MaxAvSafety: WKLY WW Commercial Incident/Accidant Rpt 1/14/18

MaxSez: Presented Wkly as Pro Knowledge Gained. Pls add unreported items, related pic/video’s and first person observations on items listed;

Sunday Jan 14th 2018
Accident Pegasus B738 at Trabzon on Jan 13th 2018, runway excursion
Saturday Jan 13th 2018
Incident Lufthansa CRJ9 at Munich on Jan 13th 2018, rejected takeoff due to blown tyre
Incident Norra AT72 at Riga on Jan 12th 2018, engine problem
Incident Southwest B733 at St. Louis on Dec 23rd 2013, bird strike causes uncontained engine failure
Incident Virgin Atlantic A346 at New York on Jan 12th 2018, engine oil leak
Incident Bridge Cargo B744 at Liege on Jan 12th 2018, flaps problem
Friday Jan 12th 2018
Incident Easyjet A319 at Zurich on Jan 10th 2018, suspected to have burst tyre on departure
Incident Jazz DH8C at Calgary on Dec 27th 2017, rejected takeoff due to unresponsive elevator
Incident Porter DH8D at Toronto on Jan 1st 2018, engine shut down in flight
Incident Wind Rose E145 at Zaporozhye on Sep 1st 2017, runway excursion on landing
Incident Edelweiss A343 near Brest on Jan 11th 2018, engine problem
Thursday Jan 11th 2018
Incident Algerie B738 near Marseille on Jan 9th 2018, loss of communication prompts intercept
Incident Kuwait A320 at Lahore on Jan 11th 2018, cabin overpressure
Incident United A320 at Santa Ana on Dec 29th 2017, dropped fuel cap in flight
Incident UTAir B735 at Surgut on Jan 10th 2018, engine auto-shutdown on landing while in reverse
Incident Aeroflot A321 near St. Petersburg on Jan 10th 2018, hydraulic leak
Incident Lufthansa A319 near Krakow on Jan 11th 2018, unusual odour on board
Accident Lufthansa A321 at Dusseldorf on Apr 4th 2016, fumes injure flight attendant
Incident Arabia A320 at Khartoum on Jan 9th 2018, fire in cabin
Incident UPS MD11 at Almaty on Jan 11th 2018, runway excursion on turn off
Incident Easyjet A319 at Munich on Jul 3rd 2017, severe hard landing at 3.01G
Accident British Airways A319 at Verona on Jan 3rd 2018, severe turbulence injures 3
Incident Aeromexico B738 at San Francisco on Jan 9th 2018, lined up for wrong runway on landing
Wednesday Jan 10th 2018
Incident Avianca A320 near Havana on Jan 9th 2018, engine shut down in flight
Incident Jet Airways B738 at Udaipur on Jan 7th 2018, rejected takeoff due to jackal
Incident Severstal CRJ2 at Cherepovets on Jan 3rd 2018, thrust reverser unlocked in flight
Incident Indigo A20N at Mumbai on Jan 9th 2018, engine problem
Accident LOT DH8D at Warsaw on Jan 10th 2018, nose gear did not extend on landing
Incident Binter AT72 at Tenerife on Dec 6th 2017, near collision with private aircraft
Report SA Express DH8D at Cape Town and Bloemfontein on Jul 18th 2014, engine cowling separated
Accident Eurowings A320 near Dusseldorf and London on Jan 5th 2018, fumes on board
Tuesday Jan 9th 2018
Incident Delta A320 at Minneapolis on Jan 8th 2018, engine shut down in flight
Incident Smartwings B738 at Nantes on Jan 6th 2018, flock of birds
Accident Ryanair B738 near Milan on Jan 8th 2018, turbulence injures two
Incident Aeroflot B738 near Moscow on Jan 9th 2018, video system acts as sparkler
Accident Lufthansa A321 at Frankfurt and Barcelona on Nov 29th 2017, fumes on board
Incident Jetblue A320 at Bridgetown on Jan 7th 2018, fire on board
Incident Network F100 at Karratha on Dec 27th 2017, thrust reverser failed to operate on landing
Monday Jan 8th 2018
Incident American B738 at New York on Jan 7th 2018, flaps problem
Incident Europa B738 at Madrid on Jan 6th 2018, smoke in cabin
Incident British Airways A320 at Amsterdam on Jan 8th 2018, gear problem
Incident United B763 at Berlin on Jan 8th 2018, flaps problem
Incident Canada Rouge B763 at Vancouver on Jan 1st 2018, audible thump on departure, unusual odour on climb
Report Niugini DH8B near Port Moresby on Aug 4th 2017, tyre burst at FL200
Incident China Airlines B738 enroute on Dec 7th 2016, smartphone turns into heating device
Sunday Jan 7th 2018
Incident Mesa CRJ9 at Peoria on Jan 6th 2018, electronic problem
Incident India A319 at Mumbai on Jan 7th 2018, hydraulic failure
Incident Easyjet A320 near Lyon on Jan 6th 2018, smoke in cockpit
Incident Jetblue A320 near Boston on Jan 6th 2018, fumes on board
Incident United B738 at Boston on Jan 5th 2018, possible runway incursion
Friday Jan 5th 2018
Incident Transavia B738 at Amsterdam on Jan 5th 2018, burning odour after lightning strikeEND
(Source: AvHerald)


1). Incident: Arabia A320 at Khartoum on Jan 9th 2018, fire in cabin
By Simon Hradecky, created Thursday, Jan 11th 2018 17:37Z, last updated Thursday, Jan 11th 2018 17:37Z
An Air Arabia Jordan Airbus A320-200, registration JY-PTD performing flight G9-666 from Khartoum (Sudan) to Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) with 103 people on board, was climbing through FL110 out of Khartoum when the crew reported a fire in the cabin and decided to return to Khartoum. Cabin crew in the meantime were able to put the fire out. The aircraft landed safely on Khartoum’s runway 18 about 13 minutes after departure.
The occurrence aircraft is still on the ground in Khartoum about 61 hours after landing back.
Follow Up: Another Lithium Battery Incidant) END

  1. Incident: Jetblue A320 at Bridgetown on Jan 7th 2018, fire on board
    By Simon Hradecky, created Tuesday, Jan 9th 2018 16:29Z, last updated Tuesday, Jan 9th 2018 16:33Z
    A Jetblue Airbus A320-200, registration N633JB performing flight B6-25 from Boston,MA (USA) to Bridgetown (Barbados), was descending towards Bridgetown when the crew donned their oxygen masks and declared emergency reporting a fire on board advising they would stop on the runway on landing, the crew subsequently advised they had the situation under control and did not need further assistance, but would still stop on the runway. The aircraft landed safely on Bridgetown’s runway 09 and stopped on the runway. Approach sent other arriving aircraft into holds advising the runway was closed due to an emergency aircraft, that was disabled on the runway. Emergency services checked the aircraft, gave their all clear and the aircraft taxied to the apron about 15 minutes after landing. The passengers disembarked normally. The airport had difficulties to get a runway inspection organized, the runway inspection commenced about 20 minutes after landing, the arrivals in the holds - already close to decide to divert - were vectored for landings at Bridgetown.
    The occurrence aircraft remained on the ground for 26 hours, then returned to service. Emergency services reported a small fire had occurred on board, passengers disembarked safely and normally.
    Follow Up: Lithium Batt Incidant again END

That was a while ago, Max! ;)

@Delta_Alpha_Lima. MaxSez: Nothing unusual in an out of Sequence Rpt. There normally the Final Safety Board Investigation Results which can take years to complete.


Max, I don’t know if this one will count but yesterday this Piper crashed at my friends property in Corona, California. It was a student pilot who stalled it and could not bring the pitch back up. Reg. number is N7085R.

@Delta_Alpha_Lima MaxSez: This is a Commercial summary. Google Aviation Safety Net. G’Day


Well, that’s a new one.

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Never heard this one in a long time since the US Airways and Hudson incident.

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Add On 1/14/18

Ouch, maybe it was ryanair?


The only reasons there are reports like these are because of new first officers. The captain and first officer take turn landing and takeoffs … I actually saw alot of these on MaxMustangs last Incident report.

I think that’s the same as This:


Lol, not sure that’s how you exit a runway 😜


Yeah, I have never hear of that before 😅

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That’s called a ts1 noob messing around with the rudder


Are they just trying to cover up a hard landing? We may never know


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