MaxFact: At Risk Cargo! No check per TSA/IG!

MaxSez: Provided as professional knowledge gained. ( When I retired from the military I want to work for America West Airlines for a period in the early 90’s. . First in Security then Dispatch and finally at DCA as AmWest Ramp Chief and Certified Loadmaster.
The “Problem” highlighted here is old news, it was evident then and I’m shocked that it still exist. The Threat is real!


Woah, thank you for the information Max!

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That is very interesting, especially because my father works in the DHS.

I’m honestly not surprised that 45% of the dangerous items during the tests went through. In a federal job such as this, there’s two types of people: the hard workers that carry all the load, and the slackers that are just there for the benefits. Let’s do some math: If 50% of all DHS workers at (given airport) do 80% of the work, that leaves 20% for the slackers. The people that work hard try. But when you’re doing almost twice as much work as you should because some people don’t do their job, some things are going to be missed. In a way, that isn’t their fault. But most of the missed stuff is coming from the last 50%, the crew that doesn’t carry out their responsibilities due to laziness, or whatever it might be.

This is where terrible work ethic gets you!

It’s not that this implementation does not work, it’s that some of the people that are responsible for doing that work just don’t do what they’re supposed to.

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