MaxAvSafety: WW Wkly Commercial Incident/Accident Rpt.

MaxSez: Provided as Professional Knowledge Gained. Pls add details, photo’s, first person accounts & additions:

Sunday Jun 25th 2017
Incident AirAsia X A333 near Learmonth on Jun 25th 2017, engine shut down in flight after severe vibrations
Saturday Jun 24th 2017
Incident KLM Cityhopper E190 at Amsterdam on Jun 24th 2017, engine vibrations
Incident Delta MD88 near Bristol on Jun 23rd 2017, smell of smoke in cockpit
Incident Delta B764 near Boston on Jun 22nd 2017, problem with minimum/maximum speed indications
Friday Jun 23rd 2017
Incident Delta A333 near Amsterdam on Jun 23rd 2017, smell of smoke in cabin, runway surface identified as source
Incident China Eastern A321 at Hong Kong on May 24th 2017, runway excursion on landing
Incident Jetblue E190 near Charleston on Jun 23rd 2017, smoke in cockpit
Incident GoAir A320 at Delhi on Jun 21st 2017, bird strike
Incident THY A321 at Bucharest on Jun 22nd 2017, overran runway on landing
Thursday Jun 22nd 2017
Incident KLM B772 and KLM B738 at Amsterdam on Jun 22nd 2017, conflicting takeoff clearances
Incident United B772 near Baker Lake on Jun 20th 2017, lavatory woes
Incident American A333 at Charlotte on Jun 21st 2017, flaps problems
Incident Delta B772 over Pacific on Jun 22nd 2017, burning odour and smoke in cabin
Incident Europa A332 at Madrid on Oct 17th 2014, takeoff despite vehicle on runway
Incident Transat A313 at Montreal on Jun 16th 2017, hydraulic problem
Accident PSA CRJ7 near Montgomery on Jun 21st 2017, smoke in cockpit
Incident PIA AT42 at Karachi on Jun 9th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Wednesday Jun 21st 2017
Incident Swiss BCS3 near Geneva on Jun 20th 2017, generator trouble
Incident Swiss BCS3 near London on Jun 18th 2017, generator trouble
Incident PIA A320 near Karachi on Jun 19th 2017, cracked windshield
Incident Etihad B789 at Zurich on Jun 18th 2017, flaps problem
Incident Delta A332 near Amsterdam on Jun 21st 2017, hydraulic problem
Incident Canada B773 near Frankfurt on Jun 15th 2017, smell of smoke in cabin
Incident UTAir AT72 at Surgut and Tyumen on Jun 20th 2017, burst tyre on departure
Accident United B738 near Cancun on Jun 20th 2017, turbulence injures 4 occupants
Tuesday Jun 20th 2017
Incident Airbus A3ST at Hamburg on Jun 20th 2017, could not retract gear
Incident KLM Cityhopper E175 near Amsterdam on Jun 20th 2017, engine vibrations
Incident Skywest CRJ7 at Chicago on Jun 10th 2017, uncontained engine failure
Incident SAS A319 at Gdansk on Jun 20th 2017, smoke in cabin
Accident Skyward F50 at Nairobi on Jan 4th 2015, could not extend left main gear as result of bird strike
Monday Jun 19th 2017
Incident Cathay Pacific B744 at Hong Kong on Jun 19th 2017, gear problem after departure
Incident British Airways B772 at Kuwait on Jun 16th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident Atlasjet B738 at Istanbul on Jun 18th 2017, lightning strike
Incident Southwest B737 at Dallas on Jun 16th 2017, bird strike
Incident France A343 at Bogota on Mar 11th 2017, abnormally long takeoff run
Sunday Jun 18th 2017
Incident GOL B738 at Cuiaba on Jun 16th 2017, bird strike
Accident China Eastern A332 near Tyumen on Jun 18th 2017, severe turbulence causes loss of 4000 feet and injures 26
Saturday Jun 17th 2017
Incident Astana E190 at Astana on Jun 16th 2017, air conditioning failure
Incident American B738 near Phoenix on Jun 16th 2017, pack failure
Incident Envoy E175 near Kansas City on Jun 17th 2017, loss of cabin pressure, door damage suspected
Incident United B772 at Chicago on Jun 16th 2017, engine problem
Friday Jun 16th 2017
Incident Canada Rouge A319 near Toronto on May 25th 2017, limited flight controls
Incident Lufthansa A319 near Hamburg on Jun 16th 2017, smell of smoke in cockpit and cabin
Incident United B752 near Raleigh/Durham on Jun 15th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident Cathay Dragon A320 near Hong Kong on Jun 16th 2017, smell of smoke in cockpit
Incident Germania Flug A321 at Pristina on Jun 14th 2017, unruly battery
Accident Avanti AT72 at Zurich on Dec 4th 2014, burst tyre on landing
Incident Delta B744 over Pacific on Jun 7th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Thursday Jun 15th 2017
Incident France A388 at Mexico City on Jun 14th 2017, three tyres deflated on landing


Interested in these 2 - anyone have further info?

@Insertusernamehere… MaxSez: As requested;
United 772, No details, just Lav problem and return to Departure location.

Incident: KLM B772 and KLM B738 at Amsterdam on Jun 22nd 2017, conflicting takeoff clearances
By Simon Hradecky, created Thursday, Jun 22nd 2017 22:55Z, last updated Thursday, Jun 22nd 2017 22:55Z
A KLM Boeing 737-800, registration PH-HSD performing flight KL-1385 from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Kiev (Ukraine), had been cleared for takeoff from runway 18L and was accelerating for takeoff.

A KLM Boeing 777-200, registration PH-BQI performing flight KL-31 from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Toronto,ON (Canada), had been instructed to line up runway 24 and wait by the outgoing tower controller.

A controller change took place.

Another aircraft reported ready for departure from runway 18L and was instructed to line up runway 18L and wait by the incoming tower controller.

Immediately after this instruction the incoming controller cleared KL-31 for takeoff, the crew of KL-1385 immediately reported they were still departing conflicting with KL-31’s jet blast, the controller immediately cancelled takeoff clearance for KL-31 and instructed them to hold position, the aircraft had not yet moved.

KL-31 departed about 2 minutes later, both aircraft reached their destinations without further incidents.


Ooh no. One of my favourite planes

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Thanks max! These topics are always useful :)


Better stuck down than stuck up


So very, very true…[quote=“Rodney_Buckland, post:6, topic:126083, full:true”]
Better stuck down than stuck up

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I just saw a short clip from inside the cabin from this incident. It literally shakes like a washing machine standing on uneven ground.

What can cause such vibrations? Seems really odd.


The Airbus A333 with the flap issue circled over my town for 3 and a half hours burning off fuel before returning to KCLT.


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@schyllberg… MaxAsks:. AirAsia 333 Incident : If available please publish here the video clip you noted in your comment. Thanks

This is where i found it:


MaxSez: Wow! Experience a similar incident years ago. Sheared Bolt on an engine mount pylon on a C-123 (Provider) out of a rough dirt strip in SEA. I had to wash up after recovery!

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Well, that is not good at all…


@mattrich: Classified an Accident. FYI. A real roller coaster, heads up crew, Regards, Max!

Accident: China Eastern A332 near Tyumen on Jun 18th 2017, severe turbulence causes loss of 4000 feet and injures 26

A China Eastern Airbus A330-200, registration B-5926 performing flight MU-774 (Jun 17th) from Paris Charles de Gaulle (France) to Kunming (China), was enroute at FL390 about 260nm northeast of Tyumen (Russia) the aircraft encountered severe turbulence including two large jolts causing the aircraft to experience multiple rapid descends and climbs (in excess of 5000 fpm) reaching a minimum of FL349 as well as injuries to 26 people on board. The aircraft continued to Kunming for a safe landing about 5:45 hours later. Four passengers were taken to hospital with serious injuries (fractures and head injuries), 22 passeners with minor injuries.

Passengers reported that many passengers were not buckled in about 6 hours prior to landing in Kunming when turbulence lasting for about 10 minutes set in and resulted in two very large jolts having everyone not being buckled in hitting the cabin ceiling and being thrown back onto the seats. Between the large jolts there were a number of other lesser jolts.

The airport reported 4 passengers received serious injuries including fractures and head injuries, 22 received minor injuries (mainly bruises), 2 more passengers were examined.

The airline reported without identifying when and where the tubulence took place, that the fasten seat belt signs were illuminated however not everyone complied with the instruction. A number of passengers needed to be taken to hospitals.

Radar data show the aircraft was enroute at FL390 about 260nm northeast of Tyumen at 19:05Z at 470 knots over ground, a minute later the aircraft the aircraft descends through FL376 at 490 knots over ground, slows to 364 knots over ground climbing through FL385 at 4000+ fpm, another minute later at 09:08Z is at FL349 at 475 knots over ground, climbs through FL360 at 5000+fpm a minute later, then stabilizes and climbs back to FL390 at about 480-490 knots over ground and climb rates less than 1000 fpm levelling off at FL390 again about 9 minutes after the aircraft departed FL390.


Thanks for all of that information!

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I remember seeing this on FR24 a few nights ago. Good to finally know what the issue was.

@Nathan. MaxSends FYI:

Incident: Delta B764 near Boston on Jun 22nd 2017, problem with minimum/maximum speed indications

A Delta Airlines Boeing 767-400, registration N834MH performing flight DL-174 from Atlanta,GA (USA) to Milan Malpensa (Italy), was enroute at FL330 about 190nm southwest of Boston,MA, almost over New York City, when the crew descended the aircraft to FL250 and then FL230 due to problems with the maximum and minimum operating speed indications. The crew decided to divert to Boston, advised ATC it would be a normal landing and landed the aircraft safely on Boston’s runway 33L about 45 minutes after leaving FL330.

The aircraft remained on the ground for about 4:40 hours, then continued the journey and reached Milan with a delay of 5 hours.

A passenger reported the captain announced they had faulty minimum/maximum speed indicators. After landing the captain indicated that the thrust reversers had not stowed after landing, maintenance needed to fix the problem.


I didn’t know that AirAsia X has massaging seats, now I know who I should fly with to a destination in Asia.

On serious tone, the vibration look really bad. Maybe a component in the engine is out of alignment causing imbalance.

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Yeah, i found some similar explanations in the topic about just this incident: