MaxAvSafety: Wkly Commercial Incident/Accident Rpt.

CrMaxSez: Provided as Professional Knowledge Gained. Pls add follow up details, first person accounts, unreported like items and related photo’s/videos. Rpt’s in Inverse Wkly order. Thanks, Max

Sunday May 12th 2019

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Myanmar E190 at Mandalay on May 12th 2019, nose gear failed to extend

Saturday May 11th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Azur B763 near Nha Trang on May 11th 2019, oil filter indication

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Norra AT72 at Helsinki on May 11th 2019, flaps problem

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Alaska A320 near Los Angeles on May 10th 2019, strong odour in cabin

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Voyager CRJ2 at Curacao on May 9th 2019, engine failure

Friday May 10th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Eurowings A320 at Cologne on May 9th 2019, rejected takeoff due to fault indication

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Jazz DH8C at Toronto on May 10th 2019, fuel truck ran into aircraft

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Kenya E190 at Nairobi on May 10th 2019, bird strike

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif AeroUnion A306 at Guadalajara on Feb 6th 2019, tail strike on landing

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif American A319 at Toronto on Apr 4th 2019, runway confusion on final approach

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Canada A320 at Cancun on May 5th 2019, seized wheel

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Lingus A320 near Cork on Nov 2nd 2017, smoke in cockpit

Thursday May 9th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif TUI Belgium B788 at Brussels on May 9th 2019, overheating brake

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif SAS A320 at Gothenburg on May 9th 2019, smoke on board

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Canada B789 at Vancouver on May 1st 2019, rejected takeoff due to compressor stall

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif India B773 near Vienna on May 7th 2019, engine problem

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Trans States E145 at Billings on May 8th 2019, icing sensor fault

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif France A388 over Greenland on Sep 30th 2017, uncontained engine failure, fan and engine inlet separated

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif PIA A320 near Lahore on Oct 11th 2017, cargo smoke indication

Wednesday May 8th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Trans States E145 at Peoria on May 7th 2019, engine shut down in flight

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Joon A343 near Isfahan on May 8th 2019, malfunction of ventilation circuit

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif JAL B738 at Osaka on May 7th 2019, hydraulic leak

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif American B738 at Kingston and Miami on May 7th 2019, tyre damage on departure, hydraulic leak on landing

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Singapore A388 at Delhi on May 8th 2019, nose wheel steering failure

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Eva B773 at Los Angeles on Dec 16th 2016, ATC instructs turn left instead of right, loss of separation, confusion, dangerous closure to terrain

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Tway B738 near Tokyo on May 2nd 2019, turbulence injures flight attendant

![Report\ 20x20](upload://33y8k1qdQkM403bdgHBqp4Res6j.gif Spicejet DH8D near Nagpur on Nov 24th 2017, smoke in cabin and cockpit

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Biman DH8D at Yangon on May 8th 2019, runway excursion

Tuesday May 7th 2019

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Miami B738 at Jacksonville on May 3rd 2019, runway overrun on landing, aircraft ends up in river

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Saudia A333 at Riyadh on May 7th 2019, tyre deflated on landing

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Volaris A20N near Mazatlan on May 6th 2019, engine shut down in flight

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Titan A320 at Banjul on Apr 26th 2019, bird strike

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Jet2 B738 near Manchester on May 7th 2019, air conditioning problem

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Srilankan A333 near Colombo on May 6th 2019, hydraulic failure

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Southwest B737 at Oakland on May 6th 2019, bird strike

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Buffalo DC3 near Hay River on May 3rd 2019, forced landing after engine failure

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Indigo A20N enroute on Mar 24th 2019, intermittent engine vibrations

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Thai Smile A320 at Chiang Rai on Jan 9th 2019, improperly closed cargo door

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Airblue A320 at Peshawar on Apr 23rd 2019, runway excursion on landing

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Jetstar A320 at Sydney on May 9th 2018, flap and gear overspeed on go around

Monday May 6th 2019

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Aeroflot SU95 at Moscow on May 5th 2019, aircraft bursts into flames during rollout and burns down

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif KLM B738 at Amsterdam on May 5th 2019, engine problem

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Gulf A320 at Multan on May 5th 2019, bird strike

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Spirit A320 near Dallas on May 5th 2019, unusual odour on board

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif British Airways B772 over Atlantic on May 5th 2019, turbulence causes 14 injuries

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Vietnam A321 at Hanoi on Apr 12th 2019, joined wrong ILS for approach and went around

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Nordstar B738 at Norilsk on May 6th 2019, overran runway on landing

Sunday May 5th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Virgin Atlantic B789 at London on May 3rd 2019, bird strike

Saturday May 4th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif ASL Ireland A306 at Milan on May 2nd 2019, hydraulic failure

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Skywest CRJ7 at Chicago on Jun 10th 2017, uncontained engine failure

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Endeavor CRJ2 at Baltimore on Jan 23rd 2017, engine shut down in flight

(Source: AvHerald, Public Domine)


There has been some plane crash on the motorway in wales like 2 hours ago unfortunately :(

I’m not speculating but I just got a message that a blue air 737 sqwawked 7700 and now there is fire trucks following it!

We’re good with incidents present on single thread else than those posted seperately in seperate thread.

@Maxmustang has been doing this for a long time with no problem so he is fine posting this.

I missed these while you were out max. Glad to see you back

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Another Myanmar incident? And I’m going there tomorrow… lol

Wishing you a safe trip. All will go fine. Keeping faith in the flight you have ahead of you, that everything goes to plan.


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