MaxAvSafety: Wkly Commercial Accident/Incident Rpt 5/29/90

MaxSez: Provided Wkly FYI as Professional Knowledge Gained. Rpt dates in inverse order, tap for narrative. Pls add updates, personal anecdotal material, relevant photo/video/news accounts. Thanks

Saturday May 25th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif LOT B734 at Tel Aviv on May 25th 2019, bird strike

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Easyjet A319 at London on May 25th 2019, bird strike

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Atlas B763 at Portsmouth on Jul 27th 2018, hard landing

Friday May 24th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Cathay Pacific A359 near Darwin on May 24th 2019, engine shut down in flight

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Gazpromavia SU95 over Ural on May 23rd 2019, TCAS failure

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Jazz DH8C at Toronto on May 10th 2019, fuel truck ran into aircraft

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Fedex MD11 enroute on May 23rd 2019, dropped gear door

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Virgin Australia AT72 near Sydney on Feb 20th 2014, control disagreement causing excessive G-forces injures cabin crew and pitch controls disconnect

Thursday May 23rd 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Eurowings A319 enroute on May 17th 2019, dropped engine oil access panel

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Delta B763 over Atlantic on May 23rd 2019, problems with oxygen

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Tianjin A320 at Tianjin on May 22nd 2019, brakes overtemperature after departure

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif El Al B738 near Larnaca on May 21st 2019, smell of smoke in cabin

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif World Atlantic MD83 at Brownsville on May 22nd 2019, bird strike

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Jet2 B738 at Reus on May 12th 2019, TCAS RA during missed approach

Wednesday May 22nd 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif American A321 at Washington on May 22nd 2019, went around due to TCAS RA at 800 feet AGL

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Westjet B738 at Orlando on May 18th 2019, laser injures pilot

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Westjet B738 at Calgary on May 20th 2019, nose gear damage on takeoff

![Crash\ 20x20](upload://ffoH2hdm4dRg015j56SE8Xe4M9L.gif Caspian Airlines T154 near Janat-Abad on Jul 15th 2009, uncontained engine failure

Tuesday May 21st 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Iberia A346 over Atlantic on May 21st 2019, flaps problem

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Jet Time B738 at Helsinki on May 21st 2019, flaps problem

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Porter DH8D near Montreal on May 13th 2019, fuel hiding

Monday May 20th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif TUI 738 at Manchester on May 17th 2019, to bee or not to bee

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif National B744 at Guam on May 11th 2019, dropped parts of flaps

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Norwegian B738 at Sarajevo and Belgrade on May 17th 2019, flaps fault

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif NewGen B738 at Bangkok on May 19th 2019, smoke in cabin

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Scoot A320 near Chennai on May 20th 2019, cargo smoke indication

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Aeroflot SU95 at Ulyanovsk on May 18th 2019, rejected takeoff due to hydraulic failure

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Pouya IL76 at Yerevan on May 16th 2019, overran displaced end of runway

Sunday May 19th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif American B763 near Porto on May 18th 2019, engine oil leak

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Delta B752 at New York on May 18th 2019, bird strike

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Azul E190 at Rio de Janeiro on May 18th 2019, hydraulic problems

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif American B763 at Montevideo on May 12th 2019, rejected takeoff due to engine failure

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Copa B738 at Panama City on May 17th 2019, could not fully retract gear

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Zimbabwe B762 at Johannesburg on Apr 28th 2019, engine surges, engine recovered

Saturday May 18th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif SAS A20N near Copenhagen on May 18th 2019, fuel leak

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif British Airways A319 near Lyon on May 17th 2019, electrical burning odour in cabin

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Alitalia A332 at Milan on May 17th 2019, could not fully retract gear

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif LOT B734 at Warsaw on May 18th 2019, problem with flaps

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Skywest CRJ7 at Denver on Jul 2nd 2017, engine fire on landing

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif World Atlantic MD83 at Alexandria on Apr 20th 2018, right main gear collapsed during rollout

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Aeroflot SU95 at Moscow on May 5th 2019, aircraft bursts into flames during rollout and burns down

Friday May 17th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Iberia A346 over Atlantic on May 17th 2019, technical fault

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Austrian DH8D at Stuttgart on May 9th 2019, oily odour in cockpit

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Transavia B737 near Nice on May 15th 2019, fuel leak

Thursday May 16th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif EAT A306 enroute on May 2nd 2019, pilot incapacitated

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Bravo MD83 at Sharm el Sheikh on Apr 12th 2019, rejected takeoff due to wheels not turning

![Accident\ 20x20](upload://iOJmwxJKI6bbGNQzlW0kiBuHmEA.gif Flybe DH8D at Belfast on Nov 10th 2017, gear problem, landed without nose gear

Wednesday May 15th 2019

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif Ryanair B738 at Amsterdam on May 14th 2019, wheel well fire indication

![Incident\ 20x20](upload://hxhGwgfpmgHdBQbUWMzqC7jb5xD.gif SAS A343 at Copenhagen on May 12th 2019, could not fully retract landing gear
(Source: AvHerald, Public Domine)


Here’s some interesting info on bird strikes, somewhat surprising it happens as often as it does.

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