MaxFact: Air Berlin Goes Bust!

MaxSez: There goes my ride to Munchin! Air Berlin serves my home Airport KRSW (SW Fla International) a 10 minute drive from my house… I use them annually to enjoy Carnival (Fasching) in Bavaria.


That sucks. I read something about a “partial rescue”, so I hope that can happen. I had no idea they haven’t been doing well for quite a while. They seemed like a healthy airline… I was wrong, I guess!


Isn’t the German government supposedly stepping in and possibly Lufthansa kicking around the idea of shareholding or buying a portion of Air Berlin as well?

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CaptainJoe will be advertising his availability on YouTube then ;)

But in all serious it’s a shame, and I’d imagine Etihad will think twice with their future investments.


In the article it said Etihad decided to get a piece of AB as part of their strategy and to get more passengers through Abu Dhabi. It was part of their strategy, not really looking for any gains (but definetly not wanting losses).

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wow sad to hear. i also thought they were doing fine but little by little i guess the debts just started building. i see why etihad pulled out however. and its nice to see the government helping out unfortunately the airline will probably be split among lufthansa and other. P.S isint this the airline Captain Joe flys for?

Yeah Captain Joe flies for Air Berlin…but no doubt he’ll be snatched to another airline fairly quickly


Etihad has made loss because of that programme. Many airlines that Etihad has a stake on it are struggling at the moment (Incl. Alitalia and Air Berlin) excluding Virgin Australia. I guess Etihad should change their game unless they want to suffer like Swissair

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Maybe he won’t need to. If for example Lufthansa decides to get a part of AB and AirBerlin is liquidated, perhaps he will still fly A320s for Lufthansa… btw I know very little about how liquidation and bankruptcy really works, so correct me if I’m wrong.

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You still need to come to visit Berlin, @Maxmustang - but that’ll be a lot harder now, I guess. 😐


Noooooooo!!! CAPTAIN JOE!!!
What’s gonna happen to him 😱


Noooooooooo!!! Another Bankrupt Airline!!! What will happen to the Airline that was funded by my Favourite Airline?

@epaga. MaxSez: There are no direct flight to any were down in the third world of SW Florida except Air Berlin which is/was my direct EU Gateway. . KRSW called an international is really a connector. Now I’ll have to get a connection and bump the cost with a change out of NY or drive to a Florida HUB, store the car and still connect at an east coast HUB. The loss of AB, if it’s not saved, will have its impact on more than just me. Deregulation, the Euro and unregulated conglomerates have taken there toll on the good little guys.

(Wanna visit you in Berlin, let’s see how it goes…)


Ah jeeze, that is a shame. I think they will get snapped up fairly quickly though. I never knew about the debt, always thought they were successful and building. Oh man 😞

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Sad news but reality is in Europe Ryanair and EasyJet are killing these airlines, they can’t really compete

Pretty stupid! I booked my flight with Airberlin on the 4.9. To Fort Myers. But I have already telephoned, the next 3 months it continues with Airberlin. The German federal government is giving € 150 million into the airline, which is enough for 3 months. But no longer!


… and in 4 months is called Airberlin: LUFTHANSA. This is as safe as the Amen in the church.

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Tampa - Frankfurt is probably your best bet with that journey…good luck with the ancient A340s!

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Wouldn’t be surprised if Norwegian jumps in to fill the gap. RSW - LGW, or RSW - CDG might be a possibility, but in the end it’s still a one stop.

On the other hand… IAG might take up some of the A330’s, re-brand them to Level, and fill in some of those gaps using those birds, who knows.


This is very sad. Although I never flew them, I always loved their livery because of the red belly that you can recognize at cruising altitude. This is probably one of the biggest airlines to go bankrupt in a while:-(

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