MaxAvSafety: WW Commercial Accident/Incident Rpt

MaxSez: Published a day early. "Expecting a visit from IRMA tonight & tomorrow. All Secure, fingers crossed. This data is provided as Professional Knowledge Gained. Pls comment, add insight, first person narratives, related photo, videos.

Saturday Sep 9th 2017
Accident Bhutan A319 at Kolkata on Sep 9th 2017, smoke from APU prompts evacuation
Friday Sep 8th 2017
Incident Southwest B737 at Los Angeles on Sep 8th 2017, runway incursion forced rejected takeoff
Incident American B772 near Shannon on Sep 9th 2017, possible fuel leak
Incident Swiss A320 at Amsterdam on Sep 7th 2017, nose gear steering problem
Incident Wizz A320 at Liverpool on Sep 7th 2017, smartphone with withdrawal symptoms
Incident Horizon DH8D at Portland on Sep 7th 2017, bird strike during landing roll out
Incident Latam Argentina A320 at Buenos Aires and Rio Hondo on Aug 29th 2017, hail strike
Incident Delta B712 at Chicago on Sep 7th 2017, bird strike
Thursday Sep 7th 2017
Incident Jazz CRJ2 near Moncton on Sep 4th 2017, climbed above cleared level causing loss of separation
Incident Horizon DH8D near Medford on Sep 5th 2017, smoke screen at destination
Incident JAL B773 at Tokyo on Sep 5th 2017, engine shut down in flight following uncontained failure
Incident PAL A320 at Kalibo on Jan 10th 2017, touched down with left main gear off runway
Accident Cebu AT72 at Cebu on Sep 26th 2016, rejected takeoff due to engine oil fluctuation, wheel fire on taxi and evacuation
Incident Cebu Pacific A333 at Cebu City on Aug 4th 2017, runway excursion during backtrack
Incident UTAir AT72 at Tomsk on Aug 28th 2017, runway excursion on landing
Incident Wizz A320 at Cluj on Aug 29th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Wednesday Sep 6th 2017
Incident China Eastern B773 near Anchorage on Sep 3rd 2017, engine oil problems
Incident Singapore B773 at Sydney on Sep 2nd 2017, cargo door not secured
Incident Jazz DH8D near Calgary on Sep 3rd 2017, hydraulic problems
Incident Delta B752 at Las Vegas on Sep 6th 2017, engine fire
Incident British Airways B772 at London on Sep 6th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident Nextjet SF34 at Stockholm on Sep 5th 2017, gear problem
Tuesday Sep 5th 2017
Accident China Eastern B738 at Wenzhou on Sep 4th 2017, tail strike on landing
Incident American B752 at Miami on Sep 4th 2017, potential airspeed malfunction
Incident Transavia B738 at Malaga and Amsterdam on Sep 4th 2017, suspected tyre burst
Incident Vietjet A320 near Karachi on Sep 5th 2017, instrument problem
Incident PIA A320 at Lahore on Sep 5th 2017, hydraulic failure
Incident American B763 near Norfolk on Sep 4th 2017, electrical odour on board
Accident Lion B739 and Wings AT72 at Medan on Aug 3rd 2017, collision on runway
Incident VARA AT72 at Brisbane on Apr 2nd 2017, incorrect landing configuration results in EGPWS warning
Incident Eastern Australia DH8C at Adelaide on Jun 23rd 2017, smoke in cockpit
Monday Sep 4th 2017
Incident Easyjet A319 at Split on Sep 3rd 2017, problems with cabin pressure
Incident Singapore A388 near Timisoara on Sep 2nd 2017, crew oxygen indication problem
Incident Luxair DH8D at Luxembourg on Sep 2nd 2017, flaps problem
Incident Iran Airtour MD82 at Tehran on Aug 30th 2017, gear problem after landing
Incident Lufthansa A321 near Munich on Sep 2nd 2017, burning odour from aft lavatory
Incident Easyjet A320 at Ibiza on Sep 3rd 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident British Airways B744 at Chicago on Sep 3rd 2017, engine failure
Incident Hong Kong A333 near Sapporo on Sep 4th 2017, loss of cabin pressure
Incident Wind Rose E145 at Zaporozhye on Sep 1st 2017, runway excursion on landing
Incident Jetstar A320 at Melbourne on May 11th 2016, tail strike on takeoff
Sunday Sep 3rd 2017
Incident Cityjet CRJ9 near Billund on Aug 30th 2017, cabin did not pressurize
Saturday Sep 2nd 2017
Incident American B738 near Miami on Sep 1st 2017, lightning strike
Accident Coco South Sudan AN26 at Maban on Aug 28th 2017, runway excursion on landing, aircraft burned down
Friday Sep 1st 2017
Incident Lingus A333 at Dublin on Aug 31st 2017, hydraulic failure
Incident Eastar B738 at Sapporo on Sep 1st 2017, gear well fire indication
Incident Cathay Dragon A320 near Mandalay on Aug 31st 2017, hydraulic problem
Thursday Aug 31st 2017
Incident Uzbekistan B763 at Istanbul on Aug 31st 2017, tyre damage punctures wing
Incident THY A321 at Trabzon on Aug 29th 2017, bird strike
Incident Jetblue A321 near Punta Cana on Aug 30th 2017, cabin did not pressurize


  1. Incident: Wizz A320 at Liverpool on Sep 7th 2017, smartphone with withdrawal symptoms
    By Simon Hradecky, created Friday, Sep 8th 2017 19:39Z, last updated Friday, Sep 8th 2017 19:39Z
    A Wizzair Airbus A320-200, registration HA-LYN performing flight W6-1011 from Katowice (Poland) to Liverpool,EN (UK), was on final approach to Liverpool’s runway 27 when the crew reported a smartphone in the cabin had begun smoking. Emergency services responded, while cabin crew took care of the phone, secured it and moved it into the back of the cabin and the flight crew landed the aircraft safely and taxied the aircraft to the gate. Passengers disembarked normally at the stand.
    The airport reported their emergency services were alerted to a phone emitting smoke in the cabin, the phone had been moved to the back of the cabin by the time of landing already. Emergency services did not need to intervene and were on standby as a precaution.
    The airline reported a passenger’s phone began to emit smoke, the crew followed standard operating procedures to ensure safe operation of the flight and alerted fire fighters. There were no injuries and no damage to the aircraft.
    The aircraft departed for the return flight on schedule.

  2. Incident: Jazz CRJ2 near Moncton on Sep 4th 2017, climbed above cleared level causing loss of separation
    By Simon Hradecky, created Thursday, Sep 7th 2017 19:44Z, last updated Thursday, Sep 7th 2017 20:35Z
    A Jazz Canadair CRJ-200, registration C-FZJA performing flight QK-8903 from Moncton,NB to Montreal,QC (Canada), was cleared to climb to FL320 out of Moncton, however, climbed through FL320 about 125nm west of Moncton creating a loss of separation with a military aircraft. ATC turned the military aircraft, which was flying about 1nm west of the CRJ, by 20 degrees and queried the CRJ crew, who confirmed to have been cleared to FL320 and descended their aircraft from FL328 to FL320. Both aircraft continued to their destinations for safe landings.

  1. Accident: Lion B739 and Wings AT72 at Medan on Aug 3rd 2017, collision on runway
    By Simon Hradecky, created Thursday, Aug 10th 2017 15:09Z, last updated Tuesday, Sep 5th 2017 15:46Z
    A Lion Air Boeing 737-900, registration PK-LJZ performing flight JT-197 from Banda Aceh to Medan Kuala Namu (Indonesia) with 144 people on board, landed on Kuala Namu International Airport’s runway 23 at about 10:55L (03:55Z).
    A Wings Air Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-212A, registration PK-WFF performing flight IW-1252 from Medan Kuala Namu to Meulaboh (Indonesia) with 66 people on board, was lining up for departure from Kuala Namu’s runway 23 from taxiway D at about 10:55L (03:55Z).
    On Aug 3rd 2017 the airport as well as Lion Air had reported, that the collision had occurred on a taxiway well off the runway (rendering the occurrence a ground incident outside the coverage of The Aviation Herald). The airport further reported it had been a normal landing, the airport was not affected, there had been no closure with normal operation continuing.
    However, on Aug 10th 2017 Indonesia’s NTSC reported the Boeing 737-900 during the landing roll on runway 23 collided with the ATR-72 lining up runway 23 from taxiway D resulting in substantial damage. The NTSC rated the occurrence an accident and opened an investigation.
    On Sep 5th 2017 the NTSC released their preliminary report reporting IW-1252 reported ready for departure from runway 23 intersection taxiway D.
    The Lion Boeing received landing clearance on runway 23.
    About one minute later IW-1252 was instructed to hold short of runway 23 at taxiway D, about another minute later the crew reported holding short of runway 23. Tower queried whether they were able to an immediate departure, repeated the query after receiving no reply and the crew confirmed they were able for an immediate departure.
    Tower thus instructed IW-1252: "IW1252 behind traffic Lion on short final landed passing line up behind runway 23 from intersection D additional clearance after departure direct Meulaboh."
    The crew read back: “departure direct to Meulaboh IW1252”, tower acknowledged: “Namu Tower”. IW-1252 continued to line up runway 23.
    About 35 seconds after that last transmission JT-197 touched down and a few seconds later collided with the ATR. JT-197 reported there was another aircraft on the runway.
    The NTSC reported there were no injuries, however, both aircraft sustained substantial damage.
    The tower supervisor took over communication and instructed the next arrival to go around. JT-197 was instructed to vacate the runway via taxiway G. The controller subsequently cleared IW-1252 for takeoff, the crew declined “negative”. The crew subsequently requested to return to the apron.
    About 8 minutes after the collision JT-197 advised tower of the possibility of debris on the runway. The crew of another aircraft waiting for departure reported seeing debris on the runway. Tower issued a landing clearance to the aircraft that had gone around earlier. JT-197 advised again there was possibly debris on the runway, tower responded that maintenance had been informed. The aircraft on final landed and after landing reported foreign objects on the runway.
    Only then the runway was closed for about 25 minutes until the debris had been cleared off the runway.
    The NTSC reported the ATR was still on ground frequency when the landing clearance to JT-197 was issued. The NTSC reported further that the conditional taxi clearance to line up behind the landing traffic was issued without verifying the crew was able to see the landing traffic.
    The NTSC released one immediate safety recommendation to AirNav Indonesia (ATC Service Provider) and another one to Wings Abadi. In addition, AirNav Indonesia and Wings Abadi already took safety action.



Close call most definetly

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MaxSez: Just another “Pilot Error”… 8 feet! Gotta scan dem itraments…

I love these weekly accident reports!


You missed royal Jordanian 787 111 from amman to london returned to amman after technical issues

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I don’t get the point of this topic

To share with us interesting incidents and mishaps. Always something to look forward to every week. It is also relevant to #real-world-aviation , so I don’t see the issue.


This incident do attract my attention 😂. Pilot error as always


@Ishan_S. MaxSez: Hello Mr. Sharma, over time as you become more familiar with the thrust of the Infinite Flight simulator and aviation in general, airline accident and incident trends will find a place in your professional knowledge base. If you intend to join this aviation enthusiast club or fly professionally or as a sports pilot this trend report will become important to you, mark my words.
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