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Friday Sep 15th 2017
Incident Vueling A320 near Amsterdam on Sep 15th 2017, bleed air fault
Incident Fiji B737 over Pacific on Sep 15th 2017, problems with crew oxygen
Incident Mount Cook AT72 near Hamilton on Sep 15th 2017, hydraulic failure
Incident Cayman B738 at Grand Cayman on Sep 14th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident Ryanair B738 at London on Sep 15th 2017, dropped nose wheel
Accident Virgin Australia B738 near Adelaide on Sep 13th 2017, turbulence injures two cabin crew
Incident Eurowings A319 at Hamburg on Sep 14th 2017, smoke in cockpit
Thursday Sep 14th 2017
Incident Mount Cook AT72 at Palmerston North on Sep 14th 2017, hydraulic problem
Incident Wizz A320 near Keflavik on Sep 13th 2017, electronic cigarette smoking
Incident Transat A332 at Porto on Sep 11th 2017, hydraulic leak
Incident Virgin Atlantic A346 near Halifax on Feb 23rd 2017, cabin pressure problems affect crew
Accident Flybe DH8D at Manchester on Dec 14th 2016, dropped engine cowl
Incident Easyjet A320 near Newcastle on Nov 28th 2016, fumes and smoke in cockpit
Report Easyjet A319 at Bristol on Jun 30th 2016, inadvertent flaps retraction instead of gear
Incident India A320 at Jammu on Jun 9th 2017, overran runway on landing
Incident Avianca Peru A320 near Lima on Aug 27th 2017, loss of cabin pressure
Wednesday Sep 13th 2017
Incident Skywest E175 near Reno on Sep 11th 2017, mechanical indication
Incident British Airways A321 at Amsterdam on Sep 12th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident Canada A320 enroute on Sep 7th 2017, engine compressor stall
Tuesday Sep 12th 2017
Incident TuiFly B738 at Funchal on Sep 12th 2017, bird strike
Incident Korean A388 at Paris on Sep 11th 2017, flaps did not fully retract
Incident Lufthansa A388 enroute on Sep 11th 2017, engine problem
Incident ATA MD83 at Tabriz on Sep 12th 2017, bird strike
Incident Transat B738 at Montreal on Sep 6th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident UTAir AT72 at Tomsk on Aug 28th 2017, runway excursion on landing
Incident Braathens Regional RJ1H at Malmo on Sep 29th 2016, stick shaker and stick pusher activated on departure
Monday Sep 11th 2017
Incident Sun Express Deutschland B738 near Toulouse on Sep 11th 2017, cargo smoke indication
Incident Saudia B772 at Madinah and Karachi on Sep 9th 2017, sauna in flight
Incident Lufthansa Cityline CRJ9 at Munich on Sep 11th 2017, strange smell in cockpit
Incident ANZ A320 at Auckland on Sep 10th 2017, lightning strike
Incident Kabo B744 at Tehran on Sep 11th 2017, temporary runway excursion after landing
Incident Canada E190 near Toronto on May 25th 2016, fire in avionics bay
Incident United B773 at Newark on Sep 9th 2017, bird strike
Sunday Sep 10th 2017
Incident Jet Airways B738 near Delhi on Sep 10th 2017, loss of communication
Incident Saratov A148 at Kirov and Saratov on Sep 10th 2017, engine indication problem
Incident Salam A320 at Sohar and Salalah on Sep 8th 2017, tyre damage on departure
Incident Royal Maroc B738 near Lisbon on Sep 9th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident Sunwing B738 near Amsterdam on Sep 9th 2017, lightning strike
Incident Emirates B773 at Dubai and Newcastle on Sep 10th 2017, burst tyre on departure
Accident Serve AN26 at Goma on Sep 10th 2017, engine failure results in runway excursion
Accident Bhutan A319 at Kolkata on Sep 9th 2017, smoke from APU prompts evacuation
Saturday Sep 9th 2017
Incident Indigo A320 at Raipur on Sep 9th 2017, bird strike
Incident Brussels A319 near Brussels on Sep 9th 2017, first officer incapacitated
Incident Lufthansa B744 at Frankfurt on Sep 8th 2017, could not retract gear
Friday Sep 8th 2017
Incident Southwest B737 at Los Angeles on Sep 8th 2017, runway incursion forced rejected takeoff
Incident American B772 near Shannon on Sep 8th 2017, possible fuel leak
Incident Swiss A320 at Amsterdam on Sep 7th 2017, nose gear steering problem
Incident Wizz A320 at Liverpool on Sep 7th 2017, smartphone with withdrawal symptoms
Incident Horizon DH8D at Portland on Sep 7th 2017, bird strike during landing roll out
Incident Latam Argentina A320 at Buenos Aires and Rio Hondo on Aug 29th 2017, hail strike
Incident Delta B712 at Chicago on Sep 7th 2017, bird strike
Thursday Sep 7th 2017
Incident Jazz CRJ2 near Moncton on Sep 4th 2017, climbed above cleared level causing loss of separation
(Source: AvHerald)


👆 - I love saunas. Best finnish invention.

One pilot is obviously to blame.

Love this, Max.


There seem to be many B738 incidents, but still, the B738 has never had a fatal crash.

That sucks. They just got that plane and it’s already messed up.


It was back in passenger service within 36 hours of the incident. Often times a bird strike will be a short term issue, or is very rare that one will cripple a plane. If every bird strike were to be as serious as Cactus 1549, we would have planes going down left and right. That was just an extreme scenario. In the case of the 77W, it thankfully was not.


(Adding on to Ben’s statement above ^) I live 45 minutes away if that from Newark, so had this been a serious issue, I (being an avgeek) should’ve heard something on it, but if it wasn’t for this post, I wouldn’t have know anything happened.


This topic is quite interesting, Max! Never knew there were any kind of accidents this week…

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