MaxAvSafety: WW Wkly Commercial Incident/Accident Rpt 10/22/17

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Saturday Oct 21st 2017
Incident ATA MD83 at Tabriz on Oct 20th 2017, burst two tyres on landing
Incident Malaysia A388 near London on Oct 20th 2017, loo woes
Incident Qantas B744 near Sydney on Oct 21st 2017, autopilot did not work properly
Incident Delta B744 near Kamchatka on Oct 2nd 2015, engine shut down after failure penetrating engine case
Friday Oct 20th 2017
Incident Zagros MD83 at Tehran on Oct 19th 2017, burst tyre on departure
Incident Virgin Australia B738 at Melbourne on Oct 20th 2017, bird and rabbit strike at once
Incident Jet Airways B738 enroute on Oct 20th 2017, smartphone with visual ring signal
Incident Philippines AirAsia A320 at Tacloban on Oct 20th 2017, nose wheel steering failure after landing
Incident Lingus A332 at Dublin on Oct 20th 2017, runway excursion during line up for takeoff
Incident LATAM Brazil B773 at Sao Paulo on Oct 19th 2017, bird strike
Crash Malaysia B772 over Gulf of Thailand on Mar 8th 2014, aircraft missing, data indicate flight MH-370 ended west of Australia, first MH-370 debris identified, search going to continue
Thursday Oct 19th 2017
Incident Finnair A359 over Russia on Oct 19th 2017, technical problem
Incident Delta A332 near Tokyo on Oct 19th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident Austrian DH8D near Vienna on Oct 18th 2017, cabin did not pressurize
Incident Nolinor B732 near Iqaluit on Oct 11th 2017, electric arc and cracked windshield
Accident Sriwijaya B733 at Manokwari on May 31st 2017, overran runway on landing, nose gear collapsed
Incident France A321 at Warsaw on Sep 24th 2017, rejected takeoff on ATC instruction
Wednesday Oct 18th 2017
Incident Flybe DH8D at Dusseldorf and Manchester on Oct 18th 2017, blew tyre on departure
Incident Edelweiss A333 at Zurich on Oct 18th 2017, gear problem after departure
Incident KLM Cityhopper F70 near Amsterdam on Oct 17th 2017, hydraulic leak
Incident TAP A321 at Rome on Oct 17th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident Canada Rouge A319 at Toronto on Oct 4th 2017, stand off ADI and lightning
Incident Nolinor B732 at Montreal on Oct 10th 2017, damaged tyre on departure
Accident Vietnam A321 at Da Nang on Jul 12th 2017, temporary runway excursion, aircraft ain’t no lawnmower
Tuesday Oct 17th 2017
Incident Primera B738 at Alicante on Oct 17th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident Eurowings A320 at Leipzig on Oct 17th 2017, rejected takeoff due to bird strike
Incident SAS B738 near Stockholm on Oct 17th 2017, smell of smoke in cockpit, atmospheric conditions suspected, many flights again affected
Incident Malaysia A388 at Kuala Lumpur on Oct 15th 2017, dropped nose wheel after landing
Monday Oct 16th 2017
Incident Mount Cook AT72 near Dunedin on Oct 14th 2017, lightning strike
Incident Zagros MD82 at Mashad on Oct 14th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident THY A333 near Tehran on Oct 16th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident Flybe E195 near Dublin on Oct 16th 2017, smell of smoke in cockpit due to atmospheric conditions, a number of flights affected
Incident Thomas Cook A321 near Munich on Oct 15th 2017, fuel pump problem
Incident Provincial DH8C at St. John’s on Oct 6th 2017, rejected takeoff due to uncommanded propeller feather
Incident Delta B738 at Salt Lake City on Oct 14th 2017, bird strike
Accident Korean B744 at Jeju on Jan 25th 2016, dropped parts of engine cowl on touchdown
Incident Indonesia AirAsia A320 near Perth on Oct 15th 2017, loss of cabin pressure
Sunday Oct 15th 2017
Incident Aeromexico B738 near Hermosillo on Oct 9th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident UTAir B738 near Moscow on Oct 15th 2017, smoke in cockpit
Incident Easyjet A319 near Hanover on Oct 15th 2017, smoke in cockpit
Incident Tassili DH8B near Oran on Oct 14th 2017, loss of communication sparks hijack alert
Accident Valan AN26 at Abidjan on Oct 14th 2017, came to stop in the sea
Accident Ural A321 at St. Petersburg on Sep 28th 2017, mother and infant fell through stairs
Accident Easyjet A319 near Paris on Oct 4th 2017, fumes on board, first officer incapacitated, flight attendant and passengers affected
Saturday Oct 14th 2017
Incident American B738 at Managua on Oct 11th 2017, bird strike
Incident Delta MD88 near Huntsville on Oct 9th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident Lufthansa Cityline E190 near London on Oct 10th 2017, hydraulic failure
Incident Etihad B773 near Adelaide on Oct 14th 2017, cargo smoke indication
Incident Oman B738 near Goa on Oct 14th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Accident Cebu Pacific A320 at Iloilo on Oct 13th 2017, runway excursion
Friday Oct 13th 2017
Incident Lingus A320 near Cardiff on Oct 12th 2017, fumes in cockpitf
(Source: AvHerald)


It’s weird how I associate these reports with Sundays. So interesting.


For once, no united airlines aircraft issues.
Nice report as always :)


Well this should be interesting.

Anyway thanks Max for keeping us involved about aviation occurrences around the world.

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Lol… what went on here? Sounds highly unusual.

Expected with these aging aircraft unfortunately :(

Very scary indeed! Thanks for this report 👍

Double the luck 😂 Wonder how that went down


Love these every Sunday. Thanks Max!


Wait how dose a rabbit strike a plane 😂😂


Yeah that’s what I’m puzzled about


It was a mutant flying rabbit


It was eagle carrying rabbit. Lol you guys and your imagination.

Here is your bonus:


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