MaxAvSafety: Wkly Commercial Accident/Incident Rpt 3/1/20

MaxSez: Below find Subj Rpt as Provided for Professional Knowledge Gained. Related comments, updated new, photos, First Person Account only Pls. (Source: AvHerald, Public Domaine, Tap item)
Saturday Feb 29th 2020

Incident\ 20x20 Wizz A320 at Oslo on Feb 28th 2020, could not fully retract landing gear

Incident\ 20x20 Wizz A320 at Sibiu on Feb 28th 2020, bird strike

Incident\ 20x20 LGW DH8D at Leipzig and Dusseldorf on Feb 27th 2020, burst tyre on departure

Crash\ 20x20 Avient Aviation MD11 at Shanghai on Nov 28th 2009, overran runway on takeoff

Incident\ 20x20 PIA A320 at Dubai on Feb 28th 2020, gear problem on departure

Incident\ 20x20 Delta A321 at New York on Feb 28th 2020, suspected burst tyre on landing

Friday Feb 28th 2020

Incident\ 20x20 PIA B772 over Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary on Feb 27th 2020, loss of communication

Incident\ 20x20 Rossiya B773 near Samara on Feb 28th 2020, cracked windshield

Incident\ 20x20 Spirit A319 at Sacramento on Feb 15th 2020, electrical issues, lost all electronics

Incident\ 20x20 Fly540 DH8C at Lokichar on Feb 28th 2020, engine failure, runway excursion on landing

Accident\ 20x20 THY A321 at Istanbul on Feb 27th 2020, dropped both nose wheels on landing

Thursday Feb 27th 2020

Accident\ 20x20 Jetsmart A320 at Puerto Montt on Feb 21st 2020, severe hard landing at about +3.6G

Incident\ 20x20 India A20N near Kolkata on Jan 5th 2019, fuel leak

Incident\ 20x20 Swiss B773 near Los Angeles on Feb 25th 2020, hydraulic failure

Wednesday Feb 26th 2020

Incident\ 20x20 Spicejet B738 near Kolkata on Feb 26th 2020, suspected fuel leak

Incident\ 20x20 Jazz DH8C at Ottawa on Feb 20th 2020, nose gear extends only with flaps 35

Incident\ 20x20 Sunwing B738 near Memphis on Feb 25th 2020, smoke in cabin

Incident\ 20x20 United A320 near Daytona Beach on Feb 26th 2020, battery charger discharges itself

Incident\ 20x20 Austrian E195 at Vienna on Feb 12th 2020, emergency brakes indication in flight

Accident\ 20x20 ACT B744 at Dammam and Jeddah on Feb 1st 2020, tail strike on departure

Incident\ 20x20 Frontier A20N enroute on Feb 23rd 2020, passenger oxygen masks dropped in flight

Incident\ 20x20 Eurowings A319 near Berlin on Feb 23rd 2020, problems with both engines

Incident\ 20x20 Eurowings A319 near Nuremberg on Feb 23rd 2020, technical problems

Tuesday Feb 25th 2020

Incident\ 20x20 Safair B734 at Johannesburg on Dec 10th 2019, “rain” in the cockpit turns into smoke

Incident\ 20x20 Iran AT72 at Tabriz on Feb 10th 2020, landed on wrong runway

Accident\ 20x20 Jazz DH8C at Ottawa on Feb 15th 2020, laser strike into eyes of first officer

Incident\ 20x20 Canada A319 at New York and Toronto on Feb 18th 2020, dropped main wheel on departure

Incident\ 20x20 Trigana B733 at Jayapura on Feb 25th 2020, runway excursion on backtrack

Monday Feb 24th 2020

Incident\ 20x20 Jetblue A321 at Boston on Feb 23rd 2020, bird strike

Incident\ 20x20 Cathay Pacific B773 near Vancouver on Feb 1st 2020, fumes in cockpit and cabin

Report\ 20x20 Jetstar A320 at Sydney on Sep 29th 2018, wrong speeds, gear not retracted, flaps overspeed on departure

Incident\ 20x20 Laudamotion A320 at Vienna on Feb 24th 2020, could not retract nose gear

Incident\ 20x20 Flydubai B738 at Dubai on Dec 11th 2019, serious upset during go around

Incident\ 20x20 Laudamotion A320 at Vienna on Feb 21st 2020, lightning strikes

Sunday Feb 23rd 2020

Incident\ 20x20 PIA AT42 at Sukkur on Feb 23rd 2020, emergency exit opened upon touch down

Saturday Feb 22nd 2020

Incident\ 20x20 Lufthansa Cityline CRJ9 near Frankfurt on Feb 21st 2020, cracked windshield

Incident\ 20x20 SA Airlink E170 at Kimberley on Jan 23rd 2020, bird strike

Incident\ 20x20 Astana A320 at Astana on May 22nd 2018, temporary runway excursion on landing

Friday Feb 21st 2020

Incident\ 20x20 American B772 near Tokyo on Jan 5th 2020, engine trouble, engine shut down by itself after landing

Incident\ 20x20 French Bee A359 at Paris on Feb 4th 2020, altitude and heading deviations and low speed warning during go around

Accident\ 20x20 Transavia France B738 on Feb 13th 2019, turbulence injures 10

Accident\ 20x20 SCAT B752 at Almaty on Jul 26th 2018, tail strike on go-around

Incident\ 20x20 Air France A319 at Paris on Mar 12th 2014, engine starves due to lack of fuel

Accident\ 20x20 Bek F100 at Almaty on Dec 27th 2019, lost height shortly after takeoff and impacted building after two tailstrikes

Thursday Feb 20th 2020

Incident\ 20x20 Baltic DH8D near Riga on Feb 18th 2020, cabin pressure problem

Incident\ 20x20 Sundair A320 near Prague on Feb 20th 2020, cabin pressure problem

Incident\ 20x20 Stobart AT72 at Dublin on Feb 20th 2020, a hary departure

Crash\ 20x20 Skyward F50 at Nairobi on Jul 2nd 2014, lost height after takeoff and impacted building

Accident\ 20x20 Europa A332 at Madrid on Dec 16th 2019, turbulence injures flight attendant

Wednesday Feb 19th 2020

Incident\ 20x20 British Airways A35K at London on Feb 19th 2020, hydraulic leak
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