MaxEyeBall/ Visual: ASPEN in a light Trash Haulers or GA, Try this Visual via the Winding Roaring River If “You” Dare!

MaxSez: Anybody can land at Aspin-Pitkin(KASE) in an approved A.C. via AutoLand or on a precision approach ILS, no Sweet!

But can you follow a Visual Track to 15 Utilizing the Plate below via “Basalt” up the Roaring Fork; then over the river & through the woods and nail it? Give it a shoooot if you dare!

(Yr screen shots Welcome of your trials &Errors)


Love that approach! Been flying it since before Global. People should try it more often 👍🏻

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That’s a zinger of an approach. I’ll give that a shot.

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Try RNAV Runway 28 at KHDN.

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