MaxAvSafety: Wkly Commercial Incident//Accident Rpt 5/19/90

MaxSez: Posted Wkly as Professional Knowledge Gained. Rpt Dates in inverse order. Pls add Missed relevant items photo/video’s , 1st person accounts. (Tap item to open details) thanks, Max

Saturday May 18th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif SAS A20N near Copenhagen on May 18th 2019, fuel leak

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif British Airways A319 near Lyon on May 17th 2019, electrical burning odour in cabin

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Alitalia A332 at Milan on May 17th 2019, could not fully retract gear

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif LOT B734 at Warsaw on May 18th 2019, problem with flaps

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Skywest CRJ7 at Denver on Jul 2nd 2017, engine fire on landing

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif World Atlantic MD83 at Alexandria on Apr 20th 2018, right main gear collapsed during rollout

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Aeroflot SU95 at Moscow on May 5th 2019, aircraft bursts into flames during rollout and burns down

Friday May 17th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Iberia A346 over Atlantic on May 17th 2019, technical fault

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Austrian DH8D at Stuttgart on May 9th 2019, oily odour in cockpit

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Transavia B737 near Nice on May 15th 2019, fuel leak

Thursday May 16th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif EAT A306 enroute on May 2nd 2019, pilot incapacitated

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Bravo MD83 at Sharm el Sheikh on Apr 12th 2019, rejected takeoff due to wheels not turning

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Flybe DH8D at Belfast on Nov 10th 2017, gear problem, landed without nose gear

Wednesday May 15th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Ryanair B738 at Amsterdam on May 14th 2019, wheel well fire indication

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif SAS A343 at Copenhagen on May 12th 2019, could not fully retract landing gear

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Norwegian B738 near Gothenburg on May 12th 2019, suspected fuel leak

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Allegiant A320 at St. Petersburg on May 13th 2019, bird strike

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Mount Cook AT72 at Christchurch on Apr 19th 2019, suspected collision with object on runway

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Belavia B735 at Kiev on Dec 9th 2018, damaged runway lights and right engine cowl on landing

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Virgin Australia B738 at Darwin on Dec 6th 2016, temporary runway excursion on landing

Tuesday May 14th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Eurowings A332 at Dusseldorf on May 5th 2019, flaps up landing

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Lufthansa A346 at Shanghai on May 13th 2019, could not retract gear

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Norwegian B788 over Labrador Sea on May 13th 2019, engine issues

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif UTAir B738 at Moscow on May 14th 2019, could not fully retract gear

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Thai Smile A320 enroute on Apr 22nd 2019, turbulence causes serious injuries

Monday May 13th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Southwest B737 at Oakland on May 11th 2019, flaps problem

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Swiss BCS1 at Madrid on May 13th 2019, bird strike

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Lufthansa A359 near Shannon on May 12th 2019, problems with speed indication

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Aeroflot SU95 near Moscow on May 13th 2019, loss of cabin pressure

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif S7 E170 at Ekaterinburg on May 7th 2019, rejected takeoff due to engine problem

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Qantas A332 near Broome on May 13th 2019, electrical fault

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif AirAsia India A320 at Delhi on May 13th 2019, hydraulic failure

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Canada Rouge A319 enroute on May 12th 2019, hydraulic leak

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Canada Rouge B763 at Melbourne on May 8th 2019, rejected takeoff due to gear not down

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Jazz DH8C at Toronto on May 10th 2019, fuel truck ran into aircraft

Sunday May 12th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Qantas B744 over Pacific on May 12th 2019, engine shut down in flight

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Delta B738 at Tri-Cities and Knoxville on May 12th 2019, nose gear problem

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Myanmar E190 at Mandalay on May 12th 2019, nose gear failed to extend

Saturday May 11th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Azur B763 near Nha Trang on May 11th 2019, oil filter indication

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Norra AT72 at Helsinki on May 11th 2019, flaps problem

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Alaska A320 near Los Angeles on May 10th 2019, strong odour in cabin

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Voyageur CRJ2 at Curacao on May 9th 2019, engine failure

Friday May 10th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Eurowings A320 at Cologne on May 9th 2019, rejected takeoff due to fault indication

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Kenya E190 at Nairobi on May 10th 2019, bird strike

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif AeroUnion A306 at Guadalajara on Feb 6th 2019, tail strike on landing

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif American A319 at Toronto on Apr 4th 2019, runway confusion on final approach

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Canada A320 at Cancun on May 5th 2019, seized wheel

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Lingus A320 near Cork on Nov 2nd 2017, smoke in cockpit

Thursday May 9th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif TUI Belgium B788 at Brussels on May 9th 2019, overheating brake

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif SAS A320 at Gothenburg on May 9th 2019, smoke on board
(Source: AvHerald, Public Domaine)


Whoa! Never heard about that one (probably because it was pretty small). Nonetheless, that’s still pretty close to home for me. Glad to hear everything went alright with it.

Thanks for sharing these weekly, Max! I love reading up on these.

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