MaxAvSafety: Wkly Commercial Incident/Accident Rpt 12/29/19

MaxSez: The Following Subject Rpt is Provided Wkly as Professional Knowledge Gained. Your comments limited to news updates, video’s and first person related items are welcome.
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Saturday Dec 28th 2019

Accident20x20 White AT72 at Fez on Jul 6th 2018, tail strike, hard landing and return flight

Accident20x20 Bek F100 at Almaty on Dec 27th 2019, lost height shortly after takeoff and impacted building after two tailstrikes

Friday Dec 27th 2019

Accident20x20 Lufthansa A319 at Munich on Dec 20th 2019, fumes injure 4 crew

Incident20x20 Lingus A21N near Shannon on Dec 27th 2019, erroneous fuel flow indications

Incident20x20 Iraqi A321 near Rostov on Dec 27th 2019, autopilot failure

Incident20x20 American B738 near McAllen on Dec 26th 2019, suspected fuel leak and smoke in cabin

Accident20x20 AirAsia A20N near Ho Chi Minh City on Dec 25th 2019, phone battery burns passenger

Incident20x20 Inuit B732 at Val D’Or on Dec 23rd 2019, engine shut down in flight

Incident20x20 Transat A333 over Atlantic on Dec 23rd 2019, flight crew member incapacitated

Incident20x20 AIS JS32 at Muenster on Oct 8th 2019, takeoff with gust locks engaged, rejected takeoff, runway excursion

Thursday Dec 26th 2019

Incident20x20 Canarias AT72 at Tenerife on Oct 15th 2019, rejected takeoff due to engine failure, fuselage damage

Accident20x20 United B738 at Denver on Dec 22nd 2019, main gear collapse on landing

Incident20x20 Iceland Connect DH8D at Reykjavik on Aug 9th 2018, engine shut down in flight

Incident20x20 Wizz A320 near Madrid on Nov 10th 2018, descent below cleared level causes near collision

Accident20x20 Easyjet A319 at Murcia on Mar 27th 2018, rejected takeoff due to bird strikes into both engines

Wednesday Dec 25th 2019

Accident20x20 Qantas A332 at Sydney on Dec 15th 2019, hydraulic leak prompts evacuation

Incident20x20 Iberia A20N at Madrid and Milan on Dec 25th 2019, bird strike

Incident20x20 Commut E145 at Washington on Dec 24th 2019, multiple system failures

Tuesday Dec 24th 2019

Incident20x20 Jazz CRJ9 near Vancouver on Dec 17th 2019, smoke in lavatory

Incident20x20 Canada A333 over Atlantic on Dec 16th 2019, hydraulic problems

Incident20x20 GoAir A20N at Guwahati on Dec 23rd 2019, engine shut down in flight

News20x20 Santa SSLH at North Pole on Dec 24th 2019, engine not shot down in flight

Incident20x20 United B738 at Denver, Colorado Springs and Gunnison on Nov 28th 2019, autopilot inoperative and weather prompt odyssey

Incident20x20 Sky Express AT72 at Athens on Dec 22nd 2019, de-ice failure

Incident20x20 United B739 at Tampa on Dec 23rd 2019, rejected takeoff due to door indication

Monday Dec 23rd 2019

Incident20x20 Skywest CRJ2 at Indianapolis on Dec 22nd 2019, temporary engine failure

Incident20x20 Canada B789 near Arctic Bay on Dec 16th 2019, engine accelerated uncommandedly

Accident20x20 Buffalo DC3 near Hay River on May 3rd 2019, forced landing after engine failure

Incident20x20 Pobeda B738 at Kirov on Dec 23rd 2019, runway excursion on backtrack

Sunday Dec 22nd 2019

Incident20x20 United B764 over France on Dec 20th 2019, loss com invokes supersonic boom

Incident20x20 Delta A359 at Minneapolis on Dec 21st 2019, tyre damage on landing

Incident20x20 GoAir A20n at Pune on Dec 21st 2019, bird strike

Saturday Dec 21st 2019

Incident20x20 Swiss A333 over Atlantic on Dec 20th 2019, lavatories on strike

Incident20x20 Austrian A320 near Munich on Dec 18th 2019, smell of smoke in cockpit

Incident20x20 Jambo DH8D at Ukunda on Dec 20th 2019, bird strike

Incident20x20 Azur B752 near Baku on Dec 21st 2019, generator failures

Incident20x20 British Airways A319 at London on Dec 20th 2019, fumes on the flight deck

Friday Dec 20th 2019

Incident20x20 Azul A332 at Fortaleza on Dec 19th 2019, bird strike

Accident20x20 Canada Rouge A320 near Varadero on Dec 15th 2019, down- and updraft

Accident20x20 UAA AN12 at Lviv on Oct 4th 2019, ran out of fuel

Thursday Dec 19th 2019

Incident20x20 ANA B763 at Fukuoka on Dec 19th 2019, engine fire

Incident20x20 Canada Rouge B763 at Toronto on Nov 18th 2019, a sparking landing

Incident20x20 Delta B764 near Buenos Aires on Dec 18th 2019, smoke in cabin

Accident20x20 THY B738 at Odessa on Nov 21st 2019, runway excursion and nose gear collapse on landing

Incident20x20 UIA B738 at Lviv on Nov 23rd 2019, runway excursion during line up

Incident20x20 Norwegian B38M at Helsinki on Jan 18th 2019, touched down despite go around instruction

Crash20x20 Atlas B763 at Houston on Feb 23rd 2019, loss of control on approach

Accident20x20 American E190 at Raleigh/Durham on Dec 18th 2019, possible turbulence injures flight attendant

Incident20x20 AirAsia X A333 near Alice Springs on Aug 16th 2016, engine shut down in flight

Wednesday Dec 18th 2019

Incident20x20 TAP A339 near Lisbon on Dec 17th 2019, failure of weather radar



Great work, once again, thanks Max :)


I remember this one, we had it in our spotter group. They landed on 4/22 then were towed away. They returned originally for the burst tire.

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