MaxAvSafety: Wkly Commercial Accident/Incident Rpt 1/26/20

MaxSez: Subject Rpt Provided as Professional Knowledge Gained.
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(Source: AvHerald, Public Domine) (Tap Item to open narrative link)
Sunday Jan 26th 2020

Incident\ 20x20 Iran Airtour A306 near Tehran on Jan 25th 2020, problem with the landing gear

Friday Jan 24th 2020

Incident\ 20x20 British Airways B744 at San Diego and Los Angeles on Jan 23rd 2020, flaps problem

Incident\ 20x20 Alitalia A320 and Ryanair B738 at Madrid on Sep 7th 2019, incorrect descent regime causes loss of separation

Thursday Jan 23rd 2020

Incident\ 20x20 Jetblue A320 at Grenada on Jan 22nd 2020, engine shut down in flight

Accident\ 20x20 Avianca Costa Rica A319 near Panama City on Jan 23rd 2020, upset injures 8

Incident\ 20x20 Indigo A20N at Mumbai on Jan 23rd 2020, engine shut down in flight

Incident\ 20x20 Lufthansa A388 over Atlantic on Jan 23rd 2020, cargo smoke indication, heating device smoking

Incident\ 20x20 Wasaya DH8A at Pickle Lake on Oct 22nd 2019, WOW causes runway excursion

Report\ 20x20 Logan E145 at London on Aug 7th 2019, ran over towbar on landing

Incident\ 20x20 Condor A320 near Dusseldorf on Jul 8th 2016, problems with cabin pressure

Incident\ 20x20 Mesa CRJ7 at Charlotte on Jan 21st 2020, odour in cabin

Wednesday Jan 22nd 2020

Incident\ 20x20 LATAM Brazil A320 at Rio de Janeiro on Jan 22nd 2020, bird strike

Incident\ 20x20 Cathay Pacific B748 at Brisbane on Jan 21st 2020, asymmetric flaps

Incident\ 20x20 Azimuth SU95 near Rostov on Jan 21st 2020, fuel gauge issues

Incident\ 20x20 Delta A359 over Beaufort Sea on Jan 21st 2020, engine trouble

Incident\ 20x20 Austral E190 at Mar del Plata on Jan 19th 2020, engine shut down in flight

Incident\ 20x20 American B772 at New York on Jan 21st 2020, bird strike

Incident\ 20x20 British Airways A35K at Tel Aviv on Jan 20th 2020, hard landing

Tuesday Jan 21st 2020

Incident\ 20x20 Malindo B739 at Hanoi on Jan 21st 2020, burst tyre on departure

Incident\ 20x20 Qantas A332 at Perth on Jan 16th 2020, hydraulic failure

Incident\ 20x20 Horizon E175 near Boise on Jan 20th 2020, lavatory smoke indication

Accident\ 20x20 Swift AT72 at Palma Mallorca on Jan 28th 2019, temporary runway excursion on landing

Incident\ 20x20 Ryanair B738 at Bucharest on Jan 21st 2020, smoke in cabin

Crash\ 20x20 UIA B738 at Tehran on Jan 8th 2020, lost height after departure, aircraft shot down by Iran’s armed forces

Monday Jan 20th 2020

Accident\ 20x20 Transavia France B738 on Feb 13th 2019, turbulence injures 10

Incident\ 20x20 Air France A319 at Paris on Mar 12th 2014, engine starves due to lack of fuel

Incident\ 20x20 Virgin Australia B738 near Brisbane on Jan 19th 2020, skin peeling near left flap

Incident\ 20x20 Etihad A320 at Islamabad on Jan 18th 2020, boar strike

Accident\ 20x20 Bek F100 at Almaty on Dec 27th 2019, lost height shortly after takeoff and impacted building after two tailstrikes

Sunday Jan 19th 2020

Incident\ 20x20 ASL France B737 at Kittila on Jan 19th 2020, flaps problem

Incident\ 20x20 Singapore A388 at Auckland on Jan 16th 2020, unsafe gear

Incident\ 20x20 Transavia B738 at Ivalo and Amsterdam on Jan 18th 2020, departed and landed with nose gear steering pin attached

Incident\ 20x20 PIA B772 and Emirates B773 near Karachi on Jan 7th 2020, loss of separation

Saturday Jan 18th 2020

Incident\ 20x20 TUI B738 at Tenerife and Dublin on Jan 17th 2020, suspected blown tyre

Incident\ 20x20 BA Cityflyer E190 near Manchester on Jan 17th 2020, burning odour on board

Incident\ 20x20 Italy B737 at Olbia on Jan 17th 2020, smoke in cabin

Accident\ 20x20 UTAir B738 at Sochi on Sep 1st 2018, overran runway on landing

Friday Jan 17th 2020

Incident\ 20x20 Envoy E135 near Louisville on Jan 17th 2020, stall protection system breaking down

Accident\ 20x20 Mocambique Expresso E145 at Maputo on Sep 30th 2019, runway excursion on landing

Incident\ 20x20 Algerie B738 at Paris on Dec 6th 2019, loss of height in go around

Accident\ 20x20 Westjet Encore DH8D at Edmonton on Jul 19th 2019, abnormal runway contact

Incident\ 20x20 GoAir A20N at Delhi on Jan 7th 2020, engine shut down in flight

Accident\ 20x20 LOT DH8D at Warsaw on Jan 10th 2018, nose gear did not extend on landing

Incident\ 20x20 IrAero SU95 at Moscow on Jan 16th 2020, landed on runway under construction

Thursday Jan 16th 2020

Incident\ 20x20 Indigo A20N near Mumbai on Jan 16th 2020, engine vibrations

Incident\ 20x20 United B752 at Newark on Jan 15th 2020, engine compressor stalls

Incident\ 20x20 Canada A333 near Green Bay on Jan 14th 2020, hydraulic and flaps problems, flaps up landing

Incident\ 20x20 Delta A333 over Atlantic on Dec 16th 2019, smoke and sparks from galley floor

Incident\ 20x20 Westjet Encore DH8D at Kelowna and Vancouver on Jan 12th 2020, fuel emergency, landed below final fuel reserve

Incident\ 20x20 Westjet B738 at Victoria on Jan 14th 2020, bird strike


I remember seeing that DLH A380
Declare an emergency on FR24, good to see what actually happened to it!

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That must have taken a long time! That’s a startling amount of incidents, or maybe there’s just a lot of minor issues that don’t get covered.

@Delta07. MaxSez; What you see here is just the tip of the iceberg,. A lot of incidents go unreported. Airliners, Like all mechanical things brake. Pull the registration number of any airframe listed and look at its history. Liners a used and abused for years before they go to the bone yard.
See the Forum Archive on this Topic for a historical prospective.
Regards, Max


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