Maxcontact: Capt Kirbs & Jim Scott PM PLS

Pilots Capt Kirbs & Jim Scott… Pls PM me… Interested in your GA flights in the Himalayas.
Regards, Max
(no msg address in system)


Damn I was worried then.

I was thinking wow those Devil Dogs are in big trouble, Max is after em!


Max wouldn’t it be easier next time to PM them plus you can check if the seen you message you not!


This topic is so hopefully they perhaps see it. If Max knew their Usernames or where to find them then he wouldn’t have created this topic.


@ThomasThePro… MaxSez… No disrespect intended Tom it appears you u didn’t read my post completely or where Quick on the “irrational” trigger. The Pilots noted have no IF addressable ID as noted in brackets. Thanks for the comment anyway it sent a clear msg.
G’day Max

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Saw that, but didn’t understand it!:( Sorry about that!

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