MaxAvSafety: Wkly Commercial Reported WW Accident/Incident Rpt. 11/12/17

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Saturday Nov 11th 2017
Incident Argentinas B738 at Buenos Aires on Nov 11th 2017, drone strike
Incident Qatar A321 near Goa on Nov 11th 2017, captain falls ill
Accident Aria Air IL62 at Mashhad on Jul 24th 2009, overran the runway
Accident Amaszonas Uruguay CRJ2 at Montevideo on Nov 9th 2017, tyre explosion on the ground causes amputation of both legs of ground worker
Incident Vueling A320 at Tenerife on Nov 10th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Friday Nov 10th 2017
Incident Trans States E145 at Jacksonville on Nov 10th 2017, could not retract landing gear
Report EAT Leipzig B752 near Liege on Nov 3rd 2015, dropped engine access door in flight
Crash Iran Air B722 near Uromiyeh on Jan 9th 2011, impacted terrain during go-around
Accident Flybe DH8D at Belfast on Nov 10th 2017, gear problem, landed without nose gear
Accident ASL B734 at Belfast on Oct 4th 2016, partial main gear failure and burst main tyres on landing
Incident Turuhan AN24 at Tomsk on Nov 10th 2017, runway excursion on backtrack
Incident Swiss A320 at Zurich on Nov 3rd 2017, stuck flaps
Thursday Nov 9th 2017
Incident ANA B763 at Guangzhou on Nov 2nd 2017, low visibility in cabin
Incident Alaska B739 near Las Vegas on Nov 9th 2017, smoke in cabin
Incident PenAir SF34 at Sand Point on Nov 7th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident American B738 near Dallas on Nov 8th 2017, smoke in cabin
Incident Compass E175 at Eugene on Nov 8th 2017, nose gear steering problem
Accident Porter DH8D near Toronto on Oct 21st 2017, training with real result
Crash Sepahan A140 at Tehran on Aug 10th 2014, lost height after takeoff due to engine failure
Accident SA Airlink RJ85 near Johannesburg on Nov 8th 2017, uncontained engine failure takes out two engines
Incident Enter B738 at Salzburg on Oct 29th 2017, hard touchdown and go around
Accident Spicejet DH8D at Delhi on Nov 8th 2017, tail strike on landing
Wednesday Nov 8th 2017
Incident Royal Maroc B763 at Montreal on Oct 3rd 2017, fuel filter clogged
Incident Jetblue A320 at Salt Lake City on Nov 7th 2017, bird strike
Incident Hawaiian A332 at Seattle on Nov 7th 2017, engine fire on roll out
Incident Sky Gates B744 at Maastricht and Liege on Nov 5th 2017, flaps problem
Incident Cargolux B748 at Novosibirsk on Nov 7th 2017, runway excursion during backtrack
Accident Mahan B463 at Kharg on Jun 19th 2016, overran runway on landing
Accident Mahan B743 at Tehran on Oct 15th 2015, uncontained engine failure
Incident KLM B772 at Osaka on Sep 23rd 2017, dropped panel on climb out
Accident Korean B773 at Tokyo on May 27th 2016, rejected takeoff due to engine fire
Incident Delta B752 at New York on Jul 7th 2016, engine fire
Tuesday Nov 7th 2017
Incident Volotea B712 at Genoa on Nov 5th 2017, rejected takeoff due to bird strike
Accident Eurowings A319 at Hamburg on Nov 7th 2017, odour in cockpit and cabin
Accident Perimeter SW4 at Thompson on Nov 2nd 2017, engine problem, runway excursion
Incident Enter B734 near Girona on Sep 28th 2016, near collision with light aircraft due to lightning
Incident Taftan MD82 at Mashad on Oct 7th 2017, engine problem
Incident Caspian MD83 at Mashad on Oct 24th 2017, overran runway, burst both right main tyres
Accident Ural A321 at St. Petersburg on Sep 28th 2017, mother and infant fell through stairs
Incident BoA B733 at La Paz on Nov 1st 2017, gear fracture
Incident Ryanair B738 at Rhodes on Nov 5th 2017, dog strike
Monday Nov 6th 2017
Incident Expressjet CRJ7 near Dallas on Nov 4th 2017, engine problem
Incident Austrian A320 near Vienna on Nov 5th 2017, cabin pressure problems
Incident Nelson DH8C enroute on Nov 5th 2017, turbulence and cracked windshield
Incident United A319 near Detroit on Nov 5th 2017, turbulence
Incident Southwest B737 at Saint Louis on Nov 4th 2017, bird strike
Accident Southwest B737 at Washington on Nov 5th 2017, bird strikes
Accident Endeavor CRJ9 at Des Moines on Nov 5th 2017, bird strikes
Incident Lingus A320 near Cork on Nov 2nd 2017, smoke in cockpit
Sunday Nov 5th 2017
Incident Austrian DH8D at Zurich on Nov 5th 2017, hydraulic problem
Incident Kalitta B744 at Brussels on Nov 5th 2017, oil spill on landing
Incident Norwegian B738 near Amsterdam on Nov 5th 2017, generator failure
Incident Delta B712 near Buffalo on Nov 5th 2017, loss of cabin pressure
(Source: AvHerald)


  1. Incident: Argentinas B738 at Buenos Aires on Nov 11th 2017, drone strike
    By Simon Hradecky, created Saturday, Nov 11th 2017 16:51Z, last updated Saturday, Nov 11th 2017 19:03Z
    An Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 737-800, registration LV-GKS performing flight AR-1865 from Trelew,CB to Buenos Aires Aeroparque,BA (Argentina), was on final approach to Buenos Aires Jorge Newbery Aeroparque Airport’s runway 13 about 1000 meters/3300 feet/0.54nm before the runway threshold at about 220 feet AGL when the crew observed a drone and felt some impact. The aircraft continued the landing without further incident. There were no injuries, the aircraft sustained minor damage. After landing the crew notified ATC about the drone strike stating: “In any event, this drone will not fly ever again. We hit it with the nose. Had it hit the engine it would have failed the engine.”

The airline reported the aircraft was struck by a drone at the time of landing at Aeroparque. The aircraft sustained minor damage. Argentina’s JIAAC (Accident Investigation) and ANAC (Civil Aviation Authority) were informed and opened an investigation.

A theme park “Tierra Santa” is located about 1000 meters short of the threshold runway 13. End

  1. Accident: Amaszonas Uruguay CRJ2 at Montevideo on Nov 9th 2017, tyre explosion on the ground causes amputation of both legs of ground worker
    By Simon Hradecky, created Friday, Nov 10th 2017 23:26Z, last updated Saturday, Nov 11th 2017 14:18Z
    An Amaszonas Uruguay Canadair CRJ-200, registration CX-SDU performing flight Z8-749 from Asuncion (Paraguay) to Montevideo (Uruguay), had completed the flight with a safe landing and was parked at the gate to prepare for the departure to Cordoba,CD (Argentina) as flight Z8-718. Ground workers were attending the aircraft when one of the main tyres blew at about 22:00L (01:00Z Nov 10th) causing serious injuries to a ground worker and damage to another aircraft parked next to the occurrence aircraft.

The airline confirmed the accident (without identifying the flight/aircraft) reporting the ground worker was taken to a military hospital, where he underwent surgery resulting in the amputation of both legs. The airline stopped operation for the entire Friday (Nov 10th) and expects to resume operations on Saturday (Nov 11th). An investigation into the accident has been opened.

At the time of the accident two CRJ-200s of Amaszonas Group were on the ground in Montevideo, CX-SDU (landed at about 21:40L arriving from Asuncion and scheduled to continue to Cordoba) and CX-LVA (landed at about 21:55L arriving from Buenos Aires scheduled to overnight at Montevideo). Local information indicated the accident aircraft was scheduled to continue to Cordoba.

  1. Accident: Porter DH8D near Toronto on Oct 21st 2017, training with real result
    By Simon Hradecky, created Thursday, Nov 9th 2017 22:08Z, last updated Thursday, Nov 9th 2017 22:08Z
    A Porter Airlines de Havilland Dash 8-400, registration C-GLQQ performing training flight PD-9001 from Toronto City,ON to Toronto City,ON (Canada) with 5 crew on board, performed a local training flight to simulate light to moderate turbulence to the cabin crew. The forward flight attendant told the flight crew they were ready to commence the exercise, the captain began to manipulate the flight controls to simulate turbulence, however, the aft flight attendants were not seated with their seat belts fastened and the service carts were not properly stowed.

The Canadian TSB reported, the aft flight attendants and the instructor received minor injuries as result. END

  1. Final Report; Incident: Enter B734 near Girona on Sep 28th 2016, near collision with light aircraft due to lightning
    By Simon Hradecky, created Thursday, Nov 17th 2016 16:51Z, last updated Tuesday, Nov 7th 2017 19:18Z
    An Enter Air Boeing 737-400, registration SP-ENA performing flight E4-1237 from Warsaw (Poland) to Girona,SP (Spain) with 6 crew, was on approach to Girona in contact with Barcelona,SP (Spain) Approach and was cleared for the approach to Girona’s runway 02 when the crew received a TCAS resolution advisory at about waypoint TISGO and complied with the resolution advisory. The aircraft continued the approach for a safe landing on Girona’s runway 02.

Spain’s CIAIAC reported a Cessna 172 operated for a flight school was being vectored for the approach to runway 02 at the same time, the separation between the aircraft reduced to 100 feet vertical and 0.5nm horizontal. At the time of the occurrence the BEGUES radar system was out of service due to a lightning strike and the communication beween Girona Tower and Barcelona Approach was lost due to an electrical problem. Both aircraft landed safely on Girona’s runway 02. The CIAIAC rated the occurrence a serious incident and opened an investigation.

On Oct 20th 2017 (and overlooked by the AVH until Nov 7th 2017 due to only the Cessna being mentioned in the list of reports) Spain’s CIAIAC released their final report concluding the probable causes of the serious incident were:

The main cause of the incident was the loss of situation awareness of the controllers in sectors D1E and TGR after the sectors were opened. Aircraft EC-JOB, which was inbound from the Calella VOR and should have been under the control of sector TGR, was cleared by sector D1E to complete its approach to runway 02 at the Girona Airport. After this, sector TGR instructed aircraft SP-ENA to also approach inbound from OKETA, which caused a loss of separation between the two aircraft in the vicinity of the intermediate approach fix TISGO.

The following factors contributed to the incident:

  • Sectors were opened at a time when there was a high workload for the controllers in sector T1E.

  • There were several aircraft doing aerial work, and when the TMA configuration change occurred, these aircraft conflicted with operations at LEBL, which forced the controllers in sector D1E to focus their attention on managing these aircraft, a task that was not properly coordinated with the newly-opened sector TGR.

  • The temporary outage of the air navigation data network, which caused the radar display for traffic below 3200 ft to be lost, along with the updated flight plans and communications between LEGE and the Barcelona ACC, requiring the use of telephone communications. All of this contributed to having the sector TGR controllers focus their attention on determining the position of aircraft EC-GGF, inbound to LEGE. This, combined with the loss of coordination with sector D1E, made them become unaware of other traffic affecting them. End


That was my dad’s friend.


Does that mean that the inside of the cabin fogged up, or smoke? I don’t understand how this happened.

Oh my goodness. Thoughts are with the ground worker! 😳
Thank you as per usual for posting Max!


@Josh_Tomaz… What was the medical isssue? Max

@Maxmustang Apparently he started feeling uneasy and ill and he passed out. The aircraft was from India and they were grounded in Goa for 10 hours.

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@jdag2004. @Laura_Murphy… MaxSez: I don’t understand why you reproduced the complete topic and cluttered the issue. Pls edit/Delete the redundant input and ask your question or enter your comment. Thank you.

@jdag2004… As Requested:

Incident: ANA B763 at Guangzhou on Nov 2nd 2017, low visibility in cabin
By Simon Hradecky, created Thursday, Nov 2nd 2017 20:28Z, last updated Thursday, Nov 9th 2017 23:56Z
An ANA All Nippon Airways Boeing 767-300, registration JA611A performing flight NH-924 from Guangzhou (China) to Tokyo Haneda (Japan) with 163 passengers and 10 crew, was in the initial climb out of Guangzhou when mist appeared in the cabin and cockpit causing low visibility. The crew levelled off a low altitude and returned to Guangzhou for a safe landing.

The airline reported the aircraft was climbing through about 1000 feet when haze/mist appeared in the cabin and cockpit. The aircraft returned to Guangzhou for a safe landing about 55 minutes after departure. The flight was cancelled, the passengers were rebooked onto the next flight NH-934.

Passenger Craig Campbell reported he was seated in the aft cabin. They did not observe any haze or mist, however, noticed a “a strong smell of phosphorous/flint/burning”. He and other passengers coffered their noses. The engines and climb slowed shortly afterwards. The crew announced there was no problem, just some smell, then the crew told the passengers they were checking some smell and issues subsequently concluding there was nothing wrong, correcting themselves now stating there were some issues but all was okay and finally the crew announced they were returning to the airport due to some problems. While the aircraft was configuring for landing it became warmer and warmer in the cabin. The aircraft vacated the runway and stopped, several fire engines and ambulances lined up near the aircraft. The aircraft was towed to the apron, where the passengers disembarked via stairs. A number of passengers seated in the front of the cabin, who had reported seeing smoke, were quickly taken away and were not seen again. The crew also disappeared.

On Nov 10th 2017 Passenger Craig Campbell reported the airline had followed up with a letter explaining that the cause of the abnormal odour and “fog-like misty” was a malfunction of the air conditioning system.

Requesting additional information? Thank.

@WHISKEY1. AS Requested:

Incident: Ryanair B738 at Rhodes on Nov 5th 2017, dog strike
By Simon Hradecky, created Tuesday, Nov 7th 2017 00:21Z, last updated Tuesday, Nov 7th 2017 00:21Z
A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-EBV performing flight FR-1431 from Rhodes to Athens (Greece), was accelerating for takeoff from Rhodes’ runway 25 around 22:15L (20:15Z) when the crew observed a pack of dogs straying onto the runway but was unable to prevent the aircraft hitting a dog. The crew continued takeoff, stopped the climb at 4000 feet advising the tower of the dog strike and returned to Rhodes for a safe landing on runway 25 about 13 minutes after departure.

The airport reported maintenance checked the aircraft and found no damage, the aircraft was released back to service.

The aircraft departed again as flight FR-1012 and reached Athens with a delay of about 90 minutes.


And the dog? What happened to the poor thing?

Josh, On the Dog. Contact Rhodes, Greece Airport OP’s for details on the cadavers disposition 11-1- 800- DeadDog. G’Day, Max

Jeez, I was just asking.

Endeavor CRJ9 at Des Moines on Nov 5th 2017, bird strikes

I would like to know a little more about this incident please. Many thanks

@AllegiantAir…MaxSez: As requested. Suggest you check Des Moines paper/TV feed on line for antidotal follow up:

Accident: Endeavor CRJ9 at Des Moines on Nov 5th 2017, bird strikes
By Simon Hradecky, created Monday, Nov 6th 2017 17:28Z, last updated Monday, Nov 6th 2017 17:28Z
An Endeavor Air Canadair CRJ-900 on behalf of Delta Airlines, registration N933XJ performing flight 9E-3613/DL-3613 from Detroit,MI to Des Moines,IA (USA), was on final approach to Des Moines’ runway 05 when the aircraft received a number of bird strikes. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on runway 05.

The FAA reported the aircraft sustained substantial damage when it was struck by birds. The occurrence was rated an accident. END

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