MaxAvSafety: Wkly Commercial Incident//Accident Rpt. 1/5/20

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(Source: AvHerald, Public Domaine)
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Sunday Jan 5th 2020

Accident20x20 British Airways A320 at London on Jan 2nd 2020, fumes take out first officer

Saturday Jan 4th 2020

Incident20x20 Lahnsa JS31 at Roatan on Jan 3rd 2020, bird strike

Incident20x20 Red Wings A320 at Tyumen and Perm on Jan 4th 2020, unreliable airspeed

Incident20x20 Jazz DH8C at Montreal on Jan 3rd 2020, dropped wheel on departure

Friday Jan 3rd 2020

Incident20x20 Atlas B744 near Chicago on Jan 2nd 2020, engine shut down in flight

Accident20x20 Skywest E175 at Lincoln on Dec 24th 2019, bird strike

Incident20x20 Delta B763 near Port of Spain on Jan 1st 2020, generator failure

Incident20x20 Transavia France B738 near Funchal on Jan 3rd 2020, captain incapacitated

Incident20x20 Inuit B732 at Val D’Or on Jan 1st 2020, APU fire indication

Incident20x20 Laudamotion A320 at Malaga on Jan 2nd 2020, engine shut down in flight

Incident20x20 France A318 at Toulon on Dec 20th 2019, aircraft intercepted false glide slope

Incident20x20 GoAir A20N at Mumbai on Dec 22nd 2019, engine shut down in flight

Thursday Jan 2nd 2020

Incident20x20 KLM B738 at Amsterdam on Jan 1st 2020, engine shut down in flight

Incident20x20 Hop! CRJX near Lyon on Jan 1st 2020, loss of cabin pressure

Incident20x20 Spicejet DH8D near Bangalore on Jan 2nd 2020, cracked windshield

Incident20x20 Indigo A20N near Nagpur on Jan 1st 2020, suspected oil leak

Incident20x20 Transat A21N at Liberia on Dec 21st 2019, door panel fell off overwing exit

Incident20x20 THY A333 at Cape Town on Jan 2nd 2020, could not retract landing gear

Accident20x20 Bek F100 at Almaty on Dec 27th 2019, lost height shortly after takeoff and impacted building after two tailstrikes

Incident20x20 AirAsia A320 at Langkawi on Dec 30th 2019, APU fire indications

Incident20x20 Edelweiss A343 at Zurich on Jan 1st 2020, engine shut down in flight

Wednesday Jan 1st 2020

Incident20x20 Flydubai B738 at Bucharest on Dec 31st 2019, slat problem

Incident20x20 Flydubai B738 at Bucharest on Dec 30th 2019, slat problem

Incident20x20 Austral E190 near Rio Gallegos on Dec 28th 2019, electrical failure

Incident20x20 Malaysia A333 at Beijing on Jan 1st 2020, cabin did not pressurize

Tuesday Dec 31st 2019

Incident20x20 Commut E145 at Portland on Dec 30th 2019, rejected takeoff due to smoke on flight deck

Incident20x20 THY A333 at Port Harcourt on Dec 31st 2019, runway excursion, tyre damage

Incident20x20 Horizon E175 at Portland on Dec 29th 2019, bird strike

Incident20x20 SkyUP B739 near Kiev on Dec 28th 2019, unreliable airspeed

Incident20x20 Ural A320 near Ekaterinburg on Dec 31st 2019, engine shut down in flight

Incident20x20 Med-View B735 near Lagos on Jul 23rd 2019, loss of cabin pressure

Monday Dec 30th 2019

Incident20x20 Commut E145 at Montreal on Dec 27th 2019, overran displaced runway end on landing

Incident20x20 iAero B734 at San Jose on Dec 29th 2019, engine shut down in flight

Accident20x20 Fast Congo L410 at Kamina on Dec 28th 2019, runway excursion on landing

Sunday Dec 29th 2019

Incident20x20 Azul E195 near Chapeco on Dec 27th 2019, smoke in cabin

Incident20x20 Delta A319 at Austin on Dec 28th 2019, apparent bird strike

Saturday Dec 28th 2019

Accident20x20 White AT72 at Fez on Jul 6th 2018, tail strike, hard landing and return flight

Friday Dec 27th 2019

Accident20x20 Lufthansa A319 at Munich on Dec 20th 2019, fumes injure 4 crew

Incident20x20 Lingus A21N near Shannon on Dec 27th 2019, erroneous fuel flow indications

Incident20x20 Iraqi A321 near Rostov on Dec 27th 2019, autopilot failure

Incident20x20 American B738 near McAllen on Dec 26th 2019, suspected fuel leak and smoke in cabin

Accident20x20 AirAsia A20N near Ho Chi Minh City on Dec 25th 2019, phone battery burns passenger

Incident20x20 Inuit B732 at Val D’Or on Dec 23rd 2019, engine shut down in flight

Incident20x20 Transat A333 over Atlantic on Dec 23rd 2019, flight crew member incapacitated

Incident20x20 AIS JS32 at Muenster on Oct 8th 2019, takeoff with gust locks engaged, rejected takeoff, runway excursion

Thursday Dec 26th 2019

Incident20x20 Canarias AT72 at Tenerife on Oct 15th 2019, rejected takeoff due to engine failure, fuselage damage

Accident20x20 United B738 at Denver on Dec 22nd 2019, main gear collapse on landing

Incident20x20 Iceland Connect DH8D at Reykjavik on Aug 9th 2018, engine shut down in flight

Incident20x20 Wizz A320 near Madrid on Nov 10th 2018, descent below cleared level causes near collision CLOSED


That BA fume event is eerily similar to these. The crew needed medical attention afterwards. Hopefully the issue is solved.

BA A320 near Paphos

BA A320 near Tenerife

BA A320 near Frankfurt

BA A320 near London

LH A319 in Paris and Frankfurt

BA 772 over the Atlantic

HA A21N near HNL


@Kiz. MaxSez: Great cross referencing Kiz, a time consuming effort.
Only a pro would shake this tree of knowledge. BZ (Well Done) for the extra effort, you earned it. Regards, Max
Kiz, Awarded Jan/20 for Expert Research on AvSafe Issue


This might seem like a bad question, but how is the Bek Air crash classified as an accident and not a crash?

Here is how it’s classified:

Accident marks an incident, that has caused injuries or death to humans or caused significant damage.
Crash marks an accident, that is potentially catastrophic (has the potential to kill everybody on board of an airplane).


Fun fact, I have actually caught the plane before that was involved!

What in the world…

“On Jan 4th 2020 The Aviation Herald received information that on final approach the first officer passed out, the captain smelled the odour of old socks, immediately donned his oxygen mask, declared emergency and continued for a safe landing. Passengers and cabin crew remained unaware until after landing.”

I feel like i need to know more about what happened on this…

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