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Saturday Sep 2nd 2017
Incident American B738 near Miami on Sep 1st 2017, lightning strike
Accident Coco South Sudan AN26 at Maban on Aug 28th 2017, runway excursion on landing, aircraft burned down
Friday Sep 1st 2017
Incident Lingus A333 at Dublin on Aug 31st 2017, hydraulic failure
Incident Eastar B738 at Sapporo on Sep 1st 2017, gear well fire indication
Incident Cathay Dragon A320 near Mandalay on Aug 31st 2017, hydraulic problem
Thursday Aug 31st 2017
Incident Uzbekistan B763 at Istanbul on Aug 31st 2017, tyre damage punctures wing
Incident THY A321 at Trabzon on Aug 29th 2017, bird strike
Incident Jetblue A321 near Punta Cana on Aug 30th 2017, cabin did not pressurize
Incident GoAir A20N near Goa on Aug 30th 2017, technical problem
Incident Ryanair B738 at Copenhagen on Aug 25th 2017, strange noises from tail, stab trim issue
Incident Jetblue A320 at Boston on Aug 31st 2017, bird strike
Incident Avianca A319 at Rio de Janeiro on Jul 19th 2017, EGPWS warning on RNAV approach
Incident Alitalia A320 at Milan on Aug 17th 2017, rejected takeoff after tail strike
Wednesday Aug 30th 2017
Incident Thomas Cook A332 at Los Angeles on Aug 26th 2017, rejected takeoff due to engine failure
Incident LGW Walter DH8D at Saarbruecken on Aug 29th 2017, burst tyre on landing
Incident Vietjet A320 near Hong Kong on Aug 30th 2017, cargo smoke indication
Incident Indigo A20N at Vishakhapatnam on Aug 30th 2017, rejected takeoff due to bird strike
Incident SAS CRJ9 near Billund on Aug 30th 2017, cabin did not pressurize
Incident Emirates B773 at Geneva on Aug 25th 2017, wakes roof
Incident Westjet B763 near Calgary on Aug 27th 2017, airspeed disagree
Accident Trans Avia Export Cargo IL76 at Juba and Entebbe on Aug 22nd 2017, destroys two houses during go around in Juba, two main gear struts stuck in Entebbe
Incident Jetstar B788 at Singapore on May 13th 2017, flaps asymmetry as result of damaged tyre
Tuesday Aug 29th 2017
Incident LOT DH8D at Warsaw on Aug 28th 2017, gear problem
Incident Egypt B738 enroute on Aug 29th 2017, gear malfunction
Incident Jetblue A320 near Philadelphia on Aug 29th 2017, smoke in cockpit
Incident Latam Argentina A320 near Rio Hondo on Aug 29th 2017, hail strike
Incident Fedex A306 near Calgary on Aug 20th 2017, avionics smoke indication
Incident Jazeera A320 at Kuwait on Aug 27th 2017, collision with cable of military captive balloon
Monday Aug 28th 2017
Incident El Al B739 near Zagreb on Aug 27th 2017, smelley galley
Incident Delta B752 at Salt Lake City on Aug 27th 2017, bird strike
Incident Monarch A321 at Menorca on Jul 21st 2017, undercut by a private plane on final ILS approach
Incident THY A333 at Istanbul on Aug 27th 2017, technical problem
Sunday Aug 27th 2017
Incident KLM A332 near Nice on Aug 22nd 2017, engine oil leak
Incident Southwest B737 at Columbus on Aug 26th 2017, damaged tyre on departure
Incident American B738 at Boston on Aug 22nd 2017, “trim!”
Accident Luxair DH8D at Saarbruecken on Sep 30th 2015, takeoff ending on belly, smoke in cabin
Saturday Aug 26th 2017
Incident India A320 at Srinagar on Aug 26th 2017, could not fully retract gear
Incident Jetblue A321 near Bermuda on Aug 25th 2017, smoke indication in cabin
Incident Qatar B788 near Hyderabad on Aug 25th 2017, first officer incapacitated
Incident PIA A320 at Islamabad on Aug 25th 2017, nose wheel steering failure
Friday Aug 25th 2017
Incident Lufthansa A343 near Brest on Aug 24th 2017, oil smell on board
Incident Lufthansa A343 at Philadelphia on Aug 15th 2017, engine shut down without command during roll out
Incident Canada A320 near Toronto on Aug 18th 2017, nose wheel steering fault
Incident Thai AirAsia A320 at Bangkok on Aug 25th 2017, spoilers floated on departure
Incident United B753 enroute on Aug 24th 2017, hydraulic failure
Incident Tiger A320 at Singapore on Oct 16th 2015, engine access door separated in flight
Thursday Aug 24th 2017
Incident Aerosucre B732 at Bogota on Aug 23rd 2017, rejected takeoff due to burst nose tyre
Incident THY A333 at Istanbul on Aug 23rd 2017, bird strike
Incident Canada E190 at Saskatoon on Aug 13th 2017, rejected takeoff to avert flock of birds
News EASA issues Emergency Airworthiness Directive for A359s due to possible fuel/air ignition in fuel tanks


  1. Incident: Emirates B773 at Geneva on Aug 25th 2017, wakes roof
    By Simon Hradecky, created Wednesday, Aug 30th 2017 21:24Z, last updated Wednesday, Aug 30th 2017 21:24Z
    An Emirates Boeing 777-300, registration A6-EGH performing flight EK-83 from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to Geneva (Switzerland), was on final approach to Geneva’s runway 23 and landed safely at 19:32L (17:32Z).

A villager of Genthod, a village located about 2,600 meters/1.4nm before the runway threshold reported, that at about 19:30L they suddenly heard trees rushing in wind, they felt a sudden increase in air pressure followed by a bang. About 20 tiles of their roof were dislodged and fell down in front of their front door.

The airport reported a Boeing 777, one of the largest aircraft operating into Geneva, was on approach to Geneva at that time, the wake turbulence from the aircraft in landing configuration and atmospheric conditions combined to a severe wake turbulence hitting the roof. An inspection team was dispatched to assess the damage, the airport is going to bear the cost for the repairs.

  1. Accident: Trans Avia Export Cargo IL76 at Juba and Entebbe on Aug 22nd 2017, destroys two houses during go around in Juba, two main gear struts stuck in Entebbe
    By Simon Hradecky, created Thursday, Aug 24th 2017 08:43Z, last updated Wednesday, Aug 30th 2017 19:12Z
    A Trans Avia Export Cargo Airlines Ilyushin IL-76 on behalf of WFP (World Food Programme by United Nations), registration EW-78799 performing freight flight UNO-49H from Juba to Juba (South Sudan) with a load of food, had air dropped the food in Jiech (South Sudan), about 210nm north of Juba, approx. coordinates N8.37 E31.13, and was on approach back to Juba in poor weather conditions at about 10:30L (07:30Z). When the aircraft broke through the clouds the crew initiated a go around however the aircraft impacted a tree and house completely destroying the house, the jetblast off the engines damaged another house. The aircraft climbed out to safety and diverted to Entebbe (Uganda), located about 290nm south of Juba, where the crew performed an emergency landing. The main gear collapsed during landing in Entebbe as result of the damage received in Juba. On the ground in Juba a 5 year old girl was killed, 4 other people injured in two damaged houses. The crew escaped without injuries, the aircraft sustained substantial damage.

WFP South Sudan reported a 5 year old girl was killed in one of the destroyed houses as result of the go around, 4 more people (a boy, a girl and two women) received injuries. The UN WFP extended their condolences to the affected. The accident happened as result of thunderstorms and heavy rain which impaired visibility on approach to Juba. The aircraft diverted to Entebbe where the aircraft suffered the collapse of the main gear due to metal sheets embedded in the landing gear following the impact in Juba.

Ground observers reported the aircraft was not aligned with the runway center line when it descended through the clouds in about southeasterly landing direction (runway 13) but apparently aiming directly at the “Hotel Rainbow” about 2320 meters/7600 feet southwest and abeam of the runway center line, initiated a go around but struck and destroyed a house and subsequently climbed away.

On Aug 30th 2017 The Aviation Herald received information the aircraft first impacted a tree 1857 meters short of the runway threshold, slightly left of the extended runway center line, then impacted three houses damaging those houses (roofs), hit another tree, collided with a 4th house completely destroying that house and killing the girl, hit another 2 houses damaging the roofs before climbing out to safety, last damage was 1464 meters before the runway threshold. All forward main tyres were shredded during those impacts and debris entangled in the gear struts. During climb out the gear was retracted. On approach to Entebbe the forward main gear struts, debris and tyres entangled with the wheel wells and gear doors causing the two gear struts to not extend and only partially come out of the wells. The aircraft landed in Entebbe on the two aft main gear struts and the nose gear.

  1. Incident: Jazeera A320 at Kuwait on Aug 27th 2017, collision with cable of military captive balloon
    By Simon Hradecky, created Monday, Aug 28th 2017 21:12Z, last updated Tuesday, Aug 29th 2017 01:53Z
    A Jazeera Airways Airbus A320-200, registration 9K-CAK performing flight J9-787 from Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) to Kuwait (Kuwait), was on approach to Kuwait City when ATC issued instruction to maintain 5000 feet and join a left hand holding pattern at waypoint IVETA (IAF, Pos. N29.3733 E47.7850) due to another arriving aircraft with a medical emergency receiving priority. While in the holding at about 16:14L (13:14Z) the right hand engine (CFM56) contacted the cable of a military captive balloon (mounting point coordinates N29.3908 E47.6704, 6nm west of IVETA) rising up to about 5000 feet AGL. The balloon deflated and slowly fell to ground. The crew did not observe any abnormal engine indications and continued for a normal landing on Kuwait’s runway 15R.

A postflight inspection revealed a sliced engine inlet and serious damage along the engine cowl, fan blades appeared to be intact. The aircraft was unable to continue its schedule and is still on the ground in Kuwait about 31.5 hours after landing.

Charts released by Kuwait’s AIP do not show any holding pattern at waypoint IVETA, which is the IAF for the RNAV procedure to join the ILS runway 15L or 15R. The area of the captive balloon 6nm west of IVETA is shown as a restricted zone from ground up to 15000 feet MSL.

  1. Incident: Monarch A321 at Menorca on Jul 21st 2017, undercut by a private plane on final ILS approach
    By Simon Hradecky, created Monday, Aug 28th 2017 15:02Z, last updated Monday, Aug 28th 2017 15:02Z
    A Monarch Airlines Airbus A321-200, registration G-OZBH performing flight ZB-942 from Birmingham,EN (UK) to Menorca,SP (Spain), had been cleared for an ILS approach to Menorca’s runway 01 and was fully established on localizer and glideslope on final approach.

A private aircraft performing a VFR flight crossing through Menorca terminal area had been instructed to cross the localizer past the A321, however, crossed exactly underneath the A321 causing a TCAS resolution advisory with the A321.

The A321 crew upon receiving the TCAS resolution advisory to “Level Off” initiated a go around, climbed out to safety, positioned for another approach and landed safely on second approach.

The private aircraft also continued to its destination.

Spain’s CIAIAC reported the private aircraft crossed the localizer 400 feet below the A321 2.5nm before the runway threshold. The A321 crew received a TCAS resolution advisory to level off and initiated a go around.

The ILS runway 01 features a glidepath of 3.0 degrees. At 2.5nm before the runway threshold the A321 being exactly on glidepath would have been at 844 feet AGL.


Whoa, what? Details please Max :)


And that is why people, the Boeing 777-300ER is my favorite aircraft in the world


Nice route for Global BTW 🤔…


@Rodney_Buckland. Max Sez: This 2015 incident is the final multi page redundant final accident report. Considered to long for inclusion. Bottom Line,
Pilot Error, Co-Pilot retracted gear at VR. Insufficient lift/Speed. belly flop, gear schered. Voice recorder transcript.

10:16:24 PF take off, my controls
10:16:25 PNF your controls
10:16:27 PNF spoiler is closed
10:16:30 PNF autofeather armed
10:16:33 PF looks like spring
10:16:35 PNF yeah, power is checked
10:16:36 PNF 80 knots
10:16:37 PF checked
10:16:40 PNF V1, rotate
10:16:42 Background click sound, probably gear lever UP
10:16:43 PNF “upps, sorry” (Famous last words prior to loss of Control & license)

Strike damage
Need more detail please refer to WWW.



Do you have any news on an Austrian Airlines flight flying from Tirana to Vienna. The callsign was OS848 and it diverted back to Tirana and I dont know why it diverted. It happened on August 31st.

@Dan_Lleshi. MaxSez: No incident or accident reported. This is a routine occurrence. Suggest check Web. In all probability only Airline hold record of cause and they will not make public release. Regards


The countless spelling mistakes tho

The one with the 773 at Geneva was interesting

Depressurization problem. I know im too late but still xD

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