MaxFact: Ready for Global? "Fuel Burn" Updated


Nice, this will be usefull when global comes out!


I do subscribe him, He do make alot of great videos!

And this video also can give us an information in loading fuel when Global is implemented, It’s very helpful indeed


Only fueling for what you need used to not be common practice among airlines. Pretty sure it was delta that started the practice since they were drowning in fuel bill debt during the gas price gouging we all felt with starting in 05… of course someone correct me if I’m wrong!

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This is a really nice video!

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I always use the amount of fuel even now when global isn’t out as it adds realism and i always add more in case or go around


I think it was already posted…

@nicochile2… Good catch… I’ll fix it. Thanks Max

Well don’t think it was delta that started that, it’s called fuel planning.

The more fuel you carry around the more weight you have to carry, this means that your fuel consumption will also go up. By correct fuel planning of your trip fuel, plus fuel for deviation and also a reserve amount will mean that you can carry the right amount. I am looking forward to having fuel burn in global ! :-)


@nicochile2 I posted this a few months back, however it was automatically closed by discord. This thread is valid.


Yea, but it wasn’t a normal practice is what I’m saying.

@THE-OP… Carrying Trip planed fuel with a reserve and alternate has been the case since I worked the Ramp/Feuler at DCA and Dispatch for AmWest back in the day. Your just used to pulling into a FBO in your 172 and Sayin “Filler Up”
LOL… Max

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It is a tad cheaper in the skyhawk than a turbine… lol

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True it’s cheaper to fill up a Skyhawks then it is a say a ‘triple’ but the principle on fuel planning remains the same.

Now some airlines, especially LoCos, like to keep the amount of fuel taken closer to the legal minimum n order to save money. This isn’t necessary in the initial “pump price” but as I mentioned above, the more fuel you carry, the more fuel you need to burn to carry it!