MaxAvSafety: WW Wkly Commercial Aviation Accident/Incident Rpt

Saturday May 13th 2017
Incident Brussels A319 near Brussels on May 13th 2017, bird strike
Incident Brussels A333 near Menorca on May 13th 2017, hydraulic failure
Incident KLM B773 near Shanghai on May 12th 2017, engine damage
Incident Etihad A319 at Jaipur on May 10th 2017, engine problem
Incident Eurowings A319 near Hamburg on May 12th 2017, cracked windshield
Incident Allegiant MD83 at Las Vegas on Aug 17th 2015, rejected takeoff due to premature rotation
Friday May 12th 2017
Incident United B772 at San Francisco on May 11th 2017, rejected takeoff due to disagreeing airspeeds
Incident Southwest B733 near Atlanta on May 12th 2017, engine problems
Incident Nelson DH8C at Hamilton on May 12th 2017, unsafe gear
Incident ANA B789 near Bratsk on May 12th 2017, engine oil problem
Incident Jet Airways B739 at Mumbai on May 12th 2017, suspected tail scrape on departure
Incident American A319 near Toronto on May 3rd 2017, burning odour on board
Incident Emirates A388 near Dubai and Toronto on Apr 17th 2017, burst tyre on climb out
Incident Brussels A332 at Brussels on Apr 30th 2017, dropped fairing on departure
Incident India A321 at Pune on May 12th 2017, overran runway on landing
Thursday May 11th 2017
Incident THY A332 near Amsterdam on May 11th 2017, hydraulic failure
Incident Hawaiian A332 at Honolulu on May 10th 2017, problems with gear retraction
Incident LOT B788 near Sudbury on May 10th 2017, engine oil leak
Incident Mount Cook AT72 near Christchurch on May 11th 2017, engineering issue
Accident Canada Rouge B763 near Timmins on May 1st 2017, turbulence injures cabin crew
Incident Sunwing B738 at Charlottetown on May 3rd 2017, smoke from right gear during roll out
Incident Nordwind A321 near Heraklion on May 3rd 2017, cabin did not pressurize
Report Greenland DH8B at Kangerlussuaq on Mar 2nd 2017, took off occupied runway without clearance
Accident Omni B763 at Azraq on Feb 28th 2017, tail strike on landing
Wednesday May 10th 2017
Incident Delta A320 at Detroit on May 10th 2017, unsafe gear
Accident Batik B738 at Pekanbaru on May 9th 2017, cabin did not pressurize
Incident Azul AT72 near Uberlandia on May 9th 2017, smoke in cabin
Incident Berlin A332 at Dusseldorf on May 10th 2017, odour on board
Tuesday May 9th 2017
Incident Allegiant MD82 at Orlando on Apr 22nd 2017, vibrations due to elevator problem
Incident Gol B738 at Recife on May 8th 2017, smell of smoke
Incident Blue B734 at Bucharest on May 9th 2017, bird strike
Accident American B738 near Dallas on May 8th 2017, loss of cabin pressure causes 16 injuries
Incident Garuda B738 at Yogyakarta on Feb 1st 2017, runway excursion on landing
Monday May 8th 2017
Incident PSA CRJ2 near Knoxville on May 8th 2017, door indication
Incident Cathay Dragon A320 over Laos on May 7th 2017, hydraulic failure
Incident Emirates B773 at Kolkata on May 8th 2017, bird strike
Incident Japan Transocean B734 near Okinawa on May 6th 2017, cracked windshield
Incident Jazz DH8D near Calgary on Mar 17th 2017, generator failure
Sunday May 7th 2017
Incident ANZ A320 near Auckland on May 7th 2017, problems with air conditioning
Accident Aeroflot B773 near Bangkok on May 1st 2017, turbulence injures 25
Crash Cargo Carriers SH33 at Charleston on May 5th 2017, wing tip strike on landing
Saturday May 6th 2017
Incident Jet Airways B738 at Delhi on Apr 21st 2017, unstable approach leads to loss of separation
Accident Azul E195 at Sao Paulo on May 4th 2017, bird strike
Friday May 5th 2017
Incident Fedex A306 near Calgary on Apr 29th 2017, hydraulic leak
Accident TAAG B737 at Soyo on Apr 30th 2017, nose gear collapse on landing
Accident Virgin Australia AT72 near Sydney on Feb 20th 2014, control disagreement causing excessive G-forces injures cabin crew and pitch controls disconnect
Accident AirAsia X A333 enroute on May 5th 2017, turbulence injures 5
Incident LATAM Brasil A320 at Sao Paulo on Apr 29th 2017, engine failure
Thursday May 4th 2017
Incident Lufthansa A333 near Dublin on May 3rd 2017, fuel leak
Incident Wisconsin CRJ2 near State College on May 3rd 2017, rudder malfunction
(Source: AvHerald)


Well, that is certainly an interesting story right there…


Luckily it wasn’t another crash of the century all over again.


MaxSez: Here’s the full “Interesting” story;

An Air Greenland de Havilland Dash 8-200, registration OY-GRO performing flight GL-235 from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut (Greenland) with 26 passengers and 3 crew, had been instructed: “line up runway 27 via taxiway A” and acknowledged correctly. In the meantime tower began to instruct vehicles operating on the runway to vacate the runway including three snow ploughs. The crew lined up and commenced takeoff without clearance and rotated about 900 meters/2950 feet ahead of the closest snow plough and overflew the snow plough at about 300 feet. The aircraft continued to Sisimiut without further incident.

Denmark’s Havarikommissionen HCL released their bulletin as final report into the serious incident concluding the probable causes were: The AIB finds it possible that the flight crew of OY-GRO eagerly tried to catch up on time in order not to exceed the maximum daily duty period of 10:30 hours (seven sectors), which might mentally have provoked the flight crew to act from their expectations rather than the factual reality (over-motivation).


Why do all the Aussie Airlines have problems like this??


@Aussie_Wombat… MaxSez: The answer to your questions is: Aussey Pilots LOL. Here’s the 2d Interim Rpt for your reading pleasure Wombat;

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) released its second interim report into an incident involving a Virgin Australia Regional Airlines ATR 72 aircraft near Sydney on 20 February 2014.

During a flight from Canberra to Sydney, the aircraft sustained a ‘pitch disconnect’ while descending into Sydney. The pitch disconnect occurred when the two flight crew attempted to slow the aircraft down and inadvertently applied opposing control inputs (one pilot pushed the control at the same time the other pilot pulled), and resulted in significant damage to the aircraft’s tail structure.

On 15 June 2016 the ATSB released an interim investigation report that contained the following safety issue:
– Inadvertent application of opposing pitch control inputs by flight crew can activate the pitch uncoupling mechanism which, in certain high-energy situations, can result in catastrophic damage to the aircraft structure before crews are able to react.

While this issue focussed on the potential for catastrophic damage during inadvertent activation of the pitch uncoupling mechanism (PUM) from opposing dual control inputs, additional investigation identified that the inherent behaviour of the elevator control system design could potentially result in an ultimate load exceedance from the deliberate activation of the PUM to overcome a jam. Based on the results of this additional investigation, the ATSB made the following finding on May 5, 2017:
– The aircraft manufacturer did not account for the transient elevator deflections that occur as a result of the system flexibility and control column input during a pitch disconnect event at all speeds within the flight envelope. As such, there is no assurance that the aircraft has sufficient strength to withstand the loads resulting from a pitch disconnect.
Bottom Line: Pilot Error!


Ok - I have to admit - that was kinda pilot error…


Sounds like QF72 to me a bit


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