MaxAvSafety: Wkly Commercial Incident/Accident Rpt 12/22/19

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Saturday Dec 21st 2019

Incident\ 20x20 Swiss A333 over Atlantic on Dec 20th 2019, lavatories on strike

Incident\ 20x20 Austrian A320 near Munich on Dec 18th 2019, smell of smoke in cockpit

Incident\ 20x20 Jambo DH8D at Ukunda on Dec 20th 2019, bird strike

Incident\ 20x20 Azur B752 near Baku on Dec 21st 2019, generator failures

Incident\ 20x20 British Airways A319 at London on Dec 20th 2019, fumes on the flight deck

Friday Dec 20th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 Azul A332 at Fortaleza on Dec 19th 2019, bird strike

Accident\ 20x20 Canada Rouge A320 near Varadero on Dec 15th 2019, down- and updraft

Accident\ 20x20 UAA AN12 at Lviv on Oct 4th 2019, ran out of fuel

Thursday Dec 19th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 ANA B763 at Fukuoka on Dec 19th 2019, engine fire

Incident\ 20x20 Canada Rouge B763 at Toronto on Nov 18th 2019, a sparking landing

Incident\ 20x20 Delta B764 near Buenos Aires on Dec 18th 2019, smoke in cabin

Accident\ 20x20 THY B738 at Odessa on Nov 21st 2019, runway excursion and nose gear collapse on landing

Incident\ 20x20 UIA B738 at Lviv on Nov 23rd 2019, runway excursion during line up

Incident\ 20x20 Norwegian B38M at Helsinki on Jan 18th 2019, touched down despite go around instruction

Crash\ 20x20 Atlas B763 at Houston on Feb 23rd 2019, loss of control on approach

Accident\ 20x20 American E190 at Raleigh/Durham on Dec 18th 2019, possible turbulence injures flight attendant

Incident\ 20x20 AirAsia X A333 near Alice Springs on Aug 16th 2016, engine shut down in flight

Wednesday Dec 18th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 TAP A339 near Lisbon on Dec 17th 2019, failure of weather radar

Incident\ 20x20 Delta A319 near Sioux Falls on Dec 17th 2019, hydraulic problems

Incident\ 20x20 Delta B712 at Huntsville on Dec 17th 2019, rejected takeoff due to configuration warning

Accident\ 20x20 Namibia A319 at Windhoek on Dec 13th 2019, passenger assist unit collapses

Incident\ 20x20 United B738 at Nagoya on Dec 18th 2019, flaps problem

Report\ 20x20 Saab SB20 at Linkoping on May 8th 2019, runway excursion on takeoff

Incident\ 20x20 Niugini F70 near Port Moresby on Nov 21st 2019, loss of cabin pressure

Accident\ 20x20 Eurowings A319 at Dusseldorf on May 16th 2016, smoke in cockpit and cabin

Incident\ 20x20 Network F100 at Karratha on Dec 27th 2017, thrust reverser failed to operate on landing

Tuesday Dec 17th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 KLM B772 near Kazan on Dec 16th 2019, hydraulic problem

Incident\ 20x20 Indigo A20N at Bagdogra on Dec 16th 2019, engine problem

Incident\ 20x20 Spicejet DH8D at Goa on Dec 17th 2019, unsafe nose gear

Incident\ 20x20 Sunwing B738 near Montreal on Dec 15th 2019, fuel leak

Incident\ 20x20 Canada Rouge A319 near Nassau on Dec 14th 2019, turbulence rolls engine back

Incident\ 20x20 Austral E190 at Buenos Aires on Dec 21st 2018, collision with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in flight

Report\ 20x20 Mid East B772 at Paris on Jun 5th 2016, wing tip and horizontal tail strike on go around

Monday Dec 16th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 India B788 at Delhi on Dec 15th 2019, bird strike

Incident\ 20x20 United B763 near Shannon on Dec 16th 2019, suspected fuel leak

Incident\ 20x20 United B763 near Glasgow on Dec 15th 2019, fuel leak

Incident\ 20x20 United B739 near Albuquerque on Dec 16th 2019, engine failure

Accident\ 20x20 Piedmont E145 at Philadelphia on Dec 15th 2019, turbulence injures flight attendant

Accident\ 20x20 Batik A320 at Makassar on May 25th 2019, nose gear rolls over head-set man on push back

Accident\ 20x20 KLM B772 near Phuket on May 9th 2018, thermal runaway of passenger’s mobile phone

Incident\ 20x20 KLM Cityhopper E190 at Amsterdam on Feb 7th 2018, unstabilized approach, EGPWS warning, landing continued

Accident\ 20x20 Martin B744 at Harare on Jul 8th 2019, dropped part of flaps

Sunday Dec 15th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 Skywest CRJ2 at San Francisco on Dec 14th 2019, loud bang, gear disagree and landing gear door damage

Accident\ 20x20 Qantas A332 at Sydney on Dec 15th 2019, hydraulic leak prompts evacuation

Saturday Dec 14th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 ANA B773 at Sapporo on Dec 13th 2019, smoke in cabin

Incident\ 20x20 Jetstar Japan A320 at Manila on Dec 14th 2019, runway excursion during backtrack

Friday Dec 13th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 TUI Nederland B763 at Curacao on Dec 9th 2019, engine anti-ice fault

Incident\ 20x20 Budapest E120 at Pori on Dec 12th 2019, engine problem

Incident\ 20x20 British Airways B772 at London on Jul 3rd 2019, fumes in cockpit

Report\ 20x20 LOT B738 at London on May 20th 2019, too many cooks spoil the broth

Incident\ 20x20 PIA A320 at Karachi on Dec 12th 2019, bird strike
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