MaxAvSafety: Wkly WW Incident/Accidant Rpt

Saturday Apr 15th 2017
Incident United A320 at Chicago on Apr 14th 2017, flaps problem
Accident Thomas Cook A320 near Faro on Apr 12th 2017, hot tea spilled over girl
Incident Alitalia A320 at Amsterdam on Apr 15th 2017, rejected takeoff due to bird strike
Incident Luxair DH8D at Barcelona and Luxembourg on Apr 15th 2017, burst tyre on departure
Incident Thomas Cook A332 at Manchester on Apr 15th 2017, suspected fuel leak
Incident Thomson B752 at Bristol on Apr 15th 2017, flaps problem
Friday Apr 14th 2017
Incident American A321 at Denver on Apr 12th 2017, rejected takeoff due to unlocked thrust reverser
Incident British Airways A321 at Amsterdam on Apr 14th 2017, nose gear steering problem
Incident Tuifly B738 at Malmo on Apr 14th 2017, suspected leak or smoke from aircraft
Incident Eastern Airways E145 at Toulouse on Apr 13th 2017, gear problems
Incident Cayman B733 near Grand Cayman on Apr 13th 2017, electrical odour in cabin
Incident Southwest B737 near Grand Cayman on Apr 13th 2017, electrical odour in cabin
Accident Daily DHC6 at Orchid Island on Apr 13th 2017, runway excursion
Thursday Apr 13th 2017
Incident Niki A321 over France on Apr 10th 2017, loss of communication
Incident American B772 near Miami on Apr 12th 2017, engine problem
Incident Southwest B737 near Oakland on Apr 11th 2017, blown tyre
Incident Easyjet A320 near Brest on Jul 27th 2016, jammed trimmable horizontal stabilizer
Incident Easyjet A319 at Isle of Man on Mar 31st 2017, smoke in cockpit
Incident Interjet A320 near Leon on Mar 22nd 2017, cabin pressure problem
Incident VARA AT72 at Brisbane on Apr 2nd 2017, incorrect landing configuration results in EGPWS warning
Incident Mount Cook AT72 at Nelson on Apr 9th 2017, unsafe gear
Incident REX SF34 near Sydney on Mar 17th 2017, propeller detached in flight
Wednesday Apr 12th 2017
Incident Vincent JS32 at Auckland on Nov 2nd 2013, runway excursion on rejected takeoff
Incident Jet Airways B738 at Varanasi on Apr 11th 2017, bird strike
Incident United B752 near Austin on Apr 11th 2017, fumes in cockpit
Incident Westjet B763 over Pacific on Apr 9th 2017, shattered windshield
Incident Canada Rouge A319 at Toronto on Apr 3rd 2017, pilot incapacitated
Incident Rossiya B738 at Moscow on Jan 24th 2017, cabin did not pressurize
Incident American B772 near Santiago de Compostela on Apr 12th 2017, smoke in cabin
Accident British Airways B772 at Las Vegas on Sep 8th 2015, rejected takeoff due to engine fire, engine failure uncontained
Accident Qantas B744 near Hong Kong on Apr 7th 2017, stick shaker activation in holding pattern injures 15 passengers
Tuesday Apr 11th 2017
Incident Alaska B739 near Portland on Apr 10th 2017, cabin pressure problems
Incident Europa A332 at Madrid on Apr 11th 2017, brakes problem on takeoff
Accident North Star DC3 at Pickle Lake on Mar 17th 2017, could not climb after takeoff
Incident Delta B712 near Chattanooga on Apr 11th 2017, gear problem
Incident Suramericanas B722 at Bogota on Apr 10th 2017, rejected takeoff results in runway overrun
Monday Apr 10th 2017
Incident ASL France B734 at Marseille on Apr 10th 2017, smoke in cockpit
Incident Alitalia B772 at Rome on Apr 10th 2017, hydraulic leak
Incident Lufthansa B744 at Tehran on Apr 8th 2017, flock of birds
Incident Lufthansa A320 at Manchester on Apr 10th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident Canada B763 near Vancouver on Apr 1st 2017, engine problem
Incident Fedex A306 at Milwaukee on Apr 8th 2017, bird strike
Incident Envoy CRJ7 at Nashville on Apr 9th 2017, hole in flaps
Incident American B738 at Washington on Apr 8th 2017, bird strike
Incident Skywest E175 near Modesto on Apr 9th 2017, cargo smoke indication
Accident Malaysia B738 at Sibu on Apr 8th 2017, runway excursion, nose gear collapse
Incident Easyjet A319 enroute on Mar 8th 2017, fumes on board
Accident Batik B738 and Transnusa AT42 at Jakarta on Apr 4th 2016, collision on runway, both aircraft on fire, takeoff clearance with towed aircraft on runway
Sunday Apr 9th 2017
Incident Indigo A320 at Raipur on Apr 9th 2017, bird strike
Accident Mango B738 at Cape Town on Apr 9th 2017, bird strike
Incident Azur B752 near Utapao on Apr 5th 2017, engine sensor problem
Saturday Apr 8th 2017
Incident Malindo B738 at Kuala Lumpur on Feb 25th 2017, engine shut down in flight
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I love having these reports.
It’s great you’re back

Why did I read this as “Tea spilled over hot girl”?


2 years ago… lol…?


Awesome, I miss seeing these every week

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You weren’t the only. lol I had to double read it to make sure I hadn’t misread…turns out I had and we weren’t talking about hot girls lol.


TypeO. Letter to Editor follows, LOL. Max

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I heard it was a wet t shirt contest

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