MaxAvSafety: Wkly Accident/Incident Rpt 11/24/19 (See Nov20 Hero Crew SW B737 KPHL)

MaxSez: Below find Subject Rpt. Provided as. Professional Knowledge Gained. Comments related; photo, news accounts, first person related updates ect only pls :
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Sunday Nov 24th 2019

Crash\ 20x20 Busy Bee D228 at Goma on Nov 24th 2019, impacted populated area past departure runway

Saturday Nov 23rd 2019

Incident\ 20x20 Neos B738 near Bari on Nov 21st 2019, pitot problems

Incident\ 20x20 Delta B752 near Syracuse on Nov 22nd 2019, engine shut down in flight

Incident\ 20x20 UIA B738 at Lviv on Nov 23rd 2019, runway excursion during line up

Accident\ 20x20 Avior B734 at Bogota on Nov 22nd 2019, right main gear collapse during turn off

Friday Nov 22nd 2019

Incident\ 20x20 TAROM B737 near Bucharest on Nov 22nd 2019, suspected hydraulic leak

Incident\ 20x20 Delta BCS1 near Salt Lake City on Nov 21st 2019, navigation system problems

Incident\ 20x20 PIA AT42 at Islamabad on Nov 22nd 2019, engine shut down in flight

Incident\ 20x20 Philippine B773 at Los Angeles on Nov 21st 2019, engine surge

Accident\ 20x20 THY B738 at Odessa on Nov 21st 2019, runway excursion and nose gear collapse on landing

Incident\ 20x20 UIA B738 at Paris on Nov 11th 2018, navigation error

Incident\ 20x20 Wind Rose E145 at Kiev on Oct 26th 2019, bleed air leak prompts engine shut down in flight

Thursday Nov 21st 2019

Incident\ 20x20 Swift B734 at Miami on Nov 20th 2019, unsafe gear

Incident\ 20x20 JAC SF34 at Okadama on Nov 19th 2019, engine failure on final approach

Incident\ 20x20 Westjet Encore DH8D at Vancouver on Nov 11th 2019, vibrations in icing conditions

Incident\ 20x20 Sunwing B738 near Montreal on Nov 18th 2019, stabilizer out of trim

Incident\ 20x20 Orange2fly A320 at Muscat on Jan 28th 2019, Alpha Floor on approach at 210 feet AGL

Wednesday Nov 20th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 Cargolux B744 near Menorca on Nov 19th 2019, failure of weather radar

Incident\ 20x20 Westjet B737 at San Diego on Nov 19th 2019, bird strike

Incident\ 20x20 Indigo A320 at Chennai on Nov 20th 2019, cargo smoke indication

Incident\ 20x20 Canada B789 near Anchorage on Nov 9th 2019, navigation system failure

Incident\ 20x20 Skywest E175 at Sacramento on Nov 19th 2019, bird strike

Incident\ 20x20 China Eastern A332 at Sydney on Jun 11th 2017, engine cowling malfunction

Accident\ 20x20 Southwest B737 near Philadelphia on Apr 17th 2018, uncontained engine failure takes out passenger window

Tuesday Nov 19th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 Canada A320 at Calgary on Nov 1st 2019, rudder restricted on final approach

Incident\ 20x20 Westjet Encore DH8D at Montreal on Nov 14th 2019, smoke from windshield

Incident\ 20x20 Iceland B752 at Keflavik on Nov 18th 2019, anti-icing fault

Monday Nov 18th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 Batik A320 near Kupang on Nov 17th 2019, captain incapacitated

Incident\ 20x20 Qantas B738 near Christchurch on ov 18th 2019, problem with navigation computer

Incident\ 20x20 Transat B738 near Orlando on Nov 16th 2019, engine shut down in flight

Incident\ 20x20 United B763 near Shannon on Nov 18th 2019, fuel leak

Incident\ 20x20 Peace B735 at Port Harcourt on Jun 22nd 2019, runway excursion on landing

Accident\ 20x20 Peace B733 at Lagos on Jul 23rd 2019, hard landing causes nose wheels to separate

Accident\ 20x20 Peace B733 at Lagos on May 15th 2019, hard landing and engine pod strike

Sunday Nov 17th 2019

Accident\ 20x20 Pen SB20 at Unalaska on Oct 17th 2019, overran runway on landing

Incident\ 20x20 Gojet CRJ7 at Middletown on Nov 15th 2019, noisy cabin

Incident\ 20x20 Austrian E195 near Vienna on Nov 15th 2019, engine vibrations

Saturday Nov 16th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 Qantas B738 at Wellington on Nov 16th 2019, asymmetric flaps

Accident\ 20x20 Flybondi B738 at Iguazu on Jul 16th 2018, rejected takeoff after tail strike

Incident\ 20x20 India A321 at Bhubaneswar on Nov 8th 2019, fire seen from engine

Friday Nov 15th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 Frontier A320 at Green Bay on Nov 14th 2019, bird strike

Incident\ 20x20 British Airways B744 over Hudson Strait on Nov 12th 2019, airspeed indication problem

Incident\ 20x20 Rossiya A320 at St. Petersburg on Oct 23rd 2019, rejected takeoff due to bird strike

Incident\ 20x20 GoAir A20N at Bangalore on Nov 11th 2019, runway excursion on landing

Thursday Nov 14th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 Fedex MD11 at Tokyo on Nov 14th 2019, burst tyre on landing

Incident\ 20x20 Cargojet B763 at Winnipeg on Oct 10th 2019, rejected takeoff above V1 due to red flaps indication

Incident\ 20x20 Endeavor CRJ9 at Detroit on Nov 13th 2019, bird strike

Wednesday Nov 13th 2019

Accident\ 20x20 Cargo Global B744 at Tel Aviv on Nov 13th 2019, damaged tyre

(Source: AvHerald, Public Domaine)


MaxSez: Wednesday Nov 30 Hero Crew:, SW B737, un contained engine Failure, Pax Window. Aircrew saved Flght.

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