains …
(b) … Approved Navigation Lights For VFR flight at night… :

“© An approved aviation red or aviation white anticollision light system on all U.S.-registered civil aircraft””””

I’m not voting for this as it’s not realistic. I’m pretty sure in reality you use the strobes but someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

I don’t understand what this is. Anyone mind dumbing it down a bit for me? 😂

How would this be in IF I don’t understand fully. Can you explain?

@TylerShah. MaxSez: Neither The XCub nor TBM have rotating beacon or Anti-collision Lights they are. Required. Note Citation.
(Info: @Ondrej (@anon9524891)

Red OR white anti collision lights. The white anti collision light (which in this case is the strobes) are used in place of red rotating beacons

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@TylerShah. MaxSez: Colors are noted in citation. But thanks for the reminder. Max

Then I don’t understand the point of this feature @Maxmustang

@TylerShah. Pls reread the Topic text. The XCub & TBM do not have anti-collision lights they need to be installed (retrofitted) to meet FAA airworthiness certification.

Max, they don’t have that in real life either. The switches for lights that exists in the Xcub for example are:

  • Nav
  • Land
  • Pulse switch
  • Strobes

Nothing more.


  • Pulse + LDG / Taxi knob
  • Nav
  • Strobe

I think that the developers are doing fine working on other aircraft. This seems like such a small thing, that it really isn’t the most important thing at the moment. Just my opinion.

And I’m telling you they do. The strobes are considered the anti collision lights. Which is the white anti collision lights.

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@schyllberg. MaxSez: In communication with manufacturers . Will advise if FAA Waver granted.

Pls close will repost based on result of inquiry.

Regards, Max