MaxFact: C-172 (GA) into LAX (Video)

MaxMax: Don’t let them fool you! Light GA recover and depart from Catagory “B” airfields every day. In the RW it takes coordination with an FSS or Tower.
In IF just plan your route with the Shortest B Runway as your recovery point.
Hopefully ATC will accept your plan and not have you join the Conga Line on Approach with the heavies or vector you to infinity which happens on all servers from time to time. This Video go is into LAX 24R the 8000’er as compared with the 10000’ers that are routinely utilized by the heavy smokey turbulence causing Trash Haulers! Enjoy:

(Note: Light GA drivers, pick your time when selecting a go into an IF single Rwy “B”. Go off peak or choice a satellite field, forego single Rwy “B” like Diego, or that restricted Navy Island field in SoCal etc.)


Very interesting video, btw that last airport is KNUC

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Flying into A big class B like LAX or ORD from what I know is usually a good thing too call approach before you go as a VFR aircraft. Getting into a Class B has to deal with the traffic load of the controllers. Usually approach and tower are the ones that decline or accept small Ga

@N1DG…MaxSez: Thank you for reiterating my initial RW comment. The trhust in this thread is directed to a day at the races at IF not a RW B. No call required since no two way Comm exists. Routinely you’ll have no problem on Exp as filed to a short Rwy, they even understand what an “Intersection Departures” is for light stuff to include most of the Reginals. Appreciate your effort. The more the lesson is repeated the smarter Jack gets. Regards

(PS: The Air Boss & decision maker for this type evolution resides in a fancy office w/coffee pot in the Tower. Approach is in a little dark Room about 3 floors down or over in Tracon, LOL.)

You mean KNUC or KAVX

@Aussie_Wombat. MaxSez: we are talking Class “B” fields here my young kiwi friend. NAS San Clemente is Class “B”, NAS North Island is Class “C”. Just the facts please. (English comprehension is an art form my friend not a science! )

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