MaxAvSafety: WW Commercial AC Accident/Incident Rpt.

MaxSez: Provided as Professional Knowledge Gained. Pl add Additions,Corrections, FollowUps, Relative Flicks, Related First Person Accts etc:

Saturday Jul 29th 2017
Incident Virgin Atlantic B789 over Greenland on Jul 29th 2017, engine problem
Incident THY A321 at Istanbul on Jul 29th 2017, rejected takeoff due to engine failure
Accident Cavok AN74 at Sao Tome on Jul 29th 2017, rejected takeoff due to flock of birds results in runway overrun
Incident Vueling A320 and Blue Panorama B763 near Barcelona on Jul 24th 2016, near collision
Incident Algerie AT72 at Algiers and Setif on Jul 26th 2017, flight crew permits child to control aircraft
Incident Sun Express Deutschland B738 near Belgrade on Jul 26th 2017, smoke in cabin
Friday Jul 28th 2017
Incident Jet Airways B738 at Jodhpur on Jul 28th 2017, bird strike
Incident B733 near Frankfurt on Jul 28th 2017, loss of cabin pressure
Incident Lufthansa Cityline E190 at Jul 28th 2017, bird strike
Incident Pegasus B738 near Istanbul on Jul 27th 2017, hail strike
Incident THY A321 near Istanbul on Jul 27th 2017, hail strike
Incident Atlasglobal A320 near Istanbul on Jul 27th 2017, hail strike
Incident Thomas Cook A321 at Palma Mallorca and Menorca on Sep 1st 2015, fuel emergency
Report India A319 at Mumbai on Apr 12th 2013, landed without clearance and despite go-around instruction
Incident Singapore B772 at Canberra on Feb 22nd 2017, descended below minimum safe altitude
Thursday Jul 27th 2017
Incident Skippers DH8C near Meekatharra on Apr 18th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident Virgin Australia AT72 near Williamtown on Feb 22nd 2017, smoke in cockpit
Accident Creebec DH8A near Val d’Or on Jul 20th 2017, lightning strike
Incident Westjet B738 at Los Angeles on Jul 24th 2017, wake turbulence in initial climb from A321
Incident Jetblue E190 at Saint Croix on Jul 26th 2017, bird strike
Incident Avianca A332 near San Salvador on Jul 17th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident Smartwings A320 at Bourgas on Jul 18th 2017, runway excursion on landing due to hydraulic failure after touchdown
Incident Sun Express Deutschland B738 over Slovakia on Jul 24th 2017, loss of communication
Wednesday Jul 26th 2017
Incident LGW Walter DH8D at Berlin on Jul 26th 2017, gear problem after departure
Accident Alaska B738 near Spokane on Jul 24th 2017, burning odour on board
Incident Tahiti AT72 near Raiatea on Jul 24th 2017, smoke on board
Incident Skyairlines A319 near Antofagasta on Jul 25th 2017, gear problem
Incident Lingus A320 over Celtic Sea on Jul 26th 2017, hydraulic leak
Incident Gojet CRJ7 at Cincinnati on Jul 23rd 2017, bird strike
Incident Canada A319 at New York on Jul 18th 2017, could not retract landing gear
Incident JAL B789 over Gulf of Thailand on Jul 26th 2017, engine trouble
Incident Korean B789 at Toronto on Jul 17th 2017, runway incursion
Tuesday Jul 25th 2017
Accident TuiFly B738 near Stuttgart on Jul 19th 2017, unusual odour injures two cabin crew
Incident India A320 at Kolkata and Nagpur on Jul 22nd 2017, “inexplicable” performance degradation
Incident Sunwing B738 at Belfast on Jul 21st 2017, overran runway on takeoff
Incident Ryanair B738 at Bucharest on Jul 25th 2017, overran runway on landing
Accident United A319 near Jackson Hole on Jul 22nd 2017, battery fire in cabin
Monday Jul 24th 2017
Accident American A319 enroute on Jul 24th 2017, odour sickens 4 passengers
Accident Lufthansa A321 near Munich on Jun 29th 2017, fumes in cabin
Incident Condor B763 near Sondrestrom on Jul 20th 2017, smoke in cabin
Incident Jetblue A320 at Long Beach on Jul 22nd 2017, rejected takeoff due to FMS issue
Accident British Airways B772 enroute on Jul 23rd 2017, fumes in crew rest compartment
Incident Easyjet A319 at Prague on Jul 23rd 2017, unsafe gear
Incident Ethiopian B763 at Delhi on Jul 24th 2017, unsafe gear
Incident Delta B752 near Jacksonville on Jul 22nd 2017, flock of birds
Incident Delta B737 at Tegucigalpa on Jul 23rd 2017, bird strike
Incident Sky Regional E175 near Toronto on Jul 11th 2017, MAU fault
Accident Aeroflot A320 at Moscow on Aug 15th 2016, ground worker loses leg during tow
Incident Austrian A319 near Erfurt on Jul 23rd 2017, loss of cabin pressure
Sunday Jul 23rd 2017
Incident Norwegian B788 near Calgary on Jul 22nd 2017, engine shut down in flight due to oil leak
Incident United B763 at Newark on Jul 23rd 2017, rejected takeoff due to cockpit window issue
Incident Alaska B738 at Los Angeles on Jul 22nd 2017, trim problem
Saturday Jul 22nd 2017
Incident BA Cityflyer E190 near Glasgow on Jul 22nd 2017, cracked windshield


wow, so many accidents in the last couple of days

Max: High Interest Items:

Accident: Aeroflot A320 at Moscow on Aug 15th 2016, ground worker loses leg during tow
An Aeroflot Airbus A320-200, registration VP-BWD, was being towed at Moscow Sheremetyevo (Russia) in rain, when the tow stopped for a brief moment. A ground worker assisting the tow took cover from the rain near the left main gear. When the tow began to move again the left main gear caused serious injuries to the worker.

Russia’s Rosaviatsia (Civil Aviation Authority) reported the tow supervisor neither controlled the movement of the tow nor did he control the position of the workers assisting the tow, nor did any of the towing crew. One of the workers hid from the rain near the left main gear, upon continuation of movement the left main wheels caused so serious injuries to the worker that his right leg needed to be amputated.

Incident: Algerie AT72 at Algiers and Setif on Jul 26th 2017, flight crew permits child to control aircraft
By Simon Hradecky, created Saturday, Jul 29th 2017 01:05Z, last updated Saturday, Jul 29th 2017 01:05Z
An Air Algerie Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-212A, registration 7T-VUT performing flight AH-6212 from Algiers to Setif (Algeria), was preparing for departure from Algiers when the flight crew invited a child, an orphan, into the cockpit, the child took the captain’s seat. The crew videotaped the sequence, including a sequence in flight when the child, seated in the left hand seat, was manipulating the flight controls under supervision of first officer in the right hand seat and the captain on the observer’s seat. The aircraft continued for a safe landing in Setif.

The videotape made it on Algerian’s TV stations.

On Jul 28th 2017 Algeria’s Directorate of Civil Aviation and Meteorology (DACM) confirmed the occurrence and reported the flight crew was grounded.

Air Algerie reported the captain was arrested for permitting a child into the cockpit and permitting the child to control the aircraft in flight.

Report: India A319 at Mumbai on Apr 12th 2013, landed without clearance and despite go-around instruction

An Air India Airbus A319-100, registration VT–SCL performing flight AI-944 from Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) to Mumbai (India) with 81 passengers and 7 crew, was on approach to Mumbai’s runway 27 when after being handed off to tower the crew did not report on tower frequency. There were two ground vehicles on the runway performing a runway inspection after a previous departure had reported a possible bird strike. one of the vehicle drivers noticed the aircraft on final approach and instructed the other vehicle driver to vacate the runway, both cars sped off the runway. Tower instructed the aircraft to go around, the aircraft however continued the approach and landed, after both cars had vacated the runway, safely on runway 27.

India’s DGCA released their final report into the serious incident concluding the probable causes were:

  • After being handed over to tower, the flight crew did not communicate with the ATC on any of the frequencies and continued to land whereas it was instructed to go around by the tower due ongoing runway inspection.

  • Fatigue on the part of flight crew contributed to the error.

. Reported early this week as Wheels Dwn/LowFuel Emergency:
Incident: India A320 at Kolkata and Nagpur on Jul 22nd 2017, “inexplicable” performance degradation

An Air India Airbus A320-200, registration VT-EXE performing flight AI-676 from Kolkata to Mumbai (India), was climbing out of Kolkata, however achieved an unuusally poor climb rate, was not able to accelerate to normal cruise speeds and levelled off at FL200 after a continous climb for about 30 minutes. The aircraft subsequently attempted to continue the climb but could not climb above FL240. The crew continued the flight at FL240 and about 310knots over ground for another about 45 minutes then needed to divert to Nagpur (India) due to running low on fuel. While on final approach to Nagpur, when the crew was about to lower the gear, the crew discovered the landing gear had remained extended all the flight. The aircraft landed safely in Nagpur, about 530nm west of Kolkata, about 2.5 hours after departure from Kolkata.

The aircraft remained on the ground in Nagpur for about 2 hours, then departed again, achieved normal climb performance, climbed to cruise level FL360 and landed safely in Mumbai with a delay of 3:45 hours.

On Jul 25th 2017 the airline reported both pilots were de-rostered due to not retracting the landing gear after departure from Kolkata and continuing to fly without detecting that the landing gear was still extended despite the unusually poor performance. The occurrence is being investigated by the airline.


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By the way, where do you get this information? I’m just curious

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@SouthwestFan MaxSez: Source will be cited at the conclusion of all photos and extract found appended to all Forum Topics & Comments.
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Max, any details on a flight that happened approximately 9 hours ago? Norwegian took off at KPVD enroute to Dublin, then made a U turn, descended to 10000 and returned to PVD.

@Ksisky. MazSez: Routine occurrence. Normally classified an incident.
This type report normally delayed.


This sounds like TS1. I’m always surprised at the amount of accidents/incidents that can happen in a week! Keep up the good work Max.


Oh god! That is so horrible


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