MaxFact: Major AL's Cut 25 Routes/Cities!

MaxSez: Trash Hauler Dump 25 Routes/Airrports, Read it and weep!
G’day, Max


Another big drop in the COVID-19 Aviation Rut. Looks like trouble to me.

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The previously denied requests are why JetBlue is launching tag routes to abide by the conditions for the CARES Act bailout. But now that the U.S. DOT is relaxing these restrictions for larger cities, airlines are reapplying.

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Not very surprised about Delta suspending Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Flint. Detroit is right around the corner. Sad to see this in these times. :(

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I mean it makes sense. Especially places like @Joseph007 mentioned, if people really need to go they can drive a bit, flying those routes is losing airlines so much money with no one onboard, by my math about a week ago the average load factor at Pittsburgh was 5, just five people per plane (I figured that out because our airport director said about 400 people boarded planes, and according to FR24 we had about 70 departures), airlines are losing an absurd amount, and if the government wants all the air competition to survive they need to let there be less competition in the short time, that or they need to let the code share thing happen.


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