MaxCubChallange: LUKLA Part#2 Approach Plate/Route Photo's

MaxCubChallange: Hillary’s Base Camp (VNLY) by XCub
Part #2 APPROACH Chart/Flt Photo’s

MaxSez, Below find spectacular Himalayan mountain scenic flight route photographs and the Approach Chart for the VNLK (Lukla, Nepal)- Kat XCub go published previously. (Tap link to open #1)
Max Sends
(MaxCubChallange: Hillary’s Base Camp (VNLK-Lukla) to Kathmandu (VNKT) by XCUB. Part#1: Route Data)


What server is this on! I think I might come and join

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@Joseph_Barrett… I flew it on the Trainer but it’s available on the Expert. Expert does not offer service so it’s a toss up. Watch the winds with a Cub. It takes Rudder/Ailerons coordination into and out of the grove. Good Luck, Max


Outstanding pictures and a great challenge!

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