MaxAvSafety: Wkly Incident/Accidant Summary.

Sunday Dec 4th 2016
Accident Skywest E175 at San Antonio on Dec 4th 2016, nose gear collapse on landing
Accident Qatar B773 over Atlantic on Dec 4th 2016, turbulence causes 3 injuries
Saturday Dec 3rd 2016
Incident SAA A346 at New York on Dec 3rd 2016, could not retract flaps
Incident Lufthansa A346 near Shannon on Dec 3rd 2016, odour on board
Incident JetKonnect B738 near Hyderabad on Dec 3rd 2016, hydraulic problem
Friday Dec 2nd 2016
Incident Delta B763 near London on Dec 2nd 2016, smoke in cockpit
Incident Azul E195 near Fortaleza on Dec 2nd 2016, burning odour on board
Incident Easyjet Switzerland A320 near Stuttgart on Dec 2nd 2016, smoke in cockpit
Thursday Dec 1st 2016
Incident China Southern B738 near Lanzhou on Dec 1st 2016, the hottest phone one can get
Incident Azul A332 over Atlantic on Dec 1st 2016, hydraulic failure
Incident American A333 at Charlotte on Dec 1st 2016, engine vibrations
Incident Lingus A320 near Shannon on Dec 1st 2016, small hydraulic indication turns out as hydraulic leak
Incident Saudia A333 near Karachi on Dec 1st 2016, captain incapacitated
Tuesday Nov 29th 2016
Incident Envoy E145 at Sioux City on Nov 29th 2016, could not fully retract flaps
Incident Avianca Brasil A318 near Brasilia on Nov 29th 2016, smoke in cabin
Incident Expressjet CRJ9 at Montreal on Nov 29th 2016, rejected takeoff due to lavatory fan
Incident Thai A333 at Phuket on Nov 29th 2016, rejected takeoff due to engine failure
Incident Singapore A388 near Dubai on Nov 29th 2016, engine problem
Accident China Eastern A332 near Sydney on Nov 29th 2016, turbulence injures 11
Monday Nov 28th 2016
Incident Condor B763 over Atlantic on Nov 28th 2016, electrical problems
Incident Hop E145 at Brussels on Nov 28th 2016, flaps problem
Incident VivaColombia A320 near Medellin on Nov 28th 2016, suspected fuel leak
Incident Delta MD88 at Daytona Beach on Nov 28th 2016, rejected takeoff due to bird strikes
Incident Envoy CRJ7 at Grand Rapids on Nov 28th 2016, cracked cabin window
Incident United B744 at San Francisco on Nov 28th 2016, engine shut down in flight
Crash LAMIA Bolivia RJ85 near Medellin on Nov 28th 2016, electrical problems, no fuel, impact with terrain
Incident THY A321 at Istanbul on Nov 28th 2016, bird strike
Incident Easyjet A320 near Newcastle on Nov 28th 2016, fumes in cabin
Incident Swiss A321 at Zurich on Nov 28th 2016, engine problem
Sunday Nov 27th 2016
Incident Blue Panorama B763 near New York on Nov 27th 2016, engine oil filter problem
Incident Canada A320 near Los Angeles on Nov 27th 2016, displays went blank, electrical problems
Incident American A321 near Albuquerque on Nov 27th 2016, engine shut down in flight
Incident Biman B773 near Ashgabat on Nov 27th 2016, engine fuel pressure problem
Saturday Nov 26th 2016
Incident Eurowings A332 at Phuket on Nov 26th 2016, rejected takeoff due to bird strike
Incident Scoot B789 near Singapore on Nov 26th 2016, engine shut down in flight
Friday Nov 25th 2016
Incident France A332 near Paris on Nov 25th 2016, hydraulic failure
Incident Allegiant A320 at Punta Gorda on Nov 25th 2016, could not retract flaps
Incident Frontier A321 at Orlando on Nov 25th 2016, door issue
Incident United B763 near San Jose on Nov 25th 2016, electrical problems
Incident Pegasus A320 at Istanbul on Nov 25th 2016, bird strike
Thursday Nov 24th 2016
Incident Lufthansa A346 near Florence on Nov 24th 2016, engine shut down in flight
Incident American B752 at Miami on Nov 24th 2016, flaps asymmetry
Incident Southwest B733 at Burbank on Nov 24th 2016, multiple bird strikes
Wednesday Nov 23rd 2016
Incident Delta B712 at Atlanta on Nov 23rd 2016, aft lavatory smoke indication
Incident AirAsia A320 near Penang on Nov 23rd 2016, engine shut down in flight
Incident Azur B763 at Moscow on Nov 23rd 2016, bird strike
Incident India Express B738 near Kochi on Nov 23rd 2016, suspected tail pipe fire
Incident Rusline CRJ1 near Moscow on Nov 23rd 2016, hydraulic failure
Incident Cathay Pacific B773 near Novosibirsk on Nov 23rd 2016, cargo smoke indication.
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Hmm, So much incidents happening in a week!

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Ive missed these.

I need to save them all up and read them before i get on my next flight


I dare you to read them out loud while you’re boarding your next flight. Your fellow passengers will love you for it :-)


There is a time for pushing the boundaries and a time for still contemplating. Recently had an operation and the surgeon said there was a 1:300 chance of dying. I nearly asked him how many of these procedures he had done, but felt prudence was better not to know!

Some people think it’s ghoulish to read accident reports however it is important as a professional to find out what had happened and to ensure the same dosnt happen to you. I work in the maritime world ( oil tanker Captain) and read the MAIB reports in order to find out how the ‘holes in the cheese’ had lined up and how to avoid. I get the Jnr Officers as well Engineering Officers and cadets to read them through and we discuss them at safety meetings so that we are all learning on how to work safely and remain professionals.

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I do something similar with my lot (albeit lives aren’t at stake… unless an end-user has done something really stupid/expensive!) and it’s useful to go through reports objectively and without finger pointing.

A friend of mine may have featured on one those maritime reports a few years ago. Captain and a few officers went ashore for a few beers and got ‘lost’ trying to get back to the boat. They were about twenty miles up the Banff coast in the ship’s tender and were reportedly somewhat ‘tired and emotional’ :-)

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