MaxFact: Empirical Data and the Forum; Trust but Verify! ( Caveat Emptor; There are Snakes on the Forum!)

MaxSez: I pay close attention to Aviation related Technical Facts stated on the Forum! When I note error, opinion and/or data that is conveyed by a few Duty Experts and Bloviators I get irritated and often respond with the underlying guidance found in official documentation readily available by a bit of research which corrects the great unwashed. Yet the “followers”often continue to comment in support of the Infamous Facetime Personality Cultist who bask here in the glow of righteousness!

A fine example of my observation is the recent Topic “Seat Belts”!

A members inquired on when Seat Belts are required;
The Duty Experts/Bloviators responded consistently that seatbelts are required until reaching 100AGL, in cruise, and for 36 responses the followers mutually supported this “No Nothing” Mantra.

Clearly no foundation for these erroneous responses where evidences. A bit of research using GOOGLE, Tutorials, UTube ect. would have solved the requesters inquiry had he researched first. Accordingly, the Duty Experts and Bloviators would have had to find another hunting ground.

The correct answer to the question posed; is simple and logical, Seatbelts are required during taxi, takeoff, landing and then at the “Pilots Discretion” in flight. The following easily found by Research is cited for your information;

The Bottom Line. “On the Forum you must research before you jot. Don’t appear ignorant! Like some Duty Experts & Bloviators.

Aviation expertise is gained by Study not opinion, practice or a know it all mind set and ego.” Beware the Duty Expert and Bloviators “Trust But Verify” ( Caveat Emptor; There are snakes on this Forum)!

G’day Max


That is true, not everyone is honest on here. It is a good place to find Aviation information but after we get that info it’s probably a good idea to verify it cause people will throw in there opinions and state them as facts


Hey Max I understand you. A refresher of being helpful in posts seems like a good idea to me. Thanks for making this :)


Glad to see forum legends who have a real, legal and documented basis!

Well done Max!

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Good work Max! If seatbelt signs were turned off at FL100 instead of at the pilot’s discretion how could we force our passengers to hold it in?!

100% agree here, do some research and everyone will be happier with the published result. Nevertheless never ask anything safety relevant regarding real life flying in the forum, just ask your FI.

Really needed post. Users ought to focus on providing factual information rather than like farming. I’m glad that I’m not the only one that has noticed this.

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