MaxCubChallange: Hillary’s Base Camp (VNLK-Lukla) to Kathmandu (VNKT) by XCUB. Part#1: Route Data

MaxSez: This one’s for those Cub Drivers that dare! The Himalayas, “Lukla” a 091AGL is the Base Camp for the treck to Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world at 290AGL.
Set in a high crevasse in the mountainside within sight of Everest, Lukla with a 6deg windswept down pitch runway will accept only the most skilled Cub Driver on this challenging low speed Approach. Departures require a spiral launch within sheer Cliffs lining the only route in or out with climbing turns to clear the chimney. (NOTAM Filed for VNLK, GA ONLY )
“ I flew this route in a Steam gage Cub, Lukla to Kathmandu after a few successful and un-successful crevasse go’s. The route from Lukla to Kat is a “real” scenic trip through snow covered vistas visible in no other place in the world. It puts the Alps to shame! If you have the guts fly the route in reverse. Part #2 for a photogram & Chart tomorrow if the mood strikes. Here’s the Flight Data”;

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Love this one. Have flown here a lot and I’m seriously planning to do this little route and site-seeing trip in the next day or so. In under an hour, of course 😉

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Ah yes, a super scenic area, hard approach and landing, seems like the perfect route! I’ll surely fly this one in the future.

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Uh… 😂

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