MaxFact: Program Change. NO FltPlan.. NO RNav, YES!!!!

MaxSez: Out eyeballin in my Van in the Ryuku Is, off Okinawa. Then it happened, could not belive it! Failed to file for the first time in years. Up up and away at IeShima, Hit the RNAV after pos rate established, Master Warning in Red. “RNav disabled, No Fligh Plan Filed “ or words to that effect. YES… Hope this is not an anomaly. Must have missed the FDS announcement! Persistence is the key. Thanks Dev’s



I’m ashamed… I wouldn’t have every thought out of all people — You.


@Balloonchaser MaxSez: To Err is Human etc. After gripeing forever about failure to file I’m a Peanut this once. There a bright side FDS solved my persistent Problem and that makes my day. Hallelujah, now what else can I rag on, ATIS sound familure!!,


Well max…

Display it proudly my friend. You earned it!


@THE-OP… MaxSez: Much appreciated Oh, Great One! I shall cherish it
and display it proudly. Bio Chg in Process. Lesson relearned never admit fault! Lie’s are ones only safeguards! (Between you and me, the FltPlan gig
Notification made it all worth while). Respectfulllly, MAX


@THE-OP… Note the new me pic ID… Gloat while you can. Payback Is a Medevac LOL… Regards


Well my time on the forum has come to an end… no payback! 😂😂

P.s. I must admit you rock it though!

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Are you sure this happens?

closes Discourse and launches Infinite Flight

@THE-OP… MaxSez: I’m Shocked, bothered and bewildered by this personal decision. However, I understand it thought as I sit here moldering in my doter-age! Grab a hold of life my friend while your able, rarely look back, do take with you the earned respect of me and this community. You’ve made a hell of an impact, your spirt and reputation will remains with us in the Archives. You Sir left your mark and made an extremly positive impact here! Good Luck, God’s Speed.
Very Respectfully, Max

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