MaxAvSafety; Wkly Aviation Incident/Accident Rpt.

Sunday Apr 9th 2017
Accident Mango B738 at Cape Town on Apr 9th 2017, bird strike
Incident Azur B752 near Utapao on Apr 5th 2017, engine sensor problem
Incident Mount Cook AT72 at Nelson on Apr 9th 2017, unsafe nose gear

Saturday Apr 8th 2017
Incident Malindo B738 at Kuala Lumpur on Feb 25th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident Fedex A306 at Milwaukee on Apr 8th 2017, bird strike
Incident Qantas B738 at Melbourne on Apr 7th 2017, unsafe gear
Incident France A319 near Munich on Apr 8th 2017, suspected fuel leak
Accident Malaysia B738 at Sibu on Apr 8th 2017, runway excursion, nose gear collapse
Incident REX SF34 at Dubbo on Mar 23rd 2017, engine shut down in flight

Friday Apr 7th 2017
Incident DHL Expreso B752 at Miami on Apr 7th 2017, one horsepower too many
Incident Martinair B744 near Frankfurt on Apr 7th 2017, engine problem
Incident Nordic AT72 near Helsinki on Apr 7th 2017, gear problem after departure
Incident Arabia A320 near Kolkata on Apr 6th 2017, smoke in cockpit
Incident India A320 and Indigo A320 at Delhi on Apr 7th 2017, balked landing causes rejected takeoff
Report LOT DH8D at Cluj on Dec 16th 2016, door open indication
Incident Eastern Australia DH8C near Canberra on Jul 29th 2013, smoke in cockpit
Incident American B763 at Belo Horizonte on Apr 6th 2017, unsafe gear

Thursday Apr 6th 2017
Incident Aeromexico B788 near Santiago on Apr 5th 2017, cracked windshield
Accident Alaska B738 near Honolulu on Apr 5th 2017, odour in aft cabin injures cabin crew
Incident B738 near Leeds on Apr 5th 2017, hydraulics leak
Incident Germanwings A320 at Palma Mallorca on Apr 6th 2017, rejected takeoff due to engine failure
Incident Envoy E175 at Pensacola on Apr 5th 2017, bird strike
Accident France A320 at Budapest on Mar 28th 2017, 4 cabin crew with headache after de-icing
Incident Easyjet A320 at Paris on Mar 19th 2017, inadvertent flaps retraction on takeoff
Incident Blue Island AT72 at Jersey on Mar 28th 2017, tail scrape on landing
Incident Hop! CRJ7 and Easyjet A319 at Lyon on Mar 17th 2017, ATC operational error, runway incursion prevented by CRJ crew

Wednesday Apr 5th 2017
Incident Lufthansa B748 at Buenos Aires on Mar 31st 2017, rejected takeoff due to engine stall
News USA und UK require electronic devices larger than smartphones to be checked in from certain countries/airports
Incident Nordica CRJ9 at Tallinn on Apr 5th 2017, lavatory smoke
Incident United B772 at Tokyo on Apr 4th 2017, smoke in cabin
Report Nextjet ATP at Vilhelmina on Apr 6th 2016, runway excursion, subsequent departure despite not airworthy
Incident Aurora A319 near Vladivostok on Jan 21st 2017, unpleasant odour in cabin
Incident Lionair B739 at Surabaya on Feb 20th 2016, runway excursion on landing
Accident Malaysia A333 at Melbourne on Mar 14th 2015, “severe hard” landing

Tuesday Apr 4th 2017
Incident Expressjet E145 near Little Rock on Apr 2nd 2017, problem with avionics
Incident Envoy E145 near Little Rock on Apr 2nd 2017, electrical odour in cabin
Incident Georgian CRJ2 near Toronto on Mar 4th 2017, hydraulic failure
Incident Canada A320 at Ottawa on Mar 15th 2017, suspected runway excursion
Incident Gulf A332 at Peshawar on Apr 4th 2017, brakes problem
Incident Iran Aseman A320 near Tehran on Apr 4th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident Swiftair AT72 near Frankfurt on Dec 27th 2016, first officer incapacitated
Accident Flybe DH8D at Manchester on Dec 14th 2016, dropped engine cowl

Monday Apr 3rd 2017
Incident Southwest B738 at Portland on Apr 3rd 2017, flaps problem
Incident Skywest CRJ2 near Newburgh on Mar 30th 2017, lavatory smoke indication
Incident THY A332 at Madinah on Apr 3rd 2017, hydraulic failure
Incident THY B738 at Istanbul on Apr 2nd 2017, suspected tailstrike
Incident Lufthansa Cargo MD11 at Shanghai on Nov 6th 2016, fuel emergency forces landing below weather minima
Incident Jet Airways B739 near Yangon on Jan 5th 2016, loss of cabin pressure
Accident Lufthansa Cargo MD11 at Buenos Aires on Nov 10th 2016, dropped left nose wheel upon touchdown

Sunday Apr 2nd 2017
Incident China Eastern A320 at Xiamen on Apr 1st 2017, bird strike
Incident Saudia B772 at Islamabad on Apr 1st 2017, nose gear steering problem
Incident Delta B712 near Atlanta on Mar 31st 2017, unusal noise


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