MaxAvSafety: Wkly Commercial Accidant/ Incidant Rpt. 2/11/18 (SafetyNetDigest Latest AN-148 w/71SOB Down Vic. Moscow Today)

MaxSez: Provided as Professional Knowledge Gained. Pls update with omissions, photo/video of Rpt incidants, first person accounts ect:

Sunday Feb 11th 2018
News EASA issues EAD regarding A320 Neo and A321 Neo engines, withdraws ETOPS with immediate effect
Saturday Feb 10th 2018
Accident Spirit A20N near Fort Lauderdale on Jan 28th 2018, fumes on board, crew feeling increasingly incapacitated
Incident Spirit A20N at Las Vegas on Feb 4th 2018, engine vibrations
Accident Lufthansa A320 at Munich on Feb 10th 2018, odour on board
Incident Ryanair B738 at Bucharest on Feb 9th 2018, suspected tail strike
Friday Feb 9th 2018
Incident France B772 at Paris on Feb 9th 2018, dropped parts on departure
Incident JAL B763 at Okinawa on Feb 9th 2018, white smoke in cabin
Accident Jetblue A320 near Charleston on Feb 8th 2018, fumes on board
Incident Comair B734 at Johannesburg on Feb 8th 2018, bird strike
Incident Canada A320 at Toronto on Jan 25th 2018, climbed above cleared altitude causing loss of separation
Incident Envoy E145 at Toronto on Jan 26th 2018, commenced takeoff without clearance and rejected
Incident Algerie B736 at Toulouse on Feb 8th 2018, nose wheel separated on departure
Incident British Airways B772 near Shannon on Feb 9th 2018, smoke on the aircraft
Incident ATA MD83 at Isfahan on Jan 21st 2018, runway incursion
Accident Delta B763 over Greenland on Feb 5th 2018, 5 flight attendants becoming sick in flight
Thursday Feb 8th 2018
Incident Edelweiss A320 near Zurich on Feb 4th 2018, fumes on board
Incident Edelweiss A320 near Zurich on Feb 3rd 2018, fumes on board
Incident Mesa CRJ9 at Huntsville on Feb 4th 2018, loss of communication
Incident Spicejet B738 at Chennai on Feb 8th 2018, burst one tyre on departure another on landing
Incident Singapore A333 near Mandalay on Feb 7th 2018, engine shut down in flight
Report Thomson B738 at Malta on Sep 28th 2017, takeoff with incorrect noseheavy trim setting
Incident Titan B763 near Amsterdam on Mar 19th 2017, loss of cabin pressure
Incident Indigo A320 and Emirates B773 near Raipur on Jan 28th 2018, ATC descends A320 into conflict, contradicts TCAS RA
Wednesday Feb 7th 2018
Incident Cathay Dragon A333 near Bangkok on Feb 5th 2018, cabin pressure problems
Incident Aeroflot SU95 near Moscow on Feb 7th 2018, failure of spoilers
Incident GoAir A320 at Ahmedabad on Feb 7th 2018, bird strike
Incident Canada Rouge B763 near Huatulco on Jan 29th 2018, EGPWS terrain warning prevents CFIT
Incident Westjet B737 at Nassau on Jan 28th 2018, rejected takeoff due to runway incursion
Incident Ameriflight SW4 at San Luis Obispo on Feb 6th 2018, runway excursion on landing
Tuesday Feb 6th 2018
Incident Zimbabwe B762 at Johannesburg on Feb 2nd 2018, two tyres deflated on landing
Incident Nordwind B772 near Delhi on Feb 4th 2018, engine trouble
Incident SAS A319 at Gdansk on Jun 20th 2017, smoke in cabin
Accident American B763 at Chicago on Oct 28th 2016, rejected takeoff, fire at right hand wing due to uncontained engine failure
Monday Feb 5th 2018
Incident Tasman Cargo B752 at Auckland on Feb 5th 2018, hydraulic leak
Incident Logan D328 at Norwich on Feb 5th 2018, flaps problem
Incident Canada A333 at Brussels on Feb 5th 2017, rejected takeoff due to wheel separation
Incident Canada A320 at Calgary on Dec 2nd 2016, continued takeoff despite aircraft crossing runway
Incident Southwest B737 at Sacramento on Feb 4th 2018, bird strike
Accident Jet Airways B738 at Khajuraho on Apr 13th 2015, gear collapse on landing
Report Eastern Australia DH8C at Adelaide on Apr 24th 2015, obstacle proximity warning on approach to Adelaide
Incident Algerie B736 near Algiers on Feb 4th 2018, cabin pressure problem
Incident UIA B738 at Tbilisi on Feb 4th 2018, flaps problem
Sunday Feb 4th 2018
Incident Delta B752 at Phoenix on Feb 2nd 2018, flaps problem on departure
Accident Frontier A320 near Tampa on Feb 3rd 2018, LiOn fire on board
Incident American B772 near Bermuda on Feb 4th 2018, cargo smoke indication
Saturday Feb 3rd 2018
Accident American A321 near Wichita on Feb 3rd 2018, fumes on board
Incident Pobeda B738 at Istanbul on Feb 2nd 2018, incorrect missed approach causes loss of separation
Incident China Southern A333 at Melbourne on Feb 3rd 2018, flaps problem on departure
Friday Feb 2nd 2018
Incident British Airways A320 near Prague on Jan 31st 2018, hydraulic problem
Incident REX SF34 near Cairns on Feb 1st 2018, engine problem.END
(Source: AvHerald)


  1. EASA issues EAD regarding A320 Neo and A321 Neo engines, withdraws ETOPS with immediate effect
    By Simon Hradecky, created Saturday, Feb 10th 2018 22:43Z, last updated Sunday, Feb 11th 2018 11:00Z
    The European Aviation Safety Agency issued Emergency Airworthiness Directive (EAD) 2018-0041-E concerning all PW1127, PW1130 and PW1133 engines with high pressure compressor aft hub modification embodied from ESN P770450. The EAD effectively withdraws ETOPS certification for all affected engines with immediate effect and prohibits operation of A320 Neo and A321 Neo aircraft with two affected engines installed.

EASA argues:

Several occurrences of engine in-flight shut-down (IFSD) and Rejected Take-Off (RTO) have been reported on certain Airbus A320neo family aeroplanes. While investigation is ongoing to determine the root cause, preliminary findings indicate that the affected engines, which have high pressure compressor aft hub modification embodied from ESN P770450, are more susceptible to IFSD.

This condition, if not corrected, could lead to dual engine IFSD.

EASA imposes following restrictions with the EAD:

(1) Within 3 flight cycles (FC) from the effective date of this AD, do not operate an aeroplane having two affected engines installed.

(2) Within 1 FC from the effective date of this AD, for an aeroplane having at least one affected engine(s) installed, ETOPS operations are not allowed.

(3) Inserting a copy of this AD in the ETOPS Configuration, Maintenance and Procedures (CMP) of concerned aeroplane models and, thereafter, operating that aeroplane on ETOPS accordingly, is acceptable to comply with paragraph (2) of this AD.

On Feb 11th 2018 The Aviation Herald received information about a Communication to All Operators transmitted by Pratt & Whitney (PW) on Feb 7th 2018 obviously detailing an event leading to the EAD. The letter states:

On February 05, 2018, an Airbus A320-200 with PW1127G-JM engines was operating a scheduled flight when during cruise the crew was alerted to high engine vibration. ‘ENG 2 HIGH VIBRATION’ was annunciated on ECAM, and reported greater than 10 CUs on VIB N1.

Initial inspection of the engine showed one fan blade with a missing blade body cover, along with damage to the fan case, ice liner panel and several exit guide vanes. This fan blade had the condition described in Reference 2 and 3, commonly described as a Population A fan blade, however the blade was not listed in Table 3 of the reference 2 and 3 Service Bulletins.

Pratt & Whitney is currently reviewing the manufacturing records of all Fan Blades to determine if any other Population A fan blades were not listed in Table 3 of the reference 2 and 3 Service Bulletins. As a precaution, Pratt & Whitney will require a once through the fleet inspection of all fan blades with more than 750 cycles. The details for this inspection will be published in a Special Instruction END


Woow so many A320 and 737 problems!

MaxFacts: Just In:


Latest Moscow Crash:

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian news reports say a passenger airline has crashed in the Moscow region.

The reports Sunday cited multiple unidentified sources. The Emergencies Ministry said it has sent crews to the reported crash site. The reports said the plane was an An-148, a regional jet belonging to Saratov Airlines, that had taken off from Domodedovo Airport with 71 people aboard. (Druge)

flight path


ASN Accident Digest Antonov An-148-100 Saratov Airlines
Status: Preliminary
Date: 11 FEB 2018
Time: 14:27 LT
Type: Antonov An-148-100
Operating for: Saratov Airlines
Registration: RA-61704
C/n / msn: 27015040004
First flight: 2010
Engines: 2 Progress D-436-148
Crew: Fatalities: 6 / Occupants: 6
Passengers: Fatalities: 65 / Occupants: 65
Total: Fatalities: 71 / Occupants: 71
Airplane damage: Destroyed
Location: near Stepanovskoye, Ramenskoye District (Russia)
Phase: En route
Nature: Domestic Scheduled Passenger
Departure airport: Moskva-Domodedovo Airport (DME)
Destination airport: Orsk Airport (OSW)
Flightnumber: 6W703 Narrative: Saratov Airlines flight 703, an Antonov An-148, was destroyed after impacting terrain near Stepanovskoye, Russsia. All 65 passengers and 6 crew members were killed. The aircraft took off from runway 14R at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport at 14:21 hours local time (11:21 UTC). Last contact on flight tracking website Flightradar24 was 14:27 hours. Prior to that loss of contact, it was in a steep descent from 6400 feet according to ADS-B data. The aircraft impacted a snowy field and disintegrated. Weather about the time of departure at Domodedovo Airport included limited visibility (2100m) during light snowfall. Temperature was -5?C, overcast cloud deck at 2600 feet AGL.
Last fatal accident involving a Antonov An-148: 05-MAR-2011 Antonov An-148-100E 61708 Voronezh Aircraft Production Ass. - 6 fatalties (2535 days ago)
Total number of hull-losses: 2 (of which 2 were accidents)
Worst accident involving a Antonov An-148
Survival rate for all fatal Antonov An-148 accidents: on average 0% of all occupants survived fatal accidents

Last fatal airliner/bizjet accident in Russia: 19-DEC-2017 Antonov TVS-2MS RA-01460 Naryan-Mar Air Enterprise - 4 fatalities (54 days ago)
Total number of fatal airliner/bizjet accidents: 572
Total number of airliner/bizjet fatalities: 9075
34th worst airliner/bizjet accident in Russia
The country is rated Cat. 1 in FAA’s International Aviation Safety Assessment Program (IASA)
This informatio

Twas a massive delay, a couple hours at best. 3 flights cancelled I think


Yeah it was so desperate to land it used closed runway

Only Ryanair would do that

Mate have you been watching to much Swiss 001


Ugh oh, that’s not good. Thanks for the update 😬

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