MaxAvSafety: Wkly Commercial Accident/Incident Rpt 11/10/19

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Saturday Nov 9th 2019

Incident20x20 United A319 at Vancouver on Nov 8th 2019, rejected takeoff due to bird strike

Incident20x20 Skywest CRJ2 at Akron Canton on Nov 7th 2019, flaps fail

Incident20x20 Hawaiian A332 near Los Angeles on Nov 8th 2019, generator failure

Friday Nov 8th 2019

Incident20x20 Silver SF34 at Orlando on Nov 6th 2019, engine shut down in flight

Incident20x20 Ryanair B738 at Porto on Nov 6th 2019, bird strike

Incident20x20 Egypt A332 near Athens on Nov 8th 2019, smoke in cockpit

Incident20x20 India A321 at Bhubaneswar on Nov 8th 2019, fire seen from engine

Incident20x20 Aeroflot SU95 at Moscow on Nov 8th 2019, flaps problem

Incident20x20 Azman B735 at Lagos on Nov 7th 2019, fire indication

Incident20x20 Canada Rouge A320 at Los Angeles on Nov 5th 2019, fumes and smoke in cabin

Thursday Nov 7th 2019

Incident20x20 France B772 near Azores Islands on Nov 5th 2019, burning odour on board

Incident20x20 American B789 at Tokyo on Nov 6th 2019, tyre pressure indication

Incident20x20 Southwest B737 near Norfolk on Nov 6th 2019, burnt coffee

Incident20x20 Republic E175 at Atlanta on Nov 6th 2019, trim runaway, severe control problems, stalling situation

Incident20x20 Canada B788 at Vancouver on Nov 3rd 2019, autoland fault and low fuel indication

Incident20x20 Voyager CRJ2 near Aden on Oct 27th 2019, engine shut down in flight

Incident20x20 Malaysia A333 near Derby on Jan 18th 2018, engine stalls

Wednesday Nov 6th 2019

Accident20x20 Kalitta Charters B722 at Tuscaloosa on Jan 28th 2019, nose gear collapse on landing

Incident20x20 THY A321 near Nuremberg on Nov 6th 2019, hydraulic failure

Incident20x20 PSA CRJ9 near Greenville on Nov 4th 2019, smoke on board

Incident20x20 Royal Flight B773 at Moscow on Nov 6th 2019, engine shut down in flight

Incident20x20 Westjet B738 at Calgary on Nov 5th 2019, runway excursion on vacating the runway

Incident20x20 Peace B735 at Lagos on Nov 5th 2019, engine shut down in flight

Incident20x20 Delta MD90 at Houston on Nov 5th 2019, bird strike

Incident20x20 Swiss BCS3 near Paris on Jul 25th 2019, engine shut down in flight

Incident20x20 Ryanair B738 over Austria on Oct 25th 2019, aircraft intercepted by fighter aircraft due to loss of communication

Tuesday Nov 5th 2019

Incident20x20 Safair B734 at Durban on Oct 27th 2019, bird strike

Incident20x20 Hawaiian A21N at Honolulu on Nov 3rd 2019, engine going in and out of failure

Incident20x20 Republic E175 at Boston on Nov 4th 2019, smoke in cockpit

Incident20x20 British Airways B772 over Atlantic on Nov 4th 2019, suspected fuel leak

Incident20x20 White AT72 at Bilbao on Nov 2nd 2019, rejected takeoff, “the eagle has landed”

Incident20x20 Westjet B738 at Toronto on Oct 1st 2019, runway excursion on landing

Incident20x20 Canada B773 at Rome on Oct 19th 2019, cargo smoke indication and chemical odour on board

Incident20x20 Kenya B788 at Johannesburg on Nov 5th 2019, maintenance engineer “stowed away”

Incident20x20 Skywest CRJ2 at Salt Lake City on Nov 2nd 2019, bird strike

Monday Nov 4th 2019

Incident20x20 United B752 at Newark on Nov 4th 2019, smell of smoke

Incident20x20 Aeroflot B738 near Frankfurt on Nov 4th 2019, hydraulic failure

Accident20x20 Qantas A332 over Pacific Ocean on Nov 4th 2019, turbulence injures 3 crew

Incident20x20 Cargojet B752 near Cincinnati on Oct 22nd 2019, cabin pressure problems

Incident20x20 Swiss A321 near Zurich on Nov 4th 2019, fumes on board

Incident20x20 Laudamotion A320 at Fuerteventura on Nov 2nd 2019, rejected takeoff due to computer fault

Sunday Nov 3rd 2019

Accident20x20 Smartlynx A320 at Tallinn on Feb 28th 2018, runway excursion after bad touch and go due to elevator control completely lost

Incident20x20 Lufthansa E190 near near Krakow on Nov 3rd 2019, hydraulic problem

Incident20x20 China Southern A320 at Shijiazhuang on Nov 2nd 2019, nose gear problem on landing

Saturday Nov 2nd 2019

Incident20x20 Indigo A20N at Chennai on Nov 1st 2019, cargo smoke indication

Friday Nov 1st 2019

Incident20x20 Yamal SU95 at Tyumen on Nov 1st 2019, bird strike

Incident20x20 Indigo A20N at Kolkata on Oct 30th 2019, engine stalled

Incident20x20 Westjet Encore DH8D at Toronto on Oct 19th 2019, hydraulic leak

Incident20x20 Ibex CRJ7 near Fukuoka on Oct 30th 2019, cracked windshield

Thursday Oct 31st 2019

Incident20x20 Omni B763 at Shannon on Oct 31st 2019, rejected takeoff due to engine issue
(Source: AvHerald, Public Domaine)


Thanks for the update, Max!

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I find it fascinating how despite there being over 120,000+ flights a day, number of incidents (at least those reported) usually stands only in single digits. Tells a lot about safety in the aviation industry (at least relatively).


I know it’s not good to lost radio but I would enjoy being on that Ryanair flight and seeing a fighter out the window.

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Thank You Max, for this week’s report.

The maintenance crew member who got stowed away had me scared for a moment. Happy that he is all well. There any many incidents as that one where things have turned out negatively :(

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Nice report max! It stuns me on how many incidents like these happen every week. Most of these I dont even hear about.

Thanks for the Report!

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