MaxAvSafety: Wkly Accidant/Incidant Summary

Saturday Jan 7th 2017
Incident American A333 at London on Jan 7th 2017, unsafe gear
Incident Austrian DH8D near Linz on Jan 7th 2017, cabin pressure problems
Incident United B763 at Munich on Jan 7th 2017, flaps problem
Friday Jan 6th 2017
Incident Lufthansa A346 at Munich on Jan 6th 2017, rejected takeoff due to engine failure
Incident Tiger A320 near Ho Chi Minh City on Jan 6th 2017, burning odour in cabin
Incident Spicejet B739 at Delhi on Jan 6th 2017, hydraulic leak
Thursday Jan 5th 2017
Incident Jetblue A320 near Chicago on Jan 5th 2017, suspected fuel leak
Incident Asiana A321 near Jeju Island on Jan 5th 2017, cargo smoke indication
Incident LAM B737 at Tete on Jan 5th 2017, collision with a drone
Incident LGW Walter DH8D at Stuttgart on Jan 5th 2017, unsafe gear, landed with engine shut down
Incident Alrosa T154 near Mirny on Jan 5th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Wednesday Jan 4th 2017
Incident Spirit A320 near Lubbock on Jan 4th 2017, foul odour on board
Incident SAA A346 at New York on Jan 4th 2017, flap retraction fault
Tuesday Jan 3rd 2017
News Scheduled Maintenance completed
Incident Norra AT72 at Helsinki on Jan 3rd 2017, could not retract gear
Incident Nordica CRJ7 near Malmo on Jan 3rd 2017, engine oil pressure fluctuations
Incident British Airways A320 at Malaga on Jan 3rd 2017, rejected takeoff due to safety warning
Incident United B744 at San Francisco on Jan 3rd 2017, flap track fairing cover came loose
Accident Aeroflot A321 at Kaliningrad on Jan 3rd 2017, runway excursion results in collapsed nose gear
Monday Jan 2nd 2017
Incident Southwest B733 near Jacksonville on Jan 2nd 2017, loss of cabin pressure
Accident American A332 at Charlotte and Orlando on Jan 2nd 2017, fumes on board
Incident Brussels A333 near Basel on Jan 2nd 2017, smoke and odour on board
Incident TUI Nederland B763 near Paris on Jan 2nd 2017, suspected engine oil leak
Sunday Jan 1st 2017
Incident United B763 at Sao Paulo on Jan 1st 2017, flaps problem
Incident Mesa E175 at Charlotte and Washington on Jan 1st 2017, stowaway against will
Incident ANA B773 near Krasnojarsk on Jan 1st 2017, engine shut down in flight
Saturday Dec 31st 2016
Incident Vueling A320 at Malaga on Dec 31st 2016, rejected takeoff due to bird strike
Incident Taban MD88 at Tehran on Dec 31st 2016, engine shut down in flight
Friday Dec 30th 2016
Incident Qatar B788 at Hong Kong on Dec 30th 2016, cracked windshield
Incident Qatar A333 near Tehran on Dec 30th 2016, suspected fuel leak
Incident Enter B738 at Warsaw on Dec 30th 2016, bird strike
Thursday Dec 29th 2016
Incident Blue B734 near Bucharest on Dec 29th 2016, loss of cabin pressure
Incident Delta B738 near Vancouver on Dec 29th 2016, engine shut down in flight
Incident United A320 at Raleigh Durham on Dec 29th 2016, gear problem after departure
Incident Via E145 near Pittsburgh on Dec 29th 2016, loss of cabin pressure
Incident American B738 at San Francisco on Dec 29th 2016, bird strike
Wednesday Dec 28th 2016
Incident Cargojet B763 at Cologne on Dec 28th 2016, flaps problem
News Finger and language problems in Phuket Dec 28th 2016
Incident France A318 at Florence on Dec 28th 2016, strong unusual odour
Incident Kenya B788 near Nairobi on Dec 28th 2016, loss of cabin pressure
Incident Virgin America A320 at Ft. Lauderdale on Dec 28th 2016, bird strike
Incident Baltic DH8D at Riga on Dec 28th 2016, unsafe gear
Tuesday Dec 27th 2016
Incident LATAM A321 near Porto Alegre on Dec 27th 2016, cargo smoke indication
Incident Aeroflot A320 near Moscow on Dec 27th 2016, engine vibrations
Incident Swiss A319 at Stockholm on Dec 27th 2016, engine fire indication
Accident Jet Airways B738 at Goa on Dec 27th 2016, runway excursion during rejected takeoff
Monday Dec 26th 2016
Incident Georgian CRJ2 at Toronto on Dec 26th 2016, white smoke on board on departure


Looooooots of incidents! Thankfully everyone is okay

Any photos anyone?

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From here. Full credit to photographer (Kuryer)

@jdag2004 think age played a factor ;)

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Was it confirmed?

Its always too much birds on approach to FLL so it was going to happen some day.

Definitely! We need an A350 in our fleet.

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Clearly someone didn’t follow procedures…

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